Why Do People Look Younger Now? (9 Reasons Why)

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If you’ve come across a photo of your parents in their twenties and compare it with yours, you may notice that their generation looked older for their age. Is it the hairstyles or the clothes?

Apparently, reasons why people look younger today vary across the board. One thing’s for sure, though, they all have to do with improvement! So, why do people look younger now? Let’s find out.

Why Do People Look Younger Now?

1. Slower Biological Aging

When you feel like your age doesn’t grow along with your body, that’s what scientists call slow biological aging. Don’t worry; that’s a great thing!

Slower biological aging means we have longer life spans and we’re living healthier lives.

If we live longer, then old age for the new generation also sets in later years. In other words, a 45-year-old person from the 1950s will probably be the equivalent of a 60-year-old today.

2. Improved Skin Protection Habits

Having smooth and glowing skin is the ultimate goal of skin care products. Sunscreens with high SPFs, vitamin C serums, and retinol creams are some of the most effective products that improve skin conditions.

For long-term skin protection, you’ll need to stock up on these products. And aside from using products, facial massages also give a radiant glow because of improved blood flow.

3. Cosmetic Surgeries

In an industry where physical appearance is essential, celebrities often take surgical routes to appear younger. Being in the entertainment industry amplifies this desire.

Cosmetic surgeries generally help improve your appearance, whether it’s skin, body, or facial treatments. For some, they consider it an excellent personal investment.

For example, a facelift is a popular facial treatment that reduces sagging and wrinkly skin. There are also a variety of other treatments that address apparent signs of aging.

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Most cosmetic procedures also target the eyes, where most wrinkles and sinking skin often show.

4. Less Physical Labor

Do you know anyone today who still does physical labor? Chances are there are little to none.

Older generations, especially men, used to work as carpenters, farmers, and factory workers. These jobs require physical labor that takes a toll on one’s physique.

For the new generation, technological advancements made it possible to work in the comfort of your own home, away from the harsh sun, and without much physical labor.

Modern jobs also rely more on mental labor, which stimulates the brain, and takes much less toll on the body.

5. Careers Come First

Careers Come First

Women today choose to have families later in life. Instead of having babies in their twenties, the average age for first-time moms today ranges from 27 to 30 years old.

When women give birth, aging speeds up because of the constant stress and fatigue of caring for a baby; it’s even more evident for moms who can’t afford nannies.

Today’s women put their careers over family more, which is why delayed aging occurs. What this means is that they often prefer to be financially stable first before considering a family.

6. Better Dental Care

Have you ever seen a person with half their teeth left and thought they still looked young?

Teeth are an important factor in keeping yourself looking youthful; it’s what completes our sprightly smiles.

Missing teeth means there are no bones to support your face. When this happens, your skin sags, and consequently, you’ll look older than your age.

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With better dental care, you’re one appointment away from having cleaner and whiter teeth. Maintaining dental hygiene and resolving dental problems are also easier.

Older generations didn’t have this option then. So, once their teeth suffer from any decay, they might as well say goodbye.

7. Different Lifestyle

Lifestyles play a significant role in biological aging. You’ll notice quite a difference if you compare today’s generation to your parent’s generation.

Your parents may have enjoyed a full life with regular partying, smoking, and drinking. Back then, this practice was common.

While people still party and drink today, the number of regular smokers drastically dropped, contributing to younger-looking skins.

Smoking dramatically speeds up the aging process because it destroys collagen and elastin in your skin. Not to mention that it also ruins your teeth.

Avoiding the sun is another lifestyle change. Sunlight is more damaging today than 70 years ago because of the increasing hole in our ozone layer.

Plus, the current generation seems to be more interested in physical fitness, especially with the popularity of social media influencers that promote physical fitness.

Fitter physiques don’t only make you attractive, but it also makes you look radiant and young.

8. Newer Fashion And Beauty Trends

Following new fashion and beauty trends is key to looking younger without changing your habits or lifestyle.

For instance, wearing an untailored suit can age you about 10 years. However, wearing a properly fitted one not only makes you look smart but also helps you look younger.

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Beauty trends also continuously evolve. Even makeup looks from a few years ago are already out of style today.

To look more radiant, younger people prefer using fewer makeup products and focusing on highlighting their best facial features.

This style takes a lot of practice, but it definitely takes away years of stress from the face when perfected.

9. Anti-Aging Vitamins And Supplements

Until about 6-7 decades ago, anti-aging vitamins and supplements didn’t exist. Aging was just something that everyone accepted as a natural occurrence.

Then, one day, looking younger than your age became a thing. So, people started taking vitamins and supplements that delay aging.

Collagen, vitamin E, and vitamin C are the most common supplements on the market. They’re even present in most skin care products, too.

These supplements, especially when taken regularly, slows down the aging process. As a result, the new generation generally looks younger.

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People look younger now because of massive improvements in cosmetics, technology, and lifestyles. So, not only are we aging slower as generations pass by, but we also live healthier.

Further, people actually put effort into looking youthful through a combination of fashion trends and skincare habits. Ultimately, we all want to preserve the best-looking years of our lives.


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