Why Are Americans So Rude? (11 Reasons Why)

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Jean Richardson is a lover of knowledge, in all forms. He has spent over 15 years as a high school teacher, instructing students in history, geography, mathematics, and more.

Whether you live in another country or came from another, you may have noticed that Americans act differently. Some might be ruder than you would expect from a polite person.

Why are Americans so rude? What is it about them that makes them this way? Are all Americans rude, or is it just a select few with this rationale all the time?

Why Are Americans So Rude?

1. They Ignore Culture

Americans, especially those on vacation, tend to ignore the culture around them. They are there to relax, and nothing else matters. It’s their world and they feel like they are in charge.

Europeans have a different culture than Africans, and those in Mexico are different from people who occupy Canada. Many Americans don’t realize how these vary around the world.

If Americans took the time to pay attention to the culture, they would understand what they were doing wrong. Unfortunately, they don’t and tend to come off rude.

America is not big on teaching about the cultures of other locations. They might be rude, but it wasn’t intentional rudeness. They weren’t taught to address their ignorance growing up.

2. They Don’t Study the Location

Before visiting another spot, many Americans don’t study where they travel. They might not be aware of customs or polite actions in the place they head to on a trip.

Google is a resource that has made information readily available to anyone who seeks it. Americans have access to knowledge but don’t take the time to look it up beforehand.

A little studying would open the eyes of Americans and allow them to interact better with people from other cultures. This lack of information can come off as rude to others.

3. American Hustle Culture

America is a world where everything moves at the speed of light. As a result, Americans tend to be on the move. They won’t hesitate to sprint past slow citizens.

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If Americans have a place to go on a trip, they will get there no matter what. Vacation is a time when you will see families sprinting down the sidewalk to make their tour.

Locals strolling down the sidewalk might be overwhelmed by the rudeness. It’s not intentional – they come from a culture where speed is a priority in every aspect of life.

4. Social Media Awareness

Social media is the center of many lives, and that’s especially true for those in America. There’s a career potential centered around marketing yourself as a person.

On vacation, you may encounter tourists that take pictures in illegal places or take up unnecessary space they should not. Many Americans prioritize images over other lives.

This lack of awareness of other people is an irritating form of rudeness. America is a digital country, and the desire to foster an image, even on vacation, is a pain to handle.

5. America is a Melting Pot

America has many different people from varying walks of life. There are constant clashes of culture and religion as more and more people enter the country and settle down.

As someone from another country, you may encounter different types of Americans. Someone from Southern California will not be the same as someone from North Dakota.

The melting pot also contributes to different values, customs, and behaviors. Some Americans know how to behave outside the country, while others can’t figure it out.

6. Poor Food

Poor Food

Poor food makes many Americans feel worse than they should, and it contributes to a lot of morbid obesity. The unhealthier a person, the unhappier they become in a public setting.

Bad food can cause a person to feel bad about themselves, from bloating to bad bathroom visits and everything in between. What you eat shapes who you are in the day.

A clash of American food with the cuisine can also prove to be an issue for Americans. Eating gross food can ruin a trip and make Americans seem rude.

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7. Lack of Exercise

There are many Americans who don’t exercise regularly. As a result, a stroll around another country might be a nightmare. They could be rude because they are uncomfortable.

If you have ever been uncomfortable and sweaty, you can understand the potential rudeness of Americans. Nothing is worse than feeling like you can’t do anything about your state.

Many Americans who can afford to travel don’t take care of themselves. As a result, they can come off as rude in the simplest moments, such as ordering.

8. Miniscule History Compared to Others

Unlike the rest of the world, America isn’t very old. There is no deep, ingrained sense of self – just a mix of people. It makes the country special, but people here can also seem rude.

The young age of America means there are very few ingrained items throughout the country. Unlike places such as France, kids are not taught cultural values as often as other locations.

This lack of education can cause rudeness in other countries. Americans aren’t linked to a deep-rooted history and ancestors like Europeans, Africans, and South Americans are.

9. Lack of Specific American Culture

There is not one specific culture that makes up the majority of Americans. Everyone varies in beliefs, parenting tactics, food ingested, and much more.

Americans can come off as rude because no two Americans are alike. There is no etiquette and are few rules Americans take with them as they travel to other places.

A lack of culture is drastically different from the rest of the world, where history has grown for a long time. The lack of American culture leads to rude interactions in other countries.

10. Different Customs

Different countries mean different customs. An American might not be trying to be rude, they’re just unaware of the customs that are deemed polite in this country or home.

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For instance, it’s commonplace for people in Italy to kiss each other on the cheeks when they greet each other. An American would not be familiar with this and could ignore it by accident.

Many people from other countries are not willing to help Americans understand customs. Their lack of understanding can come off as rude to many people around the world.

11. Wealthy Visitors

Many visitors that have the money to travel are wealthy. They live different lives than the middle class of the country, so their behavior is ruder than less wealthy Americans.

There is a difference between those who are wealthy and those who grew up wealthy. Those who have always been around a ton of money tend to be ruder than those who worked for it.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of Americans who travel to other countries is those with a lot of money. Thus, those from other countries get a strained, rude perspective of Americans.

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If you live in a tourist area of another country or visit the USA, you might notice that many citizens of the US are rude. This could be due to items like varying customers and poor food.

Whatever the case, it’s critical to note that not all Americans are the same. There are kind people too, those who research customs ahead of time. There’s lots to love.


  • Jean Richardson

    Jean Richardson is a lover of knowledge, in all forms. He has spent over 15 years as a high school teacher, instructing students in history, geography, mathematics, and more.

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