Why Did He Text Me After 2 Weeks? (9 Reasons Why)

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Have you ever had a great date or meet up with someone only to not hear from them again? It leaves you wondering what you did wrong when it felt so right.

And then suddenly, 2 weeks later, he sends you a text. By that time, you almost even forgot about him and decided to give up on him! I found these reasons why it happens.

Why Did He Text Me After 2 Weeks?

1. Three Day Rule?

Have you ever heard of the 3-day rule? It’s a rule that some guys follow to leave you anticipating before they text or call you. It’s nothing personal just an unspoken rule.

The 3-day rule (sometimes guys stretch this out to 2 weeks) is a standard that a guy will wait 3 days to reach out to you after a date or meeting. It is a chance for them to consider and anticipate.

Some guys wait during this time to see if you will text them first. It can be a sign to them that you were interested. It can also be a sign to them if you are overly demanding.

The 3-day rule isn’t meant to be rude but the waiting period is good for both sides and it builds up some anticipation.

2. No Sign Of Desperation

Another common reason that he doesn’t text for 2 weeks is that he simply doesn’t want to appear desperate. He might be truly interested in you but he hides his emotions.

If he reaches out or acts too interested, he might make you feel like he is desperate. This is all about a self-image where he is trying to be confident and appealing.

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His worry he will appear desperate comes from a need to impress you but also impress others that he might be connected with.

3. Phone Not A Priority

Men seem to operate very differently from women when it comes to sending a text, making a phone call, or even responding to a message.

When a woman sees an unread message, she feels the need to respond right away so it’s not hanging over her head. A guy on the other hand might not answer for days.

While some guys certainly do spend a lot of time on their phones, it’s often more for gaming or scrolling through their favorite social than sending messages.

Guys also will get distracted doing things and not even think about their phones. This doesn’t mean you weren’t important, just that he got distracted.

4. Maybe He Is Shy

We often stereotype men as always being brave and strong. We expect them to be the ones to initiate or perhaps take that first leap. But the truth is they can be shy!

If you haven’t received a text from him or he texts back two weeks later, it might just be his nerves causing the delayed reaction.

That poor guy has probably spent days leading up to the text he finally worked up the courage to send. If he seems sincere, try giving him the benefit of the doubt.

5. Not Looking For Relationships

Not Looking For Relationships

It’s entirely possible that even though you had a nice time, the guy simply has different plans than you. He may be looking more for hook-up opportunities.

The chance that he sees you as a hook-up is a possibility. It’s up to you to have that conversation with him and determine where things stand.

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When he does text you two weeks later don’t automatically dismiss it as this. But you should converse about his intentions and yours.

6. Other Girls On The Line

If he waited two weeks to text you, it’s likely you aren’t the only girl on his radar. Let’s be honest, you likely aren’t an exclusive item at this point.

If he is talking to several girls or openly dating, it might not be anything personal. He could simply be testing the waters to decide where his attentions lie.

There’s a fine line between dating around and playing multiple women. Find out where you stand and whether this works for you.

7. Maybe He Choked

You never know what brought him to this moment with you. What if he had a prior bad relationship that has left him scared to date again?

Perhaps he has been focused on his career or other priorities that led him here. If there is some sort of history leading up to this time, your guy might have choked.

He could have gone out with you thinking he was ready. Only to be on the date and realize he wasn’t quite ready yet. Don’t take it personally, he needs some time.

8. He Forgot

Have you ever been distracted and just forgot to do something? This could be what is happening here. If he has been busy, he might just not think to text at a good time.

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Depending on this guy’s lifestyle and schedule, he might just have a very busy calendar that pulls him away a lot.

As he thinks about texting you, he could be tied up in work or meetings and unable to do so. When he has a free moment, he completely spaces it.

Again, it’s nothing personal. He simply has a lot on his plate that made him forget to text for a bit.

9. He Worried You Wouldn’t Respond

Finally, perhaps he didn’t text for two weeks because he was worried you wouldn’t feel the same way. Guys get nervous just like girls do, and sometimes more so.

This guy might have been wanting to text you but had a feeling or a vibe that you weren’t interested in him.

That feeling held him back from reaching out.

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If it’s been two weeks since you heard from him, there are times something honestly came up that interfered. Try not to take it personally until you know.

It’s ok for you to reach out to him as well. Just make a point not to overdo it or blow up his phone. You don’t want to harass him but let him know you’re interested if he is.


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