Why Are Dimples Attractive? (9 Reasons Why)

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Have you caught yourself staring at a boy or girl with dimples, and can’t look away? Now you’re here, wondering what on earth for!

Well, keep reading! Because in this article, we’re going to give you about 9 reasons why you’re finding those dimples attractive.

Why Are Dimples Attractive?

1. They Are Considered Good Luck

I bet you didn’t see this one coming! Yep! In some cultures, dimples are considered to be very lucky, and a symbol of good luck.

This is really surprising considering the fact that, in the medical field, dimples are classified as a deformity.

Your cheeks are the fat, muscles, skin tissue covering your zygomatic bones under the lower part of your eye.

One theory is that dimples are a “defect” in the zygomaticus major facial muscle, but in places like China, it means something very different.

Dimples could mean anything lucky! From being more attractive to a good will, the world is your oyster if you have dimples, according to China.

2. They Mean Eternal Youth

Studies have been conducted trying to answer the question “why do we find dimples so darn attractive?!”

It’s just so strange and mysterious and we would like to know why we stare at toddlers, teens, and adults that have them.

So what did those studies show?

The slight depressions in our cheeks apparently remind others of babies and children, which is naturally associates with attractiveness to adult humans.

In other words, cute things attract us and our attention to them, and since they’re associated with children, it’s like you’re always young, or younger.

Apparently, these dimples were made so that parents could more easily bond with their children.

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3. They Have A Bold Entrance

It’s pretty hard not to get attracted to something that naturally draws attention, right? And dimples make a big entrance!

You know perfectly well that dimples are a prominent feature on a man’s or woman’s face, especially when they smile!

Such a prominent feature is just going to catch your attention, but catches your attention much more pleasantly than something like a large mole or missing eye.

4. They Are Considered Kawaii

Remember what we said earlier about how cute things naturally attract our attention? Well, in addition to attracting attention in general, men and women both find dimples attractive.

As a matter of fact, apparently 90% of men are immediately attracted to women who have dimples, but we can’t find the direct study, so take that with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, it’s not hard to imagine. If dimples are cute, and guys and gals consider cute people attractive, it seems pretty logical.

Remember, they’re more prominent and even cuter the more you smile!

5. Dimples Make Someone Special

Dimples Make Someone Special

What do we mean by “special,” exactly? Everyone’s got something special about them. Well, by “special,” we’re talking about RARE!

Dimples are considered a rare trait, at least in the United States. Dimples are generally rare, with only 20-30% of the population having them.

And out of that percentage, apparently only 20% of the American population has them. It kind of makes sense though.

Think about it. If we saw dimples all the time, how would something we see all the time catch our attention so easily?

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6. Dimples Create A Happier Encounter

Here’s a question for you: what makes a person with dimples attractive to you when you talk with them?

Odds are, your answer will be their smile! Men and women who have dimples already look like they’re smiling, but when they do smile, it’s something else.

Apparently, men can’t resist smiling back when they’re talking to a women with dimples who is smiling. It’s just contagious!

Try it sometime! Try talking to someone you know with dimples and make a mental note of how long it takes before you start smiling even if they don’t.

Then make another note of how quickly you start smiling as soon as they do!

7. People Are Charmed By Dimples

We know it sounds like we’re beating a dead horse by saying this. It sounds like we’re just saying in another way that “you’re cute,” but hear us out.

People really are charmed by dimples, and it never ends! The next time you post a selfie, and if you have dimples, no one will get tired of them!

If you know someone with dimples, tell them the happy news. Their smile is just absolutely perfect as far as the world is concerned.

We did point out a plausible scientific reason, but maybe it’s really magic. People are literally charmed!

8. Dimples Communicate Much More

In addition to being attractive, charming, and just a really neat “deformity,” dimples seem to have a legitimate purpose that just so happens to also be attractive.

Not too long ago, a study came up with the suggestion that dimples help those who have them to communicate via their facial expressions.

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Now, literally everyone does that, but apparently dimples communicate more effectively.

This is just a theory though. No doubt you know someone with dimples that has gotten irritated because everything thinks she’s smiling when she’s not.

Still, the dimples will make people notice that you do smile more, and they will remember that.

9. Dimpled Girls Are Fun!

Last but not least, there just seams to be an indisputable correlation between dimples and girls who are really outgoing.

They just seem more fun-loving than most, which is always an attractive feature to men, because they’re friendly and ready to go on adventures.

If you’re attracted to someone with dimples, it looks like you can look forward to exploring life together!

Maybe you know someone with dimples who breaks the mold, because there are always outliers. But generally, this seems to be the case.

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Did you find your reason for being attracted to other people with dimples? Let us know in the comment section below!

Do you wish you had dimples? Apparently, there are a number of ways to create them, so don’t lose hope!


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