Why Are Redheads So Attractive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Redheads are some of the most sought-after and desired women on the planet. Even Dolly Parton has felt the fear of a redhead’s beauty.

So why are redheads so attractive? You’d be surprised at the results as they are often a mixture of mystique about the pigmentation and a desire for adventure.

Why Redheads Are So Attractive?

1. Redheads Are Rare

One of the essential things about redheads is that they are genetically rare. As we evolve, there will be fewer redheads due to changing conditions on Earth.

A rarity in breeding redheads is also something that is changing. With fewer partners to breed, there is a definite possibility that redheads will disappear from the planet.

2. Pale Skin

Some redheads have pale skin. Having pale skin was a sign of affluence in the old days. It meant that the person was noble or had enough money to remain inside.

Pale skin matched with white hair could be the perfect combination for some folks. Pairing red hair and pale skin gets their motors revved and creates a platform for courtship.

3. Unusual Hair

Let’s be honest. Red hair is out of the ordinary. But, unfortunately, some out there look for the small things in life to make us happy. Liking redheads is in that same vein.

Unusual hair could make a person stand out in a crowd, and having a dense tangle of hair is a fantastic way to draw the eyes of the group.

4. Red Means Danger

For some, red is a dangerous color, and nothing is sexier than danger. Red is a color that alerts people to something that could hurt or kill them.

Red is especially dangerous for people from other cultures. In Japan, the color red is used as a symbol for something bad or not working correctly. That could be a turn-on for some folks.

5. Sexual Appetite

A common phrase by redheads of all genders is ‘red on the head, fire in bed.’ That means they have a sexual appetite second to none.

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For some people having a healthy sex life is the point of a relationship. For those people being with a redhead could me more frequent sex.

6. Redheads Are Hot Tempered

Redheads Are Hot Tempered

Redheads can be some of the most hot-tempered people. Some like a relationship with a hot-tempered person as they could need to talk or argue over little things.

Being hot-tempered could also give a person the option to get what they want by relying on the ferocity of their redheaded mate.

7. Unpredictability

Another thing that people love about dating redheads is that they are unpredictable. Being with someone who is spontaneous is exhilarating in a relationship.

A big part of the unpredictability lies in knowing what might come next. Unpredictability can be a double-edged sword, possibly making things more dangerous.

8. Redheads Are Witty

Redheads can hold up their end of the conversation. Whether in social situations or school, redheads can quickly add suggestions or solve issues or problems.

Having a witty partner always comes in useful. They can hold up their end of any conversation and are big fans of reading and investigating.

9. Loyalty

Loyalty is a widespread trait of redheads. Some men like to keep their women happy so they don’t have to worry about someone stealing them.

Redheads are known to be loyal partners and often do not stray outside of the partnership. For some, just knowing the person is there for them is enough to keep them attracted.

10. Redheads Are Fun

Redheads always seem to be fun to be around. Something about the red hair and the freckles makes them less anxious and always down to have fun in any situation.

Having a partner who is fun while at the same time loyal and sexy doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Choosing a redhead could end up being the time of your life!

11. Freckles

In the end, it could all boil down to freckles. Redheads usually have lots of freckles; to some people, it is like pollen to bees.

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Tiny brown and red freckle spots appear on the face or all over the body, making them much more different than others. It creates a pattern that some find intoxicating.

Things About Redheads That Might Not Be True

1. Redheads Aren’t Always Sexual

Sometimes the sexual prowess aspect of redheads can be understated. While it is known that they are dedicated and loyal partners, sex could be average.

Our bodies do things in rhythms and off chemical reactions often out of our control. Bodily functions, like sexuality, are usually on a scale. Some are at ten while others are at two.

2. Redheads Can Be Stuffy

For every stereotype laid on the redheads, there is another to disprove it. For example, some redheads enjoy time at home with a good book for an adventure.

A big thing to remember is that redheads are on a spectrum just like the rest of us. To declare each one the life of the party before meeting them could lead to alienating them.

3. Redheads Aren’t Always Desired

While the ones with good taste can see why redheads are wanted, there are weirdos out there who don’t like redheads.

Sexual attraction is a matter of taste. As you age, you begin to see patterns that people call your type. Sometimes your type doesn’t involve redheads.

Some Ways to Keep Redheads Happy

1. Always Have Their Back

One thing to always do for redheads is to have their backs. This doesn’t mean you have to jump into brawls for them. It means you are there for them when they need you.

Being there for your redhead will show them that you mean business about your relationship and that you are there to help them weather the storms of their lives.

2. Encourage Their Individuality

Another important thing to consider when dating a redhead is to keep encouraging their individuality. Redheads are often pigeonholed into stereotypes.

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Letting redheads be who they are will open up other parts of their personality that you might not have seen before. Nothing is sexier than a redhead that accepts their individuality.

3. Stimulate Their Minds

Redheads can be inquisitive, and keeping them intrigued by doing puzzles or listening to true crime podcasts might be the key to their heart.

By leaning on the power of a redhead mind, you increase their attraction to you by serving a part of their lifestyle that is often ignored.

Where to Find Your Redhead

1. Dating Sites

Believe it or not there’s a dating site just for gingers. It is a normal dating site where the majority of the daters are redhaired beauties.

Redheads are prominent on the site but they accept people with all hair colors.

2. Scotland

The most redheads per capita are in Scotland. The gene has a home there as the sun can be intermittent at best and has led to the fair skin and hair.

The weather in Scotland is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of things to do and the land is dotted with redheaded beauties.

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Redheads are some of the most desired and adored people on the planet. Their red hair makes them stand out in crowds and draws the eyes of people looking for fun and adventure.

Just because stereotypes about redheads exist doesn’t mean your partner is prey to them. Instead, value them for the genetic rarity that they are.


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