Why Do People Hate BTS? (11 Reasons Why)

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BTS is a South Korean boy band, and they are the reason why the genre of K-Pop has made its way into the United States. They are one of the most popular bands out there.

As with any group, some people don’t like BTS. You might wonder – why do people hate BTS? Are there any good reasons for people to be against the talented group of guys?

Why Do People Hate BTS?

1. They’re Popular

There will always be people that hate bands or singers because they are popular. These individuals want to be different and show distaste for something others enjoy.

These people are often haters of other celebrities. They want to seem like they are not like other people, regardless of whether or not they enjoy the presented artist. They’re popular, after all.

In time, many of these haters will grow to admit that they love BTS. There are a lot of people who hate BTS because they are one of the most popular bands out there. It’s a crazy rationale.

2. The Name Translation

The real name of BTS is another reason why many hate the band. It stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translates to the phrase “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in English.

It’s not difficult to see why the name is controversial. BTS chose this name to block out “stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim at adolescents like bullets”.

Still, bullets and children aren’t an ideal combination. The name has drawn controversy from critics of the popular band. The lengthened name isn’t one everyone adores. BTS is the best.

3. They’re Similar to Another Group

There is another group known as Big Bang. They never became quite as popular as BTS. Unfortunately, many hate BTS for claiming similarities to this K-Pop band on the market.

The groups do look pretty similar. From style to the music, there are many ways to mistake one band for the other as they perform. They have many items that pull them together.

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The worst part of the similarities is the fandom. Both groups have constantly attacked each other for years – perhaps a reason for hate of BTS from some people in the fandom.

4. K-Pop Isn’t For Everyone

Like country and rap, some types of music will never receive love from some people. Many individuals hate K-Pop because they don’t like the sound it produces for their ears.

K-Pop typically has an upbeat tone with beats that make it possible to dance. The songs are catchy and possess choruses that are easy to sing along with on the radio.

Not everyone likes the upbeat catchiness of K-Pop, and that’s okay. Music is subjective, and BTS is not exempt from that judgment despite its uniqueness in the market.

5. The Fandom is Too Much

The fandom for any band can be a lot, but the fandom attached to BTS is particularly aggressive. Some people hate the group for the fans attached to them.

Unfortunately, the years have brought some aggressive fans to light. Many BTS fans have drawn away from the band thanks to these individuals and their words.

Fans don’t speak for the band but can cause others to hate them. BTS has many haters as a result of those who love them. It’s an unfortunate issue with music.

6. Overplayed Songs

Overplayed Songs

Some songs are overplayed by BTS, particularly their most popular numbers. If these play on the radio too much, they might cause people to hate the sound after a while.

Unfortunately, the radio tends to play the same songs over and over again. Hearing one BTS song eight times an hour could drive anyone away from adoration of the band.

Many are BTS haters because they have heard a few songs a million times. They’re tired of the basic offerings the radio exposes them to daily, far too many times for anyone to love.

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7. Gentle Masculinity

As terrible as it might be, some can’t handle visible, gentle masculinity. BTS is a band full of men that often present as softer in their actions, which many have trouble with.

There’s a touch of softness that comes with the ferocity of BTS. While many adore the gentleness, others aren’t such big fans of the mixed personalities in this band.

Those that like heavy metal bands aren’t likely to be huge fans of BTS, and that’s okay. They are a band that might not fit everyone’s tastes, like any other music group today.

8. Too Many People

There are multiple people in BTS. Some don’t like the band because they find it difficult to follow every single dancer and singer that makes up the band on a stage. There are many parts.

It can be difficult to keep track of every BTS member. Many are more comfortable following one singer, knowing their name, and ensuring they know who to watch.

BTS provides tons of movement and art that isn’t common in the states. Not everyone is drawn to this change and seeks to view something that is much less complex.

9. Dance Numbers

Dance isn’t for everyone, and BTS is a group that makes dance a huge part of who they are. This action can invoke too much of a musical feeling for some, emblematic of Broadway.

One of the biggest parts of BTS is their dance numbers. Not everyone is a fan – some just want a band that sings, not performers in the traditional sense of the Western world.

Many hate BTS for their dance numbers. They’re flashy, exciting, and well-choreographed – not something that fits well with every taste. Some hate the dances with a passion.

10. They Are Intimidated

It’s easy to be intimidated by a band filled with powerful men, particularly those who are talented. Some hate BTS because they are intimidated by what they do for a living.

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Several men singing and dancing in unison. It’s easy to see why any hater would be intimidated by all that BTS is capable of on a stage with their voices and limbs. They’re incredible.

Unfortunately, intimidation can drive a person to hate. It’s easy to be jealous – BTS is incredible at what they do and ensures you know that with every performance.

11. Haters Like to Hate

There will always be people that like to hate. They choose to loathe things just because they are available to loathe. Many like these hate BTS for no good reason.

Some people enjoy hating and seek to make it part of their personality. Most of this action is to stand out from people and look different from the average crowd of music lovers.

This action results in negativity that can be frustrating to handle. These people typically know nothing about the band – only that they hate them more than they should.

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BTS is a popular band, and they have made quite an impact on society. They are talented. BTS works hard to sing and dance as they produce content for loyal followers.

Unfortunately, many people hate BTS. They might hate due to popularity, they might be intimidated, and they may hate to hate. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.


  • Freya Crawford

    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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