Why Are Nendoroids So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Nendoroids are extremely popular, especially among serious collectors of their favorite anime, manga, and video game characters.

And even though these cute collectibles are pretty rare and expensive, many people still chase and want to have them. If you’re curious as to why these are so expensive, look what I found out!

Why Are Nendoroids So Expensive?

Nendoroids are expensive mainly because they are high-quality, intricate anime figures, and some of them are still manually created. Additionally, Nendoroids have been in great demand since their launch. Each Nendoroid has over 30 interchangeable parts, contributing to a costly design and production process. Hence, these collectibles have become incredibly expensive.

To find out more about why Nendoroids have become very expensive, here are the seven reasons: keep reading!

1. Nendoroids’ Limited Production

When working on smaller productions, the manufacturer repeatedly has to repurchase smaller materials sets. So, they will have to spend more money on materials.

But because of its popularity, Nendoroid stocks will not even last a day when a new item is released, resulting in the manufacturer considering reproducing another batch.

Also, if they make limited-edition Nendoroids, collectors will race to get them, and they always sell out.

By reducing their supply, Nendoroid manufacturers can maximize demand for anime figures.

Therefore, with less supply and more demand, the company can profit, thereby affecting its price in the market.

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2. Nendoroids Are High-Quality Figures

The higher the quality, the higher the figure’s price will be. That said, Nendoroids have every right to demand a higher price for durable figures that can last a lifetime.

Of course, the more durable the figures are, the more costly the materials are used to produce them; thus, pricing is reasonably affected.

Moreover, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a solid and expensive material commonly used in higher-quality Nendoroid figures.

So, if a Nendoroid figure is high-quality and very detailed, expect to pay for its every detail.

3. Nendoroids Research And Development

The Good Smile Company, the creator of Nendoroids and its research and development team, monitors what the anime fanbase wants and is eager to have.

Therefore, the company spends money and time determining which anime characters will sell out quickly and which characters are being sought-after by a large demographic fanbase.

Further, thorough research and development of ideas provide the design team with which figures are ready to be made and have been long-awaited by their fans.

4. Nendoroids Design And Production Process

4. Nendoroids Design And Production Process

Since Nendoroids are known for their well-researched designs, the company has to allot a budget for the design and production process.

Additionally, designing a Nendoroid figure is not an overnight process; it takes several considerations and approvals before the design is ready for production.

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Also, because Nendoroids come with several intricate parts, you’ll know that they are designed patiently and meticulously; they are made by hand to ensure quality.

So, when deciding about the price of specific Nendoroids, the design and production team is one of the first things to consider.

5. Nendoroids’ Marketing Demographic Base

While anime has grown in popularity worldwide, the percentage of anime enthusiasts is still small compared to other groups, such as sports fans.

That said, they should watch a TV series before considering whether to buy an expensive product such as Nendoroids.

Further, good marketing informs the target market that a product is available for purchase and that they should like it.

As a result, the marketing department will put money and effort into the campaign’s success.

Moreover, it implies the team has to conduct further research to determine the best type of advertisement for each consumer base, and it significantly affects why these figures are expensive.

6. Nendoroids’ Licensing Difficulties

Exclusive and non-exclusive licensing contracts are the two types of license agreements a seller can negotiate.

So, if a merchant has secured an exclusive license, it ensures they are the only person authorized to sell anime items. Naturally, this factor drives up the price of the item.

A non-exclusive license, on the other hand, means that several sellers are permitted to develop and sell the item.

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Further, finding merchandise producers and retailers they can entrust with the characters can take some time. Hence, Nendoroids are not available in other countries and are expensive.

7. Nendoroids Are Worth Buying For Every Collector

Collecting and preserving Nendoroid figures is a passion for serious collectors. However, hobbies will always be expensive, especially limited edition items.

But, if you plan to market these anime characters, purchasing Nendoroid figures can also be considered an investment.

Along with this, Nendoroids hold their value as time goes by; they are worth the money and time hunting for a particular item.

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Nendoroids are expensive because of how popular they are among the anime fanbase, and everyone is willing to buy them, no matter how costly Nendoroids are.

Additionally, because Nendoroids are made of high-quality materials, the item holds its value and is a good form of investment for figure collectors.


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