Why Is BVLA So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Body jewelry is a fantastic way to express yourself and your taste in fashion. If you want to invest in body jewelry, you have probably looked at well-loved body jewelry brands, such as BVLA.

If you want to buy BVLA, you may be wondering why it is so expensive. I did some research, and here is what I learned!

Why Is BVLA So Expensive?

BVLA is expensive because it is a high-end body jewelry brand, and many have stated that BVLA is the best luxury body jewelry brand. Therefore, you pay for the time, brand, and craftsmanship that goes into BVLA pieces. Moreover, BVLA jewelry is only made from different types of gold.

Do you want to find out what other factors add to the cost of BVLA’s products? I made a list of interesting reasons below, so keep reading!

1. Genuine Gems

One of the things that BVLA prides itself on is that BVLA only uses legitimate gems to create jewelry.

So, while not all of the jewelry contains gems, any gem seen on BVLA jewelry is authentic and of high value.

Typically, gems that you see on BVLA jewelry will be hand-set stones.

Normally, the cheapest stone you can find in BVLA jewelry will be Swarovski gemstones like opals and topaz, while the most expensive will be genuine diamonds.

Usually, you can expect the price of BVLA jewelry to be much higher if you choose a piece that contains a stone.

For instance, a pair of genuine diamond stud earrings from BVLA can easily go over $100.

2. You Are Paying For The Time It Takes To Make

Generally, it takes a lot of time and patience to create jewelry from hand using various techniques. For reference, custom jewelry can take at least four to six weeks to make.

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Further, BVLA is a luxurious jewelry brand that prides itself on fine jewelry. Therefore, you can expect that each piece of BVLA jewelry took a long time to make, which adds to the price tag.

3. You Are Paying For The Craftsmanship

BVLA is a brand founded by Nick Martin, who wanted to offer American citizens luxurious body jewelry. Therefore, BVLA only utilizes the best possible designers to create its jewelry.

When you get a piece of BVLA jewelry, it is likely to be unique and well-crafted.

Normally, various techniques and many skills are required to make BVLA jewelry, making the jewelry very expensive compared to other body jewelry brands.

For instance, learning to make jewelry alone can take three to five years.

Also, most designers at BVLA have much more experience than that, which is reflected in BVLA jewelry pieces, so you are paying for years of knowledge in jewelry making.

4. BVLA Only Uses Gold

4. BVLA Only Uses Gold

A significant reason why BVLA jewelry costs so much is that the jewelry is only made from gold. That said, BVLA jewelry does not opt for any other type of material to make BVLA pieces.

Generally, BVLA avoids using other cheaper materials to make its body jewelry because most other materials cause skin reactions.

Therefore, you are paying for the reassurance that your skin will not negatively react to BVLA jewelry.

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For instance, BVLA does not use silver to make its silver-colored jewelry pieces because silver can irritate the skin.

Instead, BVLA opts for white gold to make silver-looking jewelry, which is much more expensive than other precious metals.

5. You Pay For The Facilities And Staff

BVLA is a huge jewelry brand that caters to thousands of customers by offering the customers any of their 3,000 products.

Therefore, BVLA requires a large number of employees to keep the business running.

Moreover, BVLA believes in keeping its staff happy, which can add to the price of BVLA jewelry.

For instance, BVLA makes sure that the staff’s facilities are clean and have healthy working environments, great benefits, and flexible schedules.

With that, this is especially crucial considering that some of the staff will be jewelry artisans who are responsible for creating the jewelry BVLA is known for.

6. Branding

Firstly, you have to understand that BVLA is an incredibly famous body jewelry brand.

In fact, BVLA is said to be the world’s leading manufacturer and designer of body jewelry, making BVLA a high-end luxury brand.

Generally, any brand that is considered a luxury brand will be expensive because of how unattainable and exclusive they are.

Naturally, more people are willing to pay for goods that are seen as high-end because the products are perceived to be more valuable.

Moreover, luxury brands do not mass produce products to preserve the quality while maintaining their exclusivity.

Therefore, luxury products are harder to obtain due to the limited supplies, which raises the price.

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So, if you find a piece of jewelry made by BVLA but it is out of stock, you will likely have to wait a long time for BVLA to restock the item if it decides to make the jewelry again.

Otherwise, you would need to look for the BVLA piece online through resellers, which could be more expensive.

7. BVLA Will Not Irritate Skin

As mentioned earlier, BVLA only uses gold as materials to make BVLA body jewelry.

That said, any other material used to make BVLA jewelry includes stones, which do not usually touch the skin.

Typically, cheaper materials cause irritations to the skin, including silver and stainless steel.

Therefore, BVLA becomes much more expensive since BVLA jewelry will only ever be made from gold.

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BVLA jewelry is expensive because BVLA is the most popular and leading brand that designs and manufactures body jewelry.

Therefore, the fame BVLA has will increase the prices of BVLA jewelry.

Moreover, BVLA jewelry is made from costly and high-quality materials, such as gold and precious gemstones.

Plus, purchasing BVLA jewelry means that you paid for a well-crafted and innovative piece of jewelry.


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