Why Are Moths Attracted To Me? (9 Reasons Why)

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Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

Moths are interesting creatures that resemble butterflies but remain their own distinctive species. They are especially active during the nighttime, and people know them as being attracted to light.

Other than light, though, you may notice that moths are sometimes following you around. If you are curious as to why this happens, keep reading to learn more.

Why Are Moths Attracted To Me?

1. Your Scent Is Confusing Them

Moths are very scent-motivated creatures. They use their sense of smell to navigate and find mates. For this reason, if you are being followed by moths, it could be some smell you have.

Most of the time, this is usually a soap you are using. However, it could also be the following things:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Shampoo
  • Cologne or perfume

If the presence of moths is disturbing you, you might want to consider changing up your scented products that you use. If you are not bothered by your presence, continue life as usual.

2. You Are Reflecting Light

Everyone knows that moths are drawn to light, and this second reason means they are following you because your clothes is reflecting brightness that they confuse with light.

This most often happens when you wear white or light-colored clothes, but it could also happen with clothes that are reflective or glow-in-the-dark.

You may notice that this happens especially when you stand near a light source and it illuminates your clothing.

3. You Are Near The Light

Similarly, this next reason also has to do with light. However, in this case, you are probably just standing nearby light and think that the moths are following you.

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The best way that you can test this is by stepping away from the light. If the moths still continue to follow you, then they are doing so for another reason.

Additionally, if you are in a very well-lit area, the moths might be around you because they naturally want to be in that environment rather than any desire to be near you.

4. They Are Attracted To Your Clothes

You may have heard of mothballs, which is something that people put in their closets to prevent moths from eating wool or leather clothing.

Certain species of moths have been known to eat through clothing. This means that if a moth is following you, it might be one of these species and they are attracted to the fabric.

If you are wearing wool, leather, or a similar natural material, you are most likely to be followed by moths.

However, this still remains a rare scenario as moths generally prefer to eat clothing that is not on a moving person, such as clothes stored in closets or dressers.

5. They Are Attracted To Food

They Are Attracted To Food

Many moths will also eat certain types of food, such as fruit. In particular, pantry moths often eat food waste and lay their eggs in places where there is food remnants.

If you are carrying food or had food spill on your clothing, this could be a likely reason why moths are following you. They can probably smell the food traces on you.

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In the event that this is happening, you can stop moving and see if the moths land on your clothing. If they target the area where you have spilled food or land on the food itself, you have proof for this theory.

6. They Are Carrying A Message

On a more superstitious note, many people see moths as being messengers of another realm. Specifically, they carry many associations with the afterlife.

Some people who believe in animal signs would argue that moths following you means that there is a message from the afterlife that you need to hear.

This does not always have to be a negative or strange thing, as many would like to have communication with deceased loved ones. Being followed by moths would then be a comforting thing.

7. They Are Benevolent Spirits

Many people find moths creepy because of their nocturnal behavior and ghostly appearance. However, there is a much more positive way to think of being followed by moths.

Moths are sometimes considered positive or guardian spirits that follow you to improve your life.

If you are being followed by moths, instead of being afraid, consider that they might actually be looking out for you. Of course, there is no way to prove this but it can be seen as a comforting thought.

8. Something Is About To Change

Another common spiritual interpretation of moths in your life is that they are harbingers of an upcoming change.

This change does not necessarily have to be good or bad, but rather is a sign that something static in your life will now have a dynamic aspect to it.

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Oftentimes moths are attributed to this type of change because of their fluttering movement. Their flight path changes often, which could be a metaphor for your life.

9. You Should Trust Your Intuition

Moths follow the light, and many people see moths as a sign that you should follow your own internal light—which is to say your intuition.

Listening to yourself is a huge life skill to cultivate. If you can trust your gut, you will be able to navigate a lot of different life situations with confidence.

Moths following you in this situation may mean you need to pay attention and refocus on your internal self.

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It is interesting to see what animals end up recurring in our lives. If you are being followed consistently by moths, there are a variety of explanations for this that are interesting to consider.

Some of these are as simple as your scent or light reflection, but it could also have a greater spiritual significance. Either way, you have nothing to fear from these fascinating creatures.


  • Ava Medina

    Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

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