Why Are Squishmallows So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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The Squishmallows have been ruling social media because of their popularity. Kids, teenagers, and even adults are still having the Squishmallows craze for several years now.

People think these are the same as ordinary plush toys. But, once they attempt to buy one, they can’t believe how Squismallows have become expensive. So, let’s find out more!

Why Are Squishmallows So Expensive?

Squishmallows are expensive because they are popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. The collectibility factor is very extreme because of the uniqueness and comfort it can provide to people. Squishmallows characters are rare, making them in demand. As a result, it has created a large fandom worldwide; that’s why Squishmallows have become expensive.

So, join me in uncovering the seven reasons why Squismallows are so expensive. Read on!

1. Squishmallows Are Very Popular

The Squishmallows were first released in 2017 but boomed in popularity when people needed comfort during the pandemic.

Further, the popularity drives up the demand for Squismallows, where everyone on social media would want to have these huggable plush toys.

That said, the popularity of these super-soft toys did not slow down, and the manufacturers needed to design more characters to sustain the popularity of Squismallows.

Thus, the market price did not cut down but remained expensive.

2. Squishmallows Characters Are Rare

Since Squismallows have only a thousand characters that need to cater to millions of fans, some of the characters have been rare finds.

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Of course, the rapid rise of Squishmallows’ popularity makes it difficult to find a particular character, as the buyer’s competition has become more serious.

Overall, because demand has surpassed supply, you will not be able to find your desired Squismallows in every store, making them more expensive.

3. Squishmallows Are Collector’s Item

The Squishmallows become highly collectible because of their strong design with an overload of cuteness and culturally unique names with their complex stories.

Further, experts say that even for a short time, Squismallows will prove to hold their value for the long term making them more desirable for toy collectors.

Of course, these factors will significantly contribute to the high market price of Squismallows.

4. Squishmallows Are Made From Quality Materials

The Squishmallows are made of super-soft polyester fiber, making them as squishy as marshmallows; thus, the plush toy name is Squishmallows.

So, the material is responsible for why people are after Squismallows—the soft fabrics and how it is created offer great comfort and warmth during uncertainty.

Of course, the manufacturer guarantees that no harmful chemicals were utilized or added to the exterior layer or the materials inside plush toys.

As a result, being delivered with desirable materials and handled with care, people cannot hold themselves but continuously demand more Squismallows, driving up their price.

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5. Squishmallows Have Limited Characters

5. Squishmallows Have Limited Characters

One of the reasons Squishmallows are so pricey is that many fans are so eager to get their hands on the Squishmallows they desire since Kellytoys releases its products with selectivity.

So, it has evolved several supply tactics to increase consumer demands and make products more difficult to access.

Further, limited run time is among the most prevalent strategies they employ. As a result, some products, even the less unique ones, are only available for a limited time.

Overall, there have been limited stocks because the company will only produce Squishmallows for a specific time. Thus, making them limited and expensive.

6. Squishmallows Have High Resale Value

Consumers are willing to pay a lot to get these Squishmallows from private sellers because they are incredibly unique and challenging to find.

Additionally, it has evolved into an industry where people will go to the shop and purchase all available Squishmallows to resell them online for a profit.

So, people will sell these plush toys and generate a great deal of money on the digital market and on their social accounts.

As a result, the stock drops as soon as it comes due to tremendous demand, and sellers will charge a significantly higher price for Squishmallows.

For example, a basic toy that costs less than $10 can be found for 20 times the price online, significantly affecting how expensive Squishmallows have become.

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7. Squishmallows Have Unique Varieties

Although Squishmallows are similarly characterized, they draw inspiration from various means and concepts, just like their primary cute design features, which are Japan-inspired.

Also, there are apps for Squishmallow enthusiasts to monitor their desired Squishmallows in every category because of their unique varieties.

That said, the software will assist users in keeping track of different Squishmallows and knowing which ones they have collected already and which ones they still need to have.

Overall, the uniqueness Squismallows can offer drives their large fanbase to purchase each squishy toy, making them reasonably expensive.

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The Squishmallows’ expensiveness is due to several reasons this post has explained, from the Squishmallows’ popularity to their unique variety.

In addition, the ever-increasing fanbase of these cute and super-soft Squishmallows makes this plush toy more expensive than other plush toys you can get.


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