Why Do Girls Go To The Bathroom Together? (7 Reasons Why)

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Have you ever noticed that girls always go to the bathroom in groups? Guys are always curious about what they are doing in there.

Whenever girls need to excuse themselves at a restaurant or a club, they always seem to take a friend or group of friends with them.

Why Do Girls Go To The Bathroom Together?

1. Outfit Check

One of the reasons why girls go to the bathroom together is because they want to make sure that they are dressed appropriately and that their outfit looks good.

A mirror can only do so much, but your friend’s opinion makes all the difference. Girls want to know that their outfit is on point so that a bathroom buddy can help.

2. Gossip With Each Other

Girls often go to the bathroom together because they want to gossip. So when girls go to the bathroom together, they can share secrets and gossip about each other.

On a double-date, they will head to the bathroom to discuss how it’s going, if they want to leave, or if they like the person they’re on the date with. It’s for moral support.

Girls’ bathroom gossip is usually harmless and should not be taken too seriously.

3. Hair And Make-Up Check

A big reason why girls go to the bathroom together is to check their hair and make-up. In addition, girls will use the bathroom in groups to ensure everyone is looking their best.

They will borrow each other’s make-up and hair products to spruce their look while in the bathroom. Like an outfit check, friends are there to make sure hair and make-up look good.

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Sharing lipstick is another common thing for girls to do together in the bathroom. They all go together at once to share lipstick and other make-up.

Going to the bathroom with friends is where girls get new ideas for their make-up, try new products, and share beauty secrets.

Hair and make-up tips are exchanged regularly in the women’s bathroom, out of the earshot of men. The mystery has been revealed, guys.

4. Period Support

Period Support

Girls will often be seen whispering in each other’s ears before excusing themselves to go to the bathroom together. Guys are left wondering what was said and why the sudden departure.

The whispering is usually one girl asking another if she has a pad or tampon. However, girls support each other in times of need, like if someone needs a menstrual product.

Going to the bathroom together gives girls privacy to discuss female body issues going on at the moment. Guys don’t want to be privy to those conversations.

Tampon trading is a common practice in the women’s bathroom. Just as much as asking for toilet paper from the next stall.

5. Hold Friend’s Belongings

Girls will also go to the bathroom together to hold a friend’s purse or belonging. When girls go to the bathroom together, they will keep each other’s things.

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Many girls have left a purse behind in a bathroom stall or set a wallet down and forgot it. It can even be stolen. Taking a friend to hold their things prevents losing a purse or wallet.

Women will also take friends to the bathroom to hold their drinks. It’s never a good idea to leave a drink unattended, so having a trusted friend watch a watchful eye on it is best practice.

Girls also tend to be more trusting with each other when it comes to asking someone to hold their purses, wallet, or belonging. But, of course, it’s always great to have a friend to help.

6. Safety In Numbers

Another reason girls go to the bathroom together because they want to avoid being alone in the bathroom. Many girls feel vulnerable and unsafe going alone in the bathroom.

Women’s bathrooms often have long lines, so a friend group can watch out for each other while standing in line.

Further, bathroom doors and stalls don’t always lock or are broken, so it’s always good to have a friend stand outside to prevent anyone from entering.

Crowded bars and clubs can pose a threat to a woman who is there alone but having friends to watch your back while you go to the bathroom gives a sense of security.

There are many reasons why girls go to the bathroom together. However, one of the most important reasons is safety in numbers.

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Going to the bathroom together can help create a sense of safety and security for girls. It can also help them feel less anxious and more confident in their surroundings.

7. To Hold Someone’s Hair

Too much alcohol can lead to vomiting, and it’s always a good practice for girls to go to the bathroom together as a group when one is feeling sick.

A true friend will hold her girlfriend’s hair while she pukes and prevent her hair from getting wet in the toilet.

Supporting a girlfriend will build a lasting bond between friends, and going to the bathroom together also helps build relationships between girls.

When one girl goes to the bathroom, she often invites her friends along with her. This helps create a supportive network of girls who can help each other when needed.

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Girls share make-up, check outfits, bond over period products, and care for each other when they go to the bathroom together.

If you have ever wondered why girls go to the bathroom in pairs or groups, now you know all of the different reasons why.


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