Why Are Flights To Cabo So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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It’s no secret that Cabo San Lucas is a paradise for travelers. With its beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to this part of Mexico every year.

But many people don’t realize that Cabo, Mexico, also offers some of the most expensive flights in the world. Here’s what I’ve discovered why flying to Cabo is a sky-high cost!

Why Are Flights To Cabo So Expensive?

1.  Stunning Layoff Destination

Tourists who visit Cabo tend to stay longer than those who visit other towns in Mexico since they want to see more than just one thing at their location.

That said, Cabo San Lucas is particularly well-known for its live music at Sammy Hagar Cabo Wabo. In addition, tourists enjoy prestige nightlife such as The Cliff and Baja Beach Club.

Aside from that, travelers spend the entire day at Cerro de Las Antennas, which has biking and hiking trails that extend up into the mountainside woodlands.

With an inflow of individuals picking Cabo as their preferred destination, it’s simple to see why airlines would raise airplane ticket costs as the law of supply and demand dictates.

2. Visiting On A Peak Season

Since the 1980s, the number of tourists visiting the area has increased tremendously, which is expected to continue.

During peak seasons, the beach area attracts many visitors, including migratory humpback whales from December to March and gray whales from July to September.

So, although it might seem like a bargain at first glance, paying extra for peak season flights doesn’t save you money—it just means you’re getting those experiences at a higher price.

3. Selected Airline

First, flying with an international airline will cost you more money because there are so many different airlines and locations.

Second, overseas flights are typically more expensive than domestic flights due to higher costs such as fuel, labor, and infrastructure charges.

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Finally, because there are so many various airlines in the sector, it can be difficult for consumers to determine which one would provide them with the best value.

Overall, prestige carriers, such as KLM and Virgin Atlantic, may charge higher fares for Cabo flights.

4. Hike In Oil Price

According to Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss, flight prices will rise as airlines face growing labor expenses, supply chain bottlenecks, and the cost of being environmentally friendly.

Additionally, he stated that inflationary expenses are a huge problem for airlines and everyone in the sector.

As a result, airlines must raise their costs to balance the expense of gasoline, making it more difficult for people who cannot afford a journey to top destinations such as Cabo, Mexico.

5. Increasing Labor Costs

Based on Bloomberg, labor prices increased by 4.5% yearly, while the highest rate was over two decades.

Still, not only are wages raising the cost of labor but so are material prices and ongoing supply chain issues.

As a result, airlines can achieve this by lowering the personnel needed to execute their obligations.

Additionally, it balances the higher labor costs associated with flying out of Cabo, Mexico, which would ultimately make consumer tickets on these airlines’ flights more expensive.

6. Marlin Capital Of The World

6. Marlin Capital Of The World

If you want to go fishing all year, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is the place to be. Also, this city is known as the “Marlin capital of the world” because of its abundance of marlin populations.

That said, Cabo San Lucas hosts some of the world’s most well-known sports fishing, and most of the competitions are held in October.

Along with these costly hobbies and tournaments, increased demand for flying to this city is an additional expense.

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7. Climate

On scorching days, airlines frequently limit the weight of a flight by reducing the number of passengers or limiting the plane’s cargo load.

Thus, extreme heat can cause airlines to cancel flights in rare instances. One fact is that Cabo is located in a tropical climate that is usually sunny all year.

As a result, you only notice clouds lingering over the coast during storms that land on both sides of the region.

When hurricanes or tropical storms pass through the atmosphere, they can disrupt local flight schedules and increase expenses for travelers who choose to fly into these locations.

8. Cost Of Living

Los Cabos is home to the most luxury hotels and resorts, exceptional spas, award-winning restaurants, top-ranked golf courses, incredible tours, activities, and experiences.

Also, it is known as Mexico’s most expensive city because it is located at the tip of a peninsula, almost as if you were living on an island.

As a result, the delivery of things such as furniture can be more expensive.

While the cost of living in Mexico City isn’t as high as in other major cities worldwide, flying to this suburb can still be quite pricey.

9. Contiguity To The US

Mexico and the United States are nearby; in particular, much of the US can be accessed in under two hours from major international airports, and you may drive across the border.

Moreover, it is straightforward for customers to fly there from their home nation, making it more appealing for them and airlines, who may charge more for their services due to the popularity of these great places among tourists globally.

It’s not just any city; it’s an expensive city near the two country’s borders.

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10. Departure Location

Location is essential for flight costs to Cabo; the further you are from the city, the more expensive your plane ticket will be.

However, there are times when flight tickets are more costly, even though these locations are closer to Cabo.

It’s not just the nautical mile distance between airports that determines how much it costs to get there; it’s also the type of plane they use, where they land, and when they arrive in Cabo.

11. Baggage Allowance

Cabo is a popular tourist destination, and visitors’ goal is to relax and enjoy themselves while on vacation; therefore, they typically bring a lot of luggage.

Thus, making it more expensive, especially if they have a lot of luggage to check in.

Although many visitors are drawn to this location because of its laid-back atmosphere and stunning beaches, they frequently overlook that bringing extra luggage is an added expense!

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Cabo is increasingly recognized as one of Mexico’s most gorgeous towns.

Because it is the most popular international destination, it is understandable that flights are expensive, especially during peak season.

Finally, if you want a holiday destination that is easy to get to, full of activities, and in the mainstream scenery, Cabo is the place to go!


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    Morgan Stephens has been to 43 countries and counting, and he's never content to stay in one place for too long. Right now, he's living in South Korea, but he's always on the lookout for his next adventure.

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