Why Do People Hate Justin Bieber? (11 Reasons Why)

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Justin Bieber is a household name, and he has been in the mainstream media for more than ten years. Men, women, and children listen to his music and attend his concerts regularly.

Why do people hate Justin Bieber? What is it about this celebrity that has caused so many people to feel negatively towards him? What are the things that make people dislike him?

Why Do People Hate Justin Bieber?

1. He’s Popular

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Some people will always hate people simply because they are more well-known to people worldwide.

The singer’s career began in 2010 when the singer was just sixteen years old. Now, twelve years later, he still produces music and is well-known.

The longevity of Justin Bieber’s popularity is something to behold. It’s also something to hate for those less popular, often young guys finding themselves in the world.

2. He Values Style Over Substance

Time has proven that Bieber tends to value style over substance. His swagger and clothes are much better than the music he produces, and the way he talks to people doesn’t help.

Justin Bieber concerts are also full of lights and dance moves that seem to distract the audience from the singing and the lyrics. Of course, there are still people who know.

Many hate Justin Bieber because he doesn’t make meaningful items that have an impact on the world. All he knows to do is produce content and an image that looks good.

That’s now a bad thing for everyone. However, it’s a reason why many people hate him.

3. He Has Many Female Fans

Let’s face it – some guys hate Justin Bieber because he has a ton of female fans. They want the same attention directed at themselves and hate him because of it.

The female Justin Bieber fans are older now, and many still love him. He’s a married man and has worked on himself to become a more mature version of what he once was.

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Many fans hate him because he still has a ton of female fans. It can be frustrating for guys to deal with the fact that many women won’t let go of this man and his popularity.

4. He Has An Attitude

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber has a bit of an attitude. He’s been known to speak to people in a harsh manner, including paparazzi and interviewers. It doesn’t come off well.

Of course, it’s tricky to handle the spotlight as a celebrity. He was bombarded by photographers left and right. His attitude, in this case, was very justified.

Unfortunately, his past is riddled with drinking and drug abuse. Although he was in a dark spot, many still hate him for this time.

Now, Justin Bieber is working on his life. Justin Bieber now is one less hateable than the one from ten years ago.

5. He Has A Crime History

Seven years ago, Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence. This crime is a dangerous one, and an issue that has caused many accidental deaths a year.

Driving under the influence is something no one should do. It slows reaction time, destroys processing, and has led to many deaths over the years. It’s stupid.

Many people have lost family or friends due to someone driving under the influence. After that much pain, it’s tricky to forgive someone for partaking in this particular crime.

6. He Abandoned A Pet

He Abandoned A Pet

Justin Bieber received a monkey as a birthday pet. At an airport in Germany, it was seized. Instead of claiming the monkey with paperwork, he abandoned it to customs.

After the monkey was abandoned for some time, Germany gave it to the zoo. The monkey went from a comfortable home life to one in a zoo across the country.

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Humanity is not a fan of abandoning pets, especially adorable ones. Many people hate Justin Bieber for his irresponsible actions with his pet monkey.

7. He Makes Pop Music

Pop music is a category that many hate. Here, you will find artists such as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars. Justin Bieber makes a genre of music many hate.

There are many other types of music out there – country, rock, rap, instrumental, and much more. Pop music is at the bottom of many peoples’ lists.

Pop music is the genre that plays all the time on the radio. People hate Bieber’s music because it is everywhere they turn on the radio.

8. He’s Older Now

Justin Bieber was most prevalent when he just started in the music industry. He was young, and his fans were even younger. Now, he’s aging out of the fan range that once loved him.

There are many who, for some reason, cannot fathom the idea that Justin Bieber is getting older. They choose to hate him because he isn’t the older version of himself.

Now that he is older, many men also see that Justin Bieber is a credible threat to them in the world. For that reason, they choose to hate him.

9. People Hate To Hate

There will always be people that hate someone just to hate someone. Some individuals choose to hate Justin Bieber just because they want to stand out from the crowd.

People who hate to hate will find anything they can to call out the person they loathe. If Justin Bieber adopts a different hair color, these people will find something wrong with that.

Anyone who has a shred of fame will experience these types of people in their lives. No matter what Justin Bieber does, they will find a way to hate him.

10. He’s Successful

Some people struggle with success and choose to take their anger out on those who have done better in the world. Many people hate Justin Bieber because he is successful.

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Unlike many celebrities, Justin Bieber’s celebrity has not faded over time. Today, he has a net worth of about $285,000,000. He is just as successful as ever.

Many people cannot handle the success of someone who, in their eyes, does not seem worthy of the title. Individuals loathe Justin Bieber because he won the game.

11. He’s Mean To Fans

Justin Bieber has gotten better, but he doesn’t have a great track record with fans. He’s spat on them, swung at them, and talked in a manner no one should have to endure from an idol.

Despite the abuse he’s inflicted on fans, there are still many who love him. They push his faults to the side and continue to support his music and the future of his career.

Still, many ex-fans won’t let the fan abuse go – as they shouldn’t. There’s no excuse for a celebrity performing acts of cruelty such as spitting, hitting, and yelling at fans.

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Although many love Justin Bieber, many hate him. There are plenty of reasons – he’s older now, successful, abandoned a pet, and hasn’t been the best to fans.

No matter what he’s done, it’s critical to remember that Justin Bieber is a human being and a celebrity. He’s not perfect, and neither are any of us.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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