Why Are Monster High Dolls So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Among the many doll brands that have made an impact worldwide, one doll brand that many young kids loved was Monster High. Since Monster High featured unique dolls based on mythical monsters, many fans and collectors still purchase Monster High dolls today.

If you wanted to buy a Monster High doll, you might be curious why Monster High dolls are so expensive. I did the research, and here is what I learned!

Why Are Monster High Dolls So Expensive?

Monster High dolls are mainly expensive because Mattel stopped making Monster High dolls. While Mattel decided to relaunch Monster High Dolls in 2022, there are still many rare dolls that Mattel may never re-release, which is why many resellers and collectors have made Monster High dolls valuable and expensive.

Do you want to learn more interesting facts about why Monster High dolls are expensive? I compiled a list of information below, so read on!

1. Monster High Dolls Are Not Being Made

Until recently, Monster High dolls were costly because they were no longer being made.

That said, this is because Mattel, the brand that sold Monster High dolls, discontinued Monster High dolls in 2017.

Further, this meant that from 2018 to 2021, it was challenging to find a Monster High doll in retail stores.

Therefore, this led to many people paying more for Monster High dolls that were being resold online.

However, it is essential to note that this is not true anymore, as Mattel announced that the Monster High franchise would return in 2022.

Moreover, this will include a new version of the Monster High show and new Monster High dolls.

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Also, this does not mean that some of the old dolls will be made again, as Mattel has not been making every version of the Monster High dolls.

Therefore, any older or rarer Monster High dolls will still be expensive until Mattel decides to manufacture them again.

2. Higher Value Dolls

While most of the Monster High dolls not being made today are expensive, not all Monster High dolls have the same value.

For example, some Monster High dolls are more expensive than others because they are valuable. Deciding the value of the Monster High doll can vary.

Typically, it is based on how rare the Monster High doll is, but the popularity of the Monster High doll can be another contributing factor.

For instance, an expensive Monster High doll is Draculaura, especially the first wave of Draculaura dolls.

So, since Draculaura was one of the first characters introduced to Monster High, first-wave Draculaura can cost up to $90 online.

Another example is the Zombie Gaga doll, themed after the singer Lady Gaga. Since this doll is extremely rare and considered a collectible item, Zombie Gaga dolls can easily go for $350.

3. High Demand

As mentioned earlier, Mattel stopped creating Monster High dolls in 2017-2021, which left a huge gap in the manufacturing process.

However, people still wanted to buy Monster High dolls, but they could no longer buy them in stores.

Therefore, the demand for Monster High dolls from collectors rose while the supply remained low.

So, whenever the demand for a product is high while there are limited supplies, the price of the product will rise.

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Also, many collectors of Monster High dolls were shelling out hundreds of dollars for the dolls in 2017-2021.

Even with the reboot of Monster High in 2022, many of the popular Monster High dolls have not been manufactured again.

Therefore, any Monster High doll that was popular before can still be expensive.

Lastly, these popular and rarer Monster High dolls will likely remain expensive as the demand stays high until Mattel decides to rerelease specific Monster High dols.

4. Nostalgia

4. Nostalgia

One of the reasons Monster High dolls are in high demand is Nostalgia.

So, since Monster High was released in 2010, many fans are adults now carrying fond memories of Monster High.

Further, nostalgia is one of the main reasons people who resell Monster High dolls make Monster High dolls so expensive.

Essentially, resellers know that people are willing to pay for the “nostalgia factor” of Monster High dolls.

Also, various marketing companies have learned that nostalgia is a powerful motivator that can be used to encourage people to spend more money.

That said, this is because nostalgia helps people reconnect with their inner child. Generally, people are more willing to spend money on nostalgic products.

5. Branding

Monster High dolls are popular because of the branding Mattel gave Monster High.

For example, Monster High was seen to much of their audience as cool and unique dolls with fun personalities, which a lot of the younger demographic wanted to have.

Even to this day, the younger demographic that are now adults are still fond of Monster High dolls. Not many dolls cater to this unique theme, which can make Monster High dolls costly.

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6. Diversity

Another notable reason Monster High dolls are expensive is that they are so diverse.

That said, since each Monster High character is different, they require completely new designs to be created.

For instance, each Monster High doll will have different head molds since each character has unique features. Occasionally, the body mold used to make the dolls will also be different.

7. Mattel-Owned Brand

Finally, another reason Monster High dolls are costly is that Mattel owns Monster High.

That said, Mattel is one of the most popular doll retailing brands worldwide since Mattel makes Barbie, which allows Mattel to charge more for products.

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Monster High is a unique doll brand owned by Mattel, the same makers that created Barbie. Moreover, Monster High dolls have been collected ever since Monster High was first released.

However, Mattel temporarily discontinued Monster High in 2017, which made the supply of Monster High dolls low.

So, while Monster High was relaunched in 2022, many of the Monster High dolls are still expensive due to how rare they are.


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