Why Are Flights To Mexico So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Mexico is one of the first countries to boast about its rich culture and beautiful cities. However, Mexico is not always the cheapest destination when it comes to flights. In fact, flights to Mexico are notoriously expensive.

It is no secret that flights to Mexico are expensive. However, what makes them so expensive? Here’s what I’ve discovered!

Why Are Flights To Mexico So Expensive?

Flights to Mexico are expensive because it is a popular travel destination for tourists, especially from the US. In addition, the high cost of oil has sent shockwaves through the airline industry. The price of oil has risen sharply over the past year, and airlines have been forced to raise their fares.

Let’s look at the reasons for this and other troublesome aspects of Mexico’s travel industry, so keep on reading!

1. Mexico Is A Tourist Destination Country

With over 20 million tourists from around the globe visiting every year, Mexico’s tourism industry is booming, and airlines are competing for their business.

That said, Mexico is the number one tourist destination in South America and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Therefore, as the number of flights to Mexico increases, so does the number of people who want to take those flights.

Additionally, when there are more tourists than usual in a country, airlines can charge them more money for flights because they know they’ll be able to fill seats at those higher prices.

2. Spike In Aviation Turbine Fuel

According to Mint News Article, airfares may rise further in the coming days due to the new increase in jet fuel prices, as airlines pass on the increased cost to passengers.

In fact, airfares ascend as aviation turbine fuel prices rise by 18%. Currently, airlines have limited pricing flexibility due to fierce competition and passenger volume still in recovery mode.

To compensate for these costs, airlines have increased their fares on routes that require long-haul flights over water, such as flights from New York City to cities throughout Mexico.

3. Mexican Peso Is Getting Stronger

In recent decades, the Mexican peso has evolved from a mere national currency to a formidable international financial instrument.

Usually, Mexico has higher interest rates than the US, attracting investment capital into higher-yielding Mexican government bonds that sustain the carry trade.

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In addition, many Mexican goods are produced using imported inputs, making them more expensive than they would be.

Inevitably, it can lead to inflationary pressure within Mexico and make it less attractive for tourists to visit because they are expected to pay more for flights, hotels, and restaurants.

4. High Season & Holiday Breaks

Mexico is home to several events and celebrations throughout the year that draw crowds and cause airlines to raise prices on tickets because they know people will be traveling.

For example, vacationers flock to the beaches of Mexico from June to September, the summer and warmest season of all; airlines know that people want to get there, so they charge more.

Also, celebrations and events can contribute to higher flight prices, such as Carnival, which runs from February through March.

Further, these festivities include music, dancing in costumes, parades with floats, and other activities that draw crowds from all over Mexico.

Moreover, no one can stop travelers from spending a little extra on flights just to be present at these events!

5. Immigration Control

The pandemic policy has reshaped immigration enforcement at the US/Mexico border and has made it more difficult for people to enter or leave the country.

Previously, only a small number of people were required to undergo face-to-face interviews at international airports to enter the United States.

However, airlines have struggled to move their passengers around and increase their costs by forcing them to pay higher fees for each passenger they carry.

Additionally, all tourists and business visitors arriving in Mexico are charged a fee of roughly $25, adding up to the airport expenses fee when traveling.

6. Geographical Location

6. Geographical Location

Mexico is located between Canada and South America and has a lot of competition from those two places for tourists.

Also, it’s located on the Pacific Ocean, which means long-haul flights are required to get there.

That said, the fact that many airlines don’t offer direct flights to Mexico drives up prices.

For example, you have to change planes in other countries before arriving at your destination, which adds extra time and expense to your journey.

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Therefore, if you’re flying from an airport far away from your home countries, such as Australia or Europe, you’ll need a visa before you fly into Mexico—and those can be pricey too!

7. Legendary Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is known worldwide for its stunning white sand beaches, fascinating turquoise blue sea, superb nightlife, and culture, making it one of the most visited destinations in Mexico.

Therefore, flights to Cancun are becoming more expensive as demand for the renowned Mexican Caribbean vacation grows.

Additionally, airline tickets aren’t the only thing Cancun visitors can expect to pay extra for, as hotel prices in Cancun and the Riviera Maya are rising.

That said, as more and more people realize how amazing it is to visit Cancun, they’ll start booking flights there in droves. More people will want to see what all the hype is about!

8. COVID-19 Movement Restriction

The CDC has put a movement restriction preventing anyone from traveling to or from Mexico unless they have a confirmed appointment with a healthcare provider not in the US.

That said, these alerts and advisories have increased since the beginning of 2020.

As you can imagine, it makes it more difficult for some Americans to visit Mexico on vacation or business trips without running into issues with their employers or health insurance providers.

Essentially, the CDC has the power to shut down entire airports if they find something suspicious, so the airlines have been forced to raise prices on flights simply to cover their costs.

Moreover, the CDC continues to issue travel alerts and advisories for Mexico, making people think twice before traveling there.

9. Different Time Zone

Mexico is currently on CDT (Central Daylight Time), which is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time.

For instance, if you’re flying from New York to Los Angeles and then to Mexico City, and then returning home from Mexico City to New York, you will travel through three different time zones.

As a result, flying appears to be more expensive since airlines must pay more flight attendants and pilots during nocturnal hours when they are not carrying as many passengers.

Therefore, airlines have to pay for fuel costs associated with flying during those overnight hours—and those costs add up quickly!

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10. Mexico As Going Global

Three industries have contributed significantly to Mexico’s manufacturing growth: automotive, aerospace, and medical devices.

Also, foreign direct investment in these industries, as well as the Mexican government’s response, have created a climate in which practically any industrial business can prosper.

As a result, Mexico’s manufacturing growth has led to an increase in jobs, which has led to a rise in demand for travel.

Undoubtedly, more people are coming to Mexico to buy products made there, and more people are visiting Mexico specifically to purchase these essential goods.

Moreover, while all this growth is great news for Mexico, it can make flying there quite expensive!

11. Type Of Airline Selected

Long haul airliners like Aeromexico or United Airlines will often charge more for a ticket because they provide a higher level of service for passengers.

Essentially, convenience matters when planning your trip.

For example, you’ll probably want to get there quickly without having to switch planes multiple times or wait around at the airport for hours before boarding time arrives.

That said, these flights tend to cost more per person than budget flights do—but if you’re looking for comfort during your journey, then it might just be worth the price!

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In today’s world of high travel costs, the reason flights to Mexico are so expensive includes a surge in demand and the high volatility of fuel prices.

It is not something you would think twice about — but when you look at other countries in the Americas, it’s pretty clear that Mexico is an island of high prices for tourist attractions.


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    Morgan Stephens has been to 43 countries and counting, and he's never content to stay in one place for too long. Right now, he's living in South Korea, but he's always on the lookout for his next adventure.

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