Why Do Women Wear Wigs? (9 Reasons Why)

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Our natural hairs are nice, but it is nice for many people to indulge in wearing wigs every once in a while. However, as the observer, you feel differently and are often confused about why women wear wigs.

Well, surprise, there are many reasons women wear wigs. Upon discovery, I’ve found nine reasons why women wear wigs. Some reasons you may be familiar with while others you may not have thought of.

Why Do Women Wear Wigs?

1. Hair Growth

Wigs can be a form of hair protection for a woman’s natural hair. If properly taken care of, with the occasional use of wigs, a woman can grow her hair out healthier and longer.

Wearing wigs will allow you the versatility you can have without styling your natural hair. Hairstyles such as dying, straightening, etc., can easily damage your natural hair and prevent it from growing.

However, adequately growing your hair doesn’t mean just wearing wigs, taking them off, washing them, and putting them back on back-to-back. There are proper steps to take.

It is recommended that when you wear wigs, you wear a wig cap, ensure that your hair is super dry, and you will have to wash it with shampoo and conditioner quite often.

All of these recommendations allow your natural hair to breathe, prevent your hair from causing further damage if it is damp, and prevent further itching to your scalp.

2. Versatility

Wearing wigs allows and promotes versatility and experimentation without having to damage your natural hair potentially.

The great thing about wearing wigs is that if the woman doesn’t like it, she can easily take it off, find another, try that one and repeat this cycle however many times she wants.

And she has many resources to find the fun, adventurous-looking wigs that she wants, from online stores from the comfort of her own home to local beauty stores.

The styles of the wigs are not the primary, everyday hair colors you would see on the day-to-day person, but many come in patterns, ombre colors, solid, bold colors, etc.

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Versatility among wigs brings a whole new light to women, and this can re-spark an interest and make dressing up more fun than before. They’re able to play dress-up however much they want.

3. Hair Loss

Hair loss is quite a familiar feat when it relates to women. Many women will either have suffered from alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, or hair loss over the years.

However, various other women suffer from hair thinning. However it may be, hair loss or hair thinning for women can hinder their self-esteem.

Wigs provide women with the boost of self-confidence that they had lost and were looking to reclaim.

The women will be able to hide a part of themselves that makes them uncomfortable to feel like a happier version of themselves.

4. Unfamiliar With Hair

Some have an instinctual idea about their hair, but other women have no idea how to have a proper relationship with it, so wigs are super convenient.

Some women would instead not try to get to know their hair, their type of hair, and how to maintain it properly.

For many women, becoming familiar with their hair and the level of maintenance potentially required for it can be, understandably, daunting and tasking.

So, as long as the women know to wash their hair frequently and have a functional wig cap and good wigs, they are perfectly content with not remaining unfamiliar with their hair.

5. Self-Esteem


Hair loss was mentioned earlier. And, yes, while it can cause women to lose their self-esteem, even if the woman has a full head of hair, she can still have low self-esteem.

Aside from your personality, your clothes and hair can make you who you are. Your style can tell people a lot about you, so a woman playing around with wigs can often be telling.

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No matter the color or style, wigs can enhance a woman’s self-esteem and boost her confidence.

Although, at first, it can seem weird, over time, they will become accustomed and comfortable in their skin the more they experiment with wigs.

6. Money Saver

Wearing wigs can be looked at as a money-saver because it is. Depending on the level of maintenance, there needs to care for your hair, professionally or at home.

For example, for either two weeks or six weeks, African American women, who get their hair done professionally via braids or their natural hair, must get their hair re-done.

On the surface, you wouldn’t think it to be bad, but depending on who provides the hair care, it can become costly.

Other women who are not a woman of color may have to get their hairs re-touched in color or cut/styling every eight or so weeks, which can still become costly.

However, with wigs, they wouldn’t have to worry about that. If the women take care of their wigs well enough, they’ll only need to replace them every half year or year.

This is reasonable, and while the women upkeep an inexpensive wig, the only thing they’ll have to do is ensure that their hairs are washed, shampooed, and conditioned, which can be done at home.

7. Time Saver

This isn’t difficult to understand. We all have things that we need to do, especially women. Several women, more so than men, go to various lengths to look presentable.

Make-up takes up a lot of time as well as figuring out their outfits for the day, but what could lessen the time is the amount of time they spend on their hair.

Wigs save enormous time and can keep them out of the salon, which is a good thing. Yes, gossip and catching up are fun, but going into the salon for an hour or more is a time waster.

A lot of what women need to do to ensure their scalps are not itchy and dry can quickly be done at home and in a reasonable amount of time.

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8. Acting Role

This may be the oddest reasoning out of the nine, but this is also reasonable.

We’ve seen at least one movie where one female actress is seen in the film with one hair color but on the red carpet with a different one. There’s a reason for this, and that goes back to convenience.

It’s just simply convenient for a female actress to wear wigs. This prevents her from damaging her hair because she doesn’t want to, and she has other film roles to commit to.

9. To Look Professional

Although it is nice to wear natural hair out every once in a while as a form of embracement, some women prefer wearing wigs to look more professional and presentable.

In society, women are taught to look and act a sure way to appease the likeness and comfortability of others.

For some women, this can resort to wearing wigs because it’s convenient and the easy answer and this is likely to apply more to African-American women or women suffering from hair loss.

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In conclusion, a woman wearing a wig is, in the end, something fun for her to indulge in. The world is her oyster with plenty of ways to have the wigs styled and plenty of places to purchase them.

A more significant benefit of a woman wearing a wig is the smile on her face and a tremendous boost in confidence that comes with feeling beautiful. In the end, when she looks good, she’ll feel good.


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