Why Do Vampires Hate Werewolves? (7 Reasons Why)

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Vampires and werewolves are two of the most feared creatures in literature, television, and movies. In most of these tales, vampires hate werewolves everywhere they go.

Why do vampires hate werewolves? Is there a reason for their intense rivalry? What werewolf traits make them so hated by every vampire in the world?

Why Do Vampires Hate Werewolves?

1. Competition For Mortals

Vampires hate werewolves for the same reason predators fight with other predators – they compete for the same prey. Vampires and werewolves want to devour humans.

In locations with minimal prey, the top predators will fight for their meal. Vampires hate werewolves because they take away precious food resources critical to their survival.

It’s a classic tale of wild creatures – one cannot live while the other survives. If vampires want to make it, they must beat the werewolves for their next meal. It’s a hard life.

Vampires have the high ground in some cases, but werewolves come out on top in others. There will always be competition between the species as they fight to survive.

Where there is prey, there will be a fight for domination. Vampires take this to the next level with their hatred for werewolves.

2. History Of Slavery

There is a strange history of slavery between the werewolves and the vampires. According to legend, vampires enslaved the werewolves for centuries before they broke free.

Vampires continue to persecute werewolves, but they don’t hold as much power as before. These creatures hate that the werewolves have a form of newfound freedom.

Vampires are power-hungry creatures. They want to come out on top in the rivalry. They desire to become masters over werewolves in time if they can.

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Of course, the werewolves don’t want that. The rivalry continues, and the hatred of vampires for werewolves grows as a result.

3. It’s Made Up

Of course, there is always the consideration that people made up the rivalry. Vampires and werewolves may have never had a rivalry. People made it up for their enjoyment.

There are plenty of tales where vampires and werewolves coexist in their environments without tearing at each other’s throats. Vampires don’t always hate werewolves.

Still, those stories are the exception. In most movies, TV shows, and books, you will find that vampires have an intense hatred for werewolves.

At the end of the day, humans made up vampires and werewolves for our entertainment. The more they fight each other, the more entertained we are when we see them on screen.

4. Made To Kill Each Other

Made To Kill Each Other

Vampires and werewolves seem like they were made to kill each other in classic lore. It’s the human and the beast, dashing at each other’s throats at every chance they can get.

When you see these characters in stories, you automatically assume they are going to kill each other. They are equally equipped creatures from lore.

Vampires and werewolves seem to be made to hate each other. It’s only natural they go at each other’s throats – they were made to kill each other in the stories.

Other mythical creatures show up time and again in lore. However, vampires and werewolves always seem to be attached at the hip in lore.

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5. Various Representations

In terms of classic characters, vampires and werewolves exist to kill each other. Werewolves are an abomination of nature, while vampires are twisted humanoids. They are the dark.

A vampire is a form of humanity, drained of its soul and sentenced to life in the dark, drinking blood from living beings. There are many people like vampires today.

Werewolves take the idea of animalistic tendencies in humanity and bring it out in a literal transformation process. Werewolves are the inner beast of a human unleashed.

Vampires hate werewolves because they represent their foes in terms of metaphorical existences. These sides of us are destined to clash when we bring them into the light.

Vampires and werewolves may not be real, but the intensity of their battles inside us is. We all have the symbolism of the vampire and the werewolf buried in the pit of our soul.

6. Love Triangles

People made werewolf and vampire love triangles a thing to adore. Books like Twilight pit vampires and werewolves against each other in romances.

It’s fun to see crazy creatures fight over a human as if they were the most precious thing in the universe. Two superpowered beings fight as if nothing else matters.

In many of these scenarios, vampires hate werewolves because they try to steal the girl. They tend to be more muscular and rugged than the vampires ever could be in their reality.

Of course, these love triangles tend to be a little silly. Maybe vampires hate werewolves because of their experience with love – a strange scenario to envision.

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7. Werewolves Can Convert Faster

The more people these people can convert, the more they will have on their side. Vampires convert very slowly, while werewolves can run into a crowd and bite many people at once.

Vampires hate werewolves because these beasts can convert humans much faster than they can. If there were ever a war, werewolves would have the upper hand against vampires.

Of course, vampires have their advantages. They obtain their abilities around the clock, while werewolves are restricted to a specific time and area when they transform.

The more on their side, the better. Vampires hate werewolves thanks to the age-old conflict between the species. They want to be the one with the most power in their reality.

Conversion is a human desire that feeds into the mystical vampire and werewolf world. Vampires are at an extreme disadvantage here.

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Vampires hate werewolves. They fight with them for resources, have a strange history of slavery, and loathe that werewolves can convert faster. There is a strong hatred there.

No matter what form they are in, vampires and werewolves are some of the scariest classic monsters out there. When they fight each other, it’s even scarier.


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    Jean Richardson is a lover of knowledge, in all forms. He has spent over 15 years as a high school teacher, instructing students in history, geography, mathematics, and more.

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