Why Is 69 A Bad Number? (9 Reasons Why)

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Kayleigh Hudson has always been fascinated by astrology and the zodiac, as well as mythical creatures. In her spare time, she loves to read fantasy books.

The number 69 hasn’t gotten quite the reputation over the last few decades, mainly because of the sexual connotation that has been assigned to it. But there are other reasons too.

So why is 69 a bad number? From curses to those innuendos, from religion to numerology, there are many reasons why 69 can be seen as a foreboding number.

Whether it is religion or something else, here are the many reasons why people have viewed 69 as a terrible number.

Why Is 69 A Bad Number?

1. It Is A Euphemism

If you have ever been around young teenagers, you have heard the number 69 and all the giggles or laughter that it brings. This is because 69 is an innuendo for a certain position.

It seems to be one of the first sex positions that teenagers and middle schoolers learn about. It’s a number teachers don’t dare say because it would disrupt the entire classroom and lesson.

In this instance, the number isn’t necessarily bad. It just provides a reaction that can be a little annoying, especially for teachers and other adults around immature teenagers.

2. Some Think It Is A Curse

Some people think that 69 is a number that represents you being cursed. There isn’t any concrete reasoning behind this.

Some theories suggest this “curse” belief came around when the 69 became a euphemism, but some suggest that it’s just a curse. There really isn’t any religious belief behind it.

For all we know, it could have just been an unlucky number for someone, and they thought they were being cursed. This one is still a mystery.

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3. There Is A Need For Self-Improvement

In spirituality, 69 can often mean that you are in need of self-improvement. This doesn’t mean it is a bad number and can actually be positive.

But some people don’t always observe self-improvement as a positive meaning because they have to look inwards. You have to face some heavy stuff to make yourself a better person.

Because of this, people have associated 69 as more of a disapproving number rather than bad. It is more about denial, but what you feel towards it changes with each person.

4. An Unbalanced World

The number 69 usually means harmony and balance, but it could tell you that the world is unbalanced. It means that there needs to be a balance.

An unbalance often means the world is chaotic, full of crime, war, and many other terrible things. No peace makes people feel hopeless, powerless, and weak.

All these emotions get attached to the number, and people start to view 69 as a bad omen or just associate it with the chaos of an unbalanced world. Thus, 69 got a bad reputation.

5. Psalms 69

Psalms 69

Psalms 69 foretells the death and suffering of Jesus Christ, so many Christians associate this number with this foretelling. The number reminds them that it only brought bad news.

The verse details that Christ’s death would bring such heaviness and sorrow to his people. It is a verse full of emotion and loss, and so the number 69 retains those same emotions.

Some even believe that the number foretells the death of others when it repeats itself within their environment. They see it as a bad omen and prepare for a loss.

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6. Teenagers Have Given It A Bad Rep

Teenagers have given this number a bad reputation. Not just because it is a euphemism and a title for a sexual position but because of how they continue to run with this joke.

Teenagers will laugh and make a big deal of the number. They run with the joke so far that adults have learned to mute their immaturity with a simple eye roll.

Most adults tie this negative connotation to the number because of their annoyance with those silly little jokes. But that’s only reasonable when you hear it 69 times in a day!

7. It Is A Warning

In some religions, 69 is a warning sign that your body needs rest. It means your body is worn out, so it is necessary to take a break.

This may not seem bad, but it could cause problems if ignored. Thus, the number can be seen as something bad coming because it was ignored.

This makes sense; in Hinduism, this number is associated with the sacral chakra. Your sacral area can become unbalanced when your body is overworked and stressed.

8. A Bad Experience With Cancers

69 is not only a number but a symbol for one of the zodiacs: cancers. Some people associate the number with this zodiac.

Cancers are often seen as loyal and loving, but with every zodiac, they have a dark side too. They are often seen as over-emotional and temperamental.

If you are one to see these traits, it may have caused a lot of drama and chaos in your life. So now the number 69 doesn’t bring back good memories, just ones you shudder at.

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9. People Do Not Truly Understand The Number

If you search for the history of the number, there are actually more positive meanings to the number rather than negative. It really isn’t a bad number. Some of these meanings are:

  • Harmony, balance
  • Luck
  • Holy unification
  • Relaxation
  • Abundance and wealth
  • Twin flame unification and success

Although there are more reasons to see 69 as a good number, bad news and bad reputations get pushed more quickly through the masses. It’s like wildfire.

One bad review can ruin a business. This same logic goes for the bad reputation that the number 69 has received over the years.

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From bad omens to curses to innuendos, the number 69 has gotten quite the rap sheet. But really, it is not really bad nor good. A number doesn’t have control over anything.

The number is whatever you feel towards it. To you, it could be lucky, or it could be the worst. You could even just see it as a number. It’s all about perception.


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    Kayleigh Hudson has always been fascinated by astrology and the zodiac, as well as mythical creatures. In her spare time, she loves to read fantasy books.

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