Why Is Mr. Beast Giving Away Money? (9 Reasons Why) 

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Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, is a YouTuber who gathered a huge audience base for doing all sorts of random stuff that costs a lot.

While he started by uploading gaming videos, over time, he diverted his content to expensive stunts. But why is Mr. Beast giving away money? Keep on reading to find out!

Why Is Mr. Beast Giving Away Money?

1. Giving Money Equals More Views

Whether we believe it or not, money has long reigned in the list of the most important assets in life, usually because money is hard to get, and that’s why every penny counts.

So, when someone (and by someone, we mean Mr. Beast) films themselves giving a whole week’s, month’s, or even a year’s fortune to random people, it’ll definitely create a buzz.

Also, it’s not just a one-time stunt to gather high views for a particular video. Mr. Beast has been consistent with giveaways for all sorts of reasons.

This behavior helped Mr. Beast get many people’s attention, eventually gaining millions of subscribers and helping him have a long-lasting career as a YouTuber.

2. Spend Money To Make Money

You may have guessed this one. Getting millions of subscribers and billions of total views on YouTube can definitely help any YouTuber reach a wealthy status and retire comfortably.

Mr. Beast even admitted in his videos that the reason why he invests a lot in his expensive stunts is that it helps him leverage his way into fame and increased profitability.

With increased fame comes more ads, sponsorships, and views, which, combined, make a lot more money than Mr. Beast has spent, so it’s a win-win situation.

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3. To Show Off His Wealth

In the era of social media, it has become increasingly popular to share different aspects of your life with your close ones or total strangers—privacy is no longer a social norm.

People like to show many things on social media, like different adventures, daily routines, and even intimate moments. Do you know what else people like to flaunt on social media? Wealth.

Pictures of expensive clothes, cars, private jets, fancy restaurants, and hotels are common things to see on the social media accounts of many influencers.

Mr. Beast’s philanthropic videos may be his way of showing off his fortune.

4. Giving Money Feels Good

Most of us grew up learning that it’s good to become selfless and that sharing will make us feel good. But did you know there’s a psychological reason why giving is satisfying?

When people help others, pleasure-associated regions in the brain recognize this act and stimulate the body to release endorphins—hormones that improve your mood.

What’s more, these types of altruistic behaviors may help in reducing stress, relieving pain, and improving overall health. Not to mention, people will often return the generosity.

So, just like many people, the motive behind Mr. Beast’s generous acts may be because he finds them rewarding.

5. Make A Positive Impact

Make A Positive Impact 

You might have seen videos of people filming themselves giving money to the underprivileged.

Now, you may have mixed thoughts about this behavior. However, isn’t helping people, even if it’s for views, far better than walking past them?

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For some reason, videos of helping the underprivileged receive many likes and prompt other individuals to do the same.

That’s why Mr. Beast may give away a lot of money; to motivate people to do the same, eventually making the world a better place.

After all, one act of kindness can make all the difference in someone’s life, no matter how small the act may seem.

6. Giving Away Resonates With Him

What may be a driving force for many people to do a particular action is because they can resonate with it; the same thing goes with Mr. Beast giving away money.

At one stage in his life, he may have wanted a financial helping hand. That could be true, as he mentioned in one of his videos, that every dollar he has ever made came from YouTube.

So, not growing as a millionaire could be his ulterior motive behind why he likes to reward others.

7. Good For Image

Mr. Beast’s videos aren’t just about giving relatives and random strangers money for winning different games and challenges. He also has a channel that’s dedicated 100% to charity.

Besides feeling good and trying to make a positive impact, one thing that also comes with charity is image-burnishing.

Doing a noticeable charitable work brings celebrities a lot of praise, even long past their death.

8. An Easy-To-Follow Concept

YouTubers can be very creative when coming up with YouTube video ideas.

From reaction videos, vlogs, reviews, internet challenges, and much more, figuring out the next video’s concept can be challenging.

That may be why Mr. Beast sticks to expensive stunts as the major concept for most of his YouTube content.

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However, that’s not to say there isn’t a creative process behind his videos—he still has to come up with ideas to give the reward.

Still, most of Mr. Beast’s content revolves around giveaways, which can make finding inspiration to grow his YouTube channel slightly easier.

9. Out Of Spending Ideas

Most of us may have a long bucket list, hoping to conquer it once we have time or enough money.

One perk that comes with having a lot of funds is that you can spend a portion of it to accomplish some or most of the things on your bucket list.

However, if you’ve achieved all your wishes, it can take you a while to find your next interest. So, meantime, why not just give money away and share the joy?

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So, why is Mr. Beast giving away money? Mostly because giving away money helps him gather millions of views, which, in return, increases his profit.

Improving his image, trying to make a positive impact, or just feeling rewarded can also be reasons Mr. Beast doesn’t keep all the money to himself.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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