Why Does YouTube Delete My Comments? (5 Reasons Why)

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Fletcher Crawford is a 20-year veteran of the electrical engineering field. He has worked on everything from Linux systems to Apple products, and is passionate about technology.

YouTube is a great place to watch videos and interact with people in different ways. You can view your favorites, leave comments, and even converse with others.

Much like any other social media platform, they try to be mindful of what is being posted. This could lead to your normal comments getting deleted, unfortunately. Here are 5 reasons why.

Why Does YouTube Delete My Comments?

1. Algorithm Control

YouTube, much like any other social media platform, is heavily driven by its algorithm. It’s a gigantic platform so it would be nearly impossible to house the staff to keep up manually.

They utilize a digital algorithm and program it to capture comments and postings that shouldn’t be there. The algorithm has the right to delete when the data tells it to.

The problem is that the algorithm is looking for specific wording or statements and therefore might miss out on personality. It leads to comments being deleted even when they aren’t bad.

In this case, it isn’t personal, it’s just that you said something that triggered the digital babysitter. Words like gun, kill, and other things could do so.

2. Perhaps You Offended

What you think is a well-placed comment could easily be offensive to someone else. People can be easily offended, even by something that you didn’t feel should be offensive.

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When this happens, a person offended can report your comment. Keep in mind that you may not feel your comment was offensive but it could have been entirely inappropriate anyway.

Be mindful of what you are saying and how your statement could be impacting others that read it. Be mindful that we don’t all have the same opinions or thoughts.

Always try to be respectful of others when you are commenting to avoid offense. Never use hate speech or encourage someone to harm themselves. Keep it simple and kind.

3. External Link Posting

External Link Posting

It’s not uncommon for people to hop into comments and try to point out a great product or even point to personal stuff. You post a link because you’re sharing something valid.

The problem is that there is far too much spamming and scamming that is happening from external links. While not all external links are deleted, this could be the problem.

If your comment contained an external link, the algorithm could pick it up as potential spam. Unfortunately, a few terrible bot posters have ruined this capability for everyone.

Avoid external links if you can do so. Sometimes you might need to share a source but you’re better off pointing others to find it themselves or providing them with where to look instead.

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4. Watch Your Language

The language that you use on YouTube does matter. This site is meant to be family-friendly, kid-friendly, and welcoming. We all speak our minds far too often without respect for our wording.

It’s perfectly ok to use the language of your choice in your personal life. Speak freely with friends and family or in your home. But when you come to a platform like this, it changes.

You should be respectful of the fact that this is a public platform and not everyone needs to hear or read foul language from you.

We have the right to freedom of speech but that doesn’t give us the right to be disrespectful to others. YouTube is not overly aggressive about speech but foul language can be deleted.

Just remember where you are and save the language for your familiar ears.

5. Watch The Spam Tendencies

Finally, you may have left similar or exactly alike comments on too many things. When you do this, YouTube’s algorithm thinks that you might be commenting spam.

This happens mostly if you are saying the same thing or very similar things on multiple different videos. Try to avoid doing this to avoid being tagged as a spammer by YouTube.

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Once they tag your comments as spam, they are less likely to be left alone. It’s very hard to break out of the spam cycle once you make it there. If you watch a ton of stuff, change it up.

For example, don’t just say “cool” on 5 videos in a row. Getting marked as spam could also make you lose other capabilities on YouTube as well.

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YouTube operates on a digital platform and there are several algorithm controls in place designed to keep the space safe and clean.

Unfortunately, a comment might sometimes be deleted when there is nothing wrong with it. Understand the why and try to avoid these triggers to help.


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