Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts? (9 Reasons Why)

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If you have encountered a narcissist in your life, you probably know that their self-centered behavior can be extremely frustrating. This includes not responding to texts.

Not responding to texts is characteristic behavior of a narcissist. Keep reading to learn more about why they do this frustrating thing.

Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts?

1. They Think You Are Unimportant

This first reason is most central to a narcissist’s psychology. For a narcissist, the most important consideration in the world is themselves, and they lack interest in anyone else.

For this reason, if you send a narcissist a text, they might choose not to respond because they do not care much about you. Simply put, you are boring to them or not as interesting as themselves.

Typical narcissistic behavior occurs when they only respond to texts that are relevant to themselves or from people they are using to feel better about themselves.

2. They Do Not Care About The Information

Maybe you are trying to get a narcissist to help you with an event or situation and they are simply not responding. This is probably because a narcissist will not care about selfless information.

For a narcissist, their interest in information comes from its relevance to themselves. Detached information is regarded as thoroughly uninteresting, so they choose not to respond.

3. They Want To Feel Superior

A trademark characteristic of a narcissist is their desire to feel superior to others in any situation. This includes the following:

  • Workplaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Social circles
  • Digital interactions

When you text a narcissist, they may not respond because they want to prove to you that their time is worth more than yours. They want to keep you waiting and feel superior by doing so.

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On the converse side, if a narcissist is kept waiting for another person to text them, they will feel extremely uncomfortable because they are no longer superior.

Part of a narcissist’s psychological complex is their desire to feel above others at all times. This includes the realm of texting, where they often blatantly ignore people.

4. They Want A Reaction

Drama is the name of the game for narcissists, and if they feel like they can stir up agitation through not responding to a text, they will do it.

If you are ignored over text by a narcissist, you might be tempted to respond back by confronting them or accusing them of ignoring you.

When this happens, you are feeding into their desire to feel important through confrontation. They thrive on dramatic scenarios, and ignoring texts is a way of orchestrating this.

5. They Want To Control You

They Want To Control You

Especially if you are in a romantic relationship with a narcissist, you might find that their silence often comes with a desire to control you.

For example, if every time they ignore you, you end up apologizing or making promises, they are using their silence to manipulate your behavior.

Narcissists will often do this when there is something concrete that they want from you, such as money or favors. However, they will also do this simply to assert emotional control.

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Many narcissists thrive off the feeling that they can control others’ behaviors and emotional states, especially among the people who are closest to them.

6. They Are Bored Of You

Beyond just being bored of the information that you might be trying to share, they could also just be bored of you as a person.

Narcissists cycle through friends and relationships quickly, abandoning people as soon as they think they can no longer serve them.

If a narcissist gets bored with you and ignores your texts, do not think you are a boring person. This is typical narcissistic behavior and in no way undermines your worth as a person.

7. They Want Attention

If your first impulse upon being ignored by a narcissist is to worry, you are not alone. People ignoring texts could be a sign that there is something wrong in their life.

However, with narcissists it is often the case that they want you to worry. They are manipulating you to provoke your concern and therefore increase your interest in them.

The bottom line for a narcissist is always themselves, and they will do anything for attention.

8. They Want To Get Angry

If you are ignored by a narcissist and follow this up with a text that accuses them of ignoring you or even just gently reminds them to text you back, this could make them angry.

Narcissists love to get angry because they can feel that they are righteous, even when their behavior is obviously problematic. All of this ties back to their insatiable need for drama.

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9. They Have Found Someone New

Narcissists often play favorites, attaching to one person until they have taken everything they want from them.

If the narcissist in your life starts ignoring you, it means they no longer think they can get anything from you and have probably moved onto someone new.

They may also utilize this behavior of ignoring you when they find someone new to make you feel jealous or provoke a strong reaction that will bring them attention.

Do not be surprised though if the narcissist eventually comes back if they get bored with their new person or think that there is more that they can get from you.

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Dealing with a narcissist is never fun, and can be very damaging to your own mental health. Narcissists have many toxic behaviors, and this includes ignoring your text messages.

If you are being ignored by a narcissist, there are many reasons why this could be happening. Just remember that you are not the problem and avoid falling into their traps.


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