Why Are Koreans So Beautiful? (11 Reasons Why)

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Every time you see Koreans on social media, on shows, and just in general, they seem so beautiful. Their skin is so flawless, and they seem picture perfect no matter what they do.

Koreans’ beauty is a big part of their culture, and it is important to society as a whole. You see this reflected in their beauty products and what is available. Here are all of the reasons why they are so beautiful.

Why Are Koreans So Beautiful?

1. Their Beauty Standard Is High

Koreans’ beauty standards are quite high. Society as a whole tries to achieve natural beauty through dieting, working out, and different types of beauty products.

Their beauty is so high that they expect women to be petite and skinny with a small face. So many young women and girls thrive for this.

Men are also expected to have flawless skin and shouldn’t be overweight. It is normal to see men using skin care products to keep this look.

Their standards are so high that it can be considered toxic. Even with a little extra weight, society as a whole are okay with patronizing that person. They see it as unhealthy.

The celebrities, idols, and models are the representation of these high standards. Women with small faces and petite bodies while men are tall, lean, and strong jaws.

2. Their Beauty Products Are Next Level

Because their beauty standards are high, they ensure that their beauty products are next level. Korean companies take care to create products that will make Koreans look younger longer.

Not only that, there are a variety of beauty products that fit your specific needs. You don’t have to settle for one beauty product because there are just so many options.

Even with their products being next level, they are affordable too. You don’t have to break the bank buying all these products. The prices are affordable and does such wonders for your body.

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3. The Diet Culture

Koreans’ diet is much different than western diets, especially the diet in the United States. The U.S. has a lot of processed foods with chemicals that are banned in many other countries.

It is common to find soups and lighter foods for breakfast than the hardy eggs, meat, and potatoes. There are so many vegetable side dishes that are healthy and outstanding.

You will also find that portion sizes in Korea are much smaller than in the United States. Although diets do occur in the U.S., it is easier to choose processed foods here.

4. Makeup Does Wonders

Makeup can be found everywhere so why is Korea any different? Their standards for beauty when it comes to make up is often more natural than western cultures.

This doesn’t mean that every eastern culture uses a more natural make up style, it just means that Koreans tend to lean more towards accentuating natural beauty.

They invest in the best products that won’t damage their skin. There are even many products that the U.S. uses but are banned in Korea due to chemicals in them.

Koreans will ensure that they are using healthy and hydrating products that won’t harm or irritate their skin. This reflects their beauty standard when it comes to protecting their skin.

5. Plastic Surgery Is Readily Available

Koreans are often seen as flawlessly beautiful but it isn’t always natural. Plastic surgery is readily available. You can find small clinics all over Korea.

Yes, there is that standard that one must be naturally beautiful, but because of these high standards, some people choose to participate in plastic surgery.

Some popular plastic surgeries in Korea include the following:

  • Nose reduction
  • Upturned nose correction
  • Double eyelid
  • Jaw and face contouring
  • Face lifts

These are only among the many procedures that are often done in Korea. It isn’t abnormal to have Koreans participate in both small and larger surgeries to improve their beauty.

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6. Deep Cleanses

Deep Cleanses

Deep cleanses are important to do before using makeup. It is part of their routine. Often their deep cleanse looks like the following:

  • First cleanse: removing impurities.
  • Second cleanse: massage with oil cleanser to remove oil-based impurities.
  • Third cleanse: cleansing foam to remove water-based impurities.

This is all done before putting on makeup every single time. It is important to better one’s complexion and make sure your face is clean for the makeup.

7. Products Focus On Hydration

Any and almost all skin care products focuses on hydration rather than stripping your face of impurities. This means adding oils and other things that keep the moisture in your skin.

Often many western products has alcohol, which causes your skin to dry out and can be more damaging than making your skin last longer. It can even irritate your skin.

Their products have oils or even ingredients like snail mucin. Snail musin moisturizes your skin and promotes skin healing and regeneration. It makes you look younger and your skin more taut.

8. Fashion Is A Must

Fashion is important in Korean culture, even when wearing work out clothes and things like sweats. It is often quite cute and matching with each other.

Even just going out to the grocery store, Koreans will look fashionable. They take care of not only their beauty products but their entire appearance.

9. Skin Care Routine Is Important

Koreans take extra care when it comes to their skin care routine. Not only do they do deep cleanses before putting on makeup but they participate in many routines.

They wash their face, moisturize it, cleanse it, and so much more. They even ensure that they are using products that don’t dry out their skin. Even their soap is made to hydrate.

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Toners, exfoliating creams, sleeping packs, and so much more are a part of the skincare routine. Skincare is a big part of their daily life, showing how they value their beauty.

10. The Importance Of Masks

Masks are important in the daily routine for skincare. It is important to use masks to keep your skin hydrated and so this is why they are important in Korean culture.

There are so many types of masks, potato, cucumber, and sheet masks. Koreans like to make homemade masks or buy them. Whichever they prefer, but they use them all the time.

There are masks for your hands, feet, face, under the eyes and so many more! The beauty and health of your skin does not stop with your face.

11. The Innovation In Beauty

Because beauty is of such importance within Korean culture, they are constantly creating new and improved beauty products. They are making their products better and more efficient.

Not only are they making innovative beauty products, they are making new tools and procedures to help with your beauty. They find new, interesting ways to improve your look.

There are things like face rollers, LED masks, and so much more. Companies search for the new innovative way to keep that youthful and dewy glow.


Korean beauty is the next level. It seems like everyone attains such flawless beauty, but remember, this comes with a lot of investment.

Koreans invest in their skincare routine, beauty products, and makeup in a way that many western cultures do not. But, you too can begin investing in your skincare routine for beauty.


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    Jean Richardson is a lover of knowledge, in all forms. He has spent over 15 years as a high school teacher, instructing students in history, geography, mathematics, and more.

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