Why Does My Husband Check Out Other Women? (11 Reasons Why)

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When we get married, our husbands look at us with adoration and pride. Or at least that’s what we imagine they do and many of them are.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your husband checking out other women. This can make you quite jealous. Why do they do that? Here are the reasons I found.

Why Does My Husband Check Out Other Women?

1. Man’s Human Nature

One thing that people need to understand is that it is human nature to look at other people. Women look at other men and men look at other women.

The difference is in how they do so and whether they are downright disrespectful about it. It’s not that they want that woman or loves them but just that they caught their eye.

Men are wired to notice an attractive woman and if I’m honest, women are wired to notice an attractive man. They take note of attractive features and sometimes fail to look away.

2. Appreciating Beauty

One of the reasons that your husband checks out other women is simply that he appreciates beauty. When someone is attractive, others are bound to notice.

It could be a certain feature that stuck out or it could even be that the woman is flaunting that feature. Beauty will always turn an eye and men are susceptible to visual stimulation.

One thing to note is that just because your hand checks out a beautiful woman doesn’t mean he no longer finds you beautiful. He simply took note of that woman’s beauty.

Again, there is a line where it becomes disrespect but it would be a lie to say he never noticed their beauty.

3. Testosterone At Work

How much do you know about testosterone? This is a hormone that all humans have but it is higher in men than women. The hormone is known as a sex hormone.

Testosterone rules a man’s libido, among other things, and will cause him to notice an attractive woman that crosses his path. Think about your tendency to notice.

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If a woman notices someone attractive, it is even more likely that a man will notice thanks to testosterone. It’s nearly impossible for him to fight the urge to look and not even realize it.

It’s often an unconscious act and it’s because his brain took notice thanks to testosterone in his veins.

4. Men Are Visual

Most men are visual by nature. This is one of the reasons that they may be more likely to be attracted to porn or other visual stimulation. They are going to notice a woman.

The visual concept of something new and different captures their attention, even if it is only momentarily. Men take note of visual aspects while women take note of familiarity.

A man who sees an attractive visual will appreciate that visual. That being said, in most cases, this does not mean your husband no longer finds you attractive. His eyes saw something new.

5. It’s An Unconscious Reaction

One thing that you will find happens a lot is a man will deny checking someone out or not realize they did it. They figure out their wrongdoing when they see your anger.

When you consider the visual appeal to a man paired with his testosterone, it makes sense that your husband might check out other women. He doesn’t even realize it at first.

The sight catches his eye, he glances for a moment, and instantly he is in the dog house. Did his eyes stray? Yes, but it doesn’t mean he did it intentionally or wants to hurt you.

6. It Becomes A Bad Habit

It Becomes A Bad Habit

Unfortunately, your husband might be checking out other women because it’s a bad habit. If you think about it, he was likely raised to look at women in some way or another.

As a teenager, he wanted to look at attractive women and he didn’t need to hide it at that point. All these years later, his eyes continue to wander.

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What has happened here is that he looked at women from a young age and it’s a habitual action. Those women won’t escape his notice and it’s a hard habit to break.

7. Lack Of Respect

Now, we’ve talked about incontrollable glances or even natural things that might cause your husband to check another woman out. But there are times it truly comes from a lack of respect.

Some men see women as their property and they do whatever they want. These men, including some husbands, simply don’t care if you are offended and don’t respect you as a woman.

The men that fall into this category will not feel guilty when you catch them and they certainly won’t apologize. They feel it’s their right to check out any woman they choose.

This is a blatant lack of respect and the actions of a narcissistic husband.

8. He Is Losing Interest

Another unfortunate thing that could be occurring is your husband is losing interest. Again, many times this is a natural and innocent reaction.

But there are times when your husband checks out another woman because he has lost interest in you. Whether it’s just because you’ve grown too comfortable or it’s time to move on.

As a wife, you should have a conversation about this and figure out what can be done or not done. Perhaps you just need to bring life back to your marriage. Other times it may be a loss.

9. It Works Both Ways

One thing I want to point out is that while you are concerned about your husband checking out other women, it does work both ways. Do you ever look at other men?

Try to remember that we are all human so you may also be checking out other men and not realize it. But we need to make sure there isn’t a double standard to this philosophy.

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If you are offended by your husband checking out women, be sure to check that you are not doing the same thing. Have respect for each other in this capacity.

10. To Be Spiteful

If you and your husband are fighting or at odds with each other, he may look just to be spiteful. In this case, it’s an action done to hurt you because you are angry with him.

This is not a common cause but keep in mind it might be the reason he just checked out that girl. Stop nagging him for a moment and figure out how to just get along.

11. It Might Be Her

Let’s be honest. There are women out there who flaunt their bodies for the world to see. It is nearly impossible not to notice when this is the case.

I can bet that you noticed she was flaunting so how can you expect your husband not to notice? Keep in mind that if she is wearing revealing clothing or calling for attention, that could be why.

It’s hard to miss when this is what is happening.

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When your husband checks out other women, it doesn’t mean he likes them better than you. Remember that he loves you, he just noticed her.

Chances are that your husband did not do this purposefully and may not even realize it happened. Try to be patient and remember he chose you.


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