Why Is Gordon Ramsay So Mean? (9 Reasons Why)

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Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef and he has quite the reputation for being hard to get along with. You’ve likely seen him on several reality chef shows and know his attitude.

He yells, screams, throws, curses, and more. What is it that makes Gordon Ramsay so mean to other people? Take a look at these reasons that I found.

Why Is Gordon Ramsay So Mean?

1. He Expects Perfection

Gordon Ramsay is a highly successful chef with extreme talent in the kitchen. Not only does he have his restaurant but he supervises on various chef reality shows as well.

Gordon Ramsay comes across as mean because he both demands and expects perfection in the kitchen. This isn’t a place where it’s ok to undercook meat or completely ruin a dish.

For the price people are paying for their food, you should be able to deliver a perfect dish. And if you can’t complete the basics, you’re like to experience his wrath firsthand.

2. Staged Performance

We have to remember that most of the time when we see Gordon Ramsay, it’s on television shows. With a show called Hell’s Kitchen, what would you expect the atmosphere to be like?

Many of us don’t know Gordon Ramsay personally and will never have the opportunity to either. What you see is a staged performance on TV because it’s a hit for the fans.

Gordon Ramsay is mean because that is his character for most of those shows. They established his dramatic persona because it brings in viewers and he is great at the role.

I’m sure he probably can be mean but what you see on TV is likely not what you see all the time in real life.

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3. British Nature?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing out a stereotype here. However, I am making a connection between Gordon Ramsay and another star Simon Cowell.

While these two don’t come from exact same place, they do both come from the same region with Simon from England and Gordon from the UK.

What you will notice is that they have a lot of similar tendencies. Neither of them winces or pass the buck when it comes time to share the cold hard truth with others.

It could just be part of who they are, although I’m sure there are many British people without this kind of temperament too.

4. Temper Trigger

Some people are just born with different temperaments than others and it appears that Gordon Ramsay has a very short fuse. He doesn’t put up with any nonsense.

Gordon Ramsay will praise you for your efforts but when you make negligible mistakes, he is going to blow. He has a short fuse and no tolerance for nonsense or incompetence.

Gordon Ramsay falls into the Scorpio zodiac group, which also says a little something about his temper. This group of people is known for their intensity and that includes Gordon’s temper.

5. High-Stress Environments

High-Stress Environments

When you think about the times that you see Gordon Ramsay get mean and angry, it’s always times where stress is at top levels. He feels that stress and these outbursts are his outlets.

Working in a kitchen, particularly when supervising or monitoring a bunch of people, is very stressful. Things have to be done correctly and speed is a necessity.

With Gordon Ramsay, he feels that stress very strongly and it’s his responsibility to make sure things happen. His outbursts come from the extension of the stress in the kitchen.

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Pair the stress of the kitchen with teaching people and being on TV and you’ve got one explosive combination.

6. It’s Hot In There

They don’t call shows Hell’s Kitchen for no reason, it truly is hot in there. Of course, working in any kitchen that uses stoves, ovens, and flames is going to be one hot place.

Did you know that exposure to heat can make you cranky? Not only is the kitchen stressful but it’s extremely warm in there and you’re working hard.

When the heat affects you, it’s going to also affect your tempers and be more likely to spur an outburst. Studies even show heat leads to risen levels of violence and aggression.

We see that clearly with Gordon Ramsay on display.

7. Getting His Point Across

One thing that you can always count on Gordon Ramsay to do is to tell the truth about his perspective. He doesn’t tread around an issue but heads full force into the problem.

Where some people struggle to tell the truth, even when it is hard, he isn’t that person. He thinks logically and his mean exterior is often just brutal honesty they aren’t used to.

For Gordon Ramsay, the rage and everything that comes with it is just a means of getting his point across. It’s fairly effective if you consider his success.

8. The Mean Is What You See

When you look closely at the shows that Gordon is a part of, take note that it isn’t always just screaming and cussing. Sure, those are a part of the show but there is more to it.

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When he has been interviewed about this, he points out that there are many great days and calm days too. But the problem is that we don’t notice those as much as the anger.

The drama is always more attractive because we thrive on the activity. This makes us less likely to recognize that there are just as many times he is kind.

9. It’s A Passionate Approach

Finally, what comes across to the world as being mean could instead be identified as passion on behalf of Gordon Ramsay.

Turn on one of the shows and let’s see if we can differentiate how many times the outbursts are anger and how many times they are acts of passion. There is a difference.

While he appears mean because of the passionate behavior, it’s really not meanness. It’s his passion for the kitchen and the situation.

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Every show with Gordon Ramsay plays into the temper and the drama that he shows. But he is much more than what we see on those shows.

Remember that the camera catches what the audience wants to see. There is more to Gordon Ramsay than his passion in the kitchen.


  • Maisie Hughes

    Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

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