Why Are Switch Games So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Nintendo Switch games have captivated gamers of all ages worldwide. And its portability and ability to connect to a TV for at-home play are more desirable.

However, the price that comes with these Switch games might surprise you. So, stay put because I have discovered why Nintendo Switch games are so expensive!

Why Are Switch Games So Expensive?

Switch games are so expensive because they have remained popular among all gamers, putting them in high demand. Additionally, they provide a large selection of games and are easy to use. As a result, gamers are willing to pay for high-priced games in exchange for satisfaction, thus making Switch games more expensive.

To learn more about why Nintendo Switch games are so expensive and in demand to gamers, read more!

1. Switch Games Are In Demand To Video Gamers

The company is selling out Nintendo Switch games sooner than it could ever stock Switch because of a certain level of demand.

Year after year, consumers outnumber retailers; there are now more buyers than available Switch games that they can buy.

Therefore, the high demand for Nintendo Switch games makes the supply low, which drives prices up.

2. Nintendo Switch Has A Wide Selection Of Games

The Switch is well-known for its extensive selection of games. In addition, the diversity of gaming experiences provided by Switch games appeals to a broad audience.

Moreover, there are options for gamers of all ages and genres, including children, teens, adults, adventure, platformers, puzzles, RPGs, and more.

Also, Nintendo Switch games’ long-standing track record implies that the buying power is fascinating, making them expensive.

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3. Switch Game’s Playability

Unlike other products on the market, the Switch game is portable. That said, it combines the portability of the Gameboy with traditional console gaming system functions.

Also, the Nintendo Switch’s dual features and portability appeal to a global consumer base that would have otherwise been divided between handheld and console games.

Therefore, this exciting feature is one of the reasons Switch games are expensive.

4. Nintendo Switch’s Second And Third-Party Sellers

Secondary and third-party marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and others constantly list Nintendo Switch games at high prices.

For example, these price points are often 50% higher than retail and still sell quickly. Also, opportunity-seeking entrepreneurs and stores have taken notice of the trend.

Further, they are expected to buy and stock bulk Nintendo Switch only to resell them, resulting in higher prices for Switch games.

5. Switch Game’s Improvements

Switch constantly improves as the years go by, from its memory, library games, cartridges, accessories, music, and graphics to its versatility and portability.

That said, these improvements entail expenses from developers and the manufacturer, making the price of the Switch games relatively high all through the years.

6. Switch’s Sales Commitment

6. Switch's Sales Commitment

The business objective to gain profits for every Nintendo Switch unit sold, in tandem with the improvement of the console gaming hardware, restricts the company from reducing the current price point.

Therefore, the developer uses Switch’s sustained pricing to fund a continuous release cycle for its popular franchises.

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As you can see, these factors contribute to the Switch’s price remaining consistent over the years.

7. Nintendo Switch’s Limited Supply

While the Switch has always been in high demand since its official launch, the COVID-19 pandemic did not constrain from skyrocketing the need for at-home entertainment games.

That said, the emergence of these sudden purchasing trends clashed with Nintendo Switch’s manufacturing difficulties in Vietnam and China, resulting in a higher market price.

Additionally, lowering the cost of the Switch can only intensify the supply-demand imbalance.

8. Switch Game’s Availability

For years, buyers have been lining up to purchase Switch units. In addition, many gamers have been anticipating the release of specific games for months.

Also, there are fewer available titles to play on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, whereas the Switch has a more consistent lineup of franchises.

Further, consumers’ desire to buy a Switch remains unchanged, which may be amplified because innovative gaming systems are over 60% more costly.

9. Nintendo Switch’s Overall Business Strategy

The key reason for Switch’s persistent high price is its business strategy.

Manufacturing, updates, franchise releases, distribution channel strategies—the contributing factors are seemingly endless.

However, the main reason is that there is no strong motivation to lower the price. Also, the Switch has been in great demand for the entirety of its existence.

10. Switch’s Hardware Developments

The systems are constantly improved and calibrated with more effective hardware, a lesser-known element of console development.

Additionally, these hardware improvements include more expensive materials or designs to improve the overall efficiency.

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Further, these enhancements and design changes include the creation of model alternatives. Thus, every Nintendo Switch product released indicates a certain kind of project cost.

That said, the Switch had to devote itself to other production, manufacturing, release, and marketing guidelines to release a slightly cheaper alternative.

11. Nintendo Switch’s Value Never Deteriorates

Typically, video games lose their value over time, but this has not been the situation for Switch games. Therefore, many people still want to buy Switch games regardless of price.

Moreover, Switch games from the beginning were costly and in high demand, and since they’re so popular, their market price does not have to be reduced.

In fact, they sell out even better, and consumers do not mind paying for expensive games.

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The main reasons for the Switch games being so expensive are their popularity, portability, and the games that are constantly being offered to the market.

Furthermore, despite its high-priced games, gamers are still eager to buy; Nintendo Switch never had the opportunity to lower its price.

Instead, it has maintained its expensiveness up to date.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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