Why Is Tinder Gold So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Tinder is an app that lets people worldwide connect by matching with people. While Tinder is free for anyone to download and use, the app has special features that can only be accessed when you get Tinder Gold.

If you wanted to try Tinder Gold but saw the price, you may be wondering why Tinder Gold is so expensive. I did some digging, and here is what I found!

Why Is Tinder Gold So Expensive?

Tinder Gold is expensive because Tinder needs to profit since it is a business. Tinder Gold is costly since Tinder needs to use its money to pay for its 750 employees. Plus, Tinder Gold is expensive since the basic Tinder app is free, letting users have the option to pay for exclusive features.

Are you interested in learning more facts about why Tinder Gold costs that much? I compiled a list of reasons why below, so read on!

1. It Pays For The Staff

Tinder is a huge app that various people created, and each person that works for Tinder needs to be compensated.

So far, it is estimated that Tinder currently has 750 employees that work hard to keep the app functioning for its users, so each employee must be paid fairly.

Moreover, Tinder has over 75 million active users, which means that Tinder will likely have to hire more employees, contributing to Tinder Gold’s price.

2. Tinder Does Not Have That Many Ads

Tinder does contain ads, but Tinder does not have that many ads. Plus, Tinder does not actually earn that much money from having ads on its platforms.

Therefore, Tinder has to look for other forms of revenue to keep the app running, which will make Tinder Gold more expensive.

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3. Unlimited Swipes

Typically, the main benefit of Tinder is that you can swipe left or right on a person, and you can swipe right to match with them.

However, the basic version of Tinder only comes with a limited number of right swipes, which is 100 right swipes every 12 hours.

But, when you pay the extra price for Tinder Gold, you get unlimited right swipes for the entire time that you are subscribed.

4. Tinder Needs To Make A Profit

Like any company, Tinder is still a business, so Tinder needs a way to make a profit by monetizing its platform accordingly.

Generally, Tinder will make very little profit from other revenue streams, such as advertisements on its app, so Tinder will focus on its subscribers for money.

5. Marketing

Marketing can help make products or services look more expensive, which is what Tinder utilizes to help make Tinder Gold pricier.

For instance, Tinder’s marketers will put most of their advertising efforts into showing off the benefits of Tinder Gold.

Also, another example is how marketers state that Tinder is a place where you can find love, making Tinder Gold more interesting for anyone who wants to find the right match fast.

However, one marketing technique that Tinder uses is word of mouth, which means that if a person’s friend says they have Tinder Gold, others will likely subscribe.

6. Offering Instant Gratification

6. Offering Instant Gratification

Instant gratification is an instant selling point for most products and services since most people want to feel instantly happy once they pay for it.

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For instance, Tinder offers instant gratification by showing the user when they get a match. However, some people may need to wait until they find someone they like.

Therefore, Tinder Gold offers a premium feature that allows Gold users to see a list of people who have already swiped right on them.

That way, you can look through who already likes you and swipe right on the people you like to get an instant match.

Essentially, this allows you to avoid scrolling through the stack of people and swiping until you find a potential match.

7. Free Boosts

Usually, the free Tinder app can get a bit dull for people when they have to wait for someone to match with them.

However, Tinder offers its Gold and Platinum users a free Boost that makes your profile ten times more visible for 30 minutes.

Further, this is excellent since Tinder Gold allows you to see who likes you and makes it a tempting subscription, making it more expensive.

8. Rewind

Generally, the basic Tinder app does not let you go back to a profile if you already swiped left on them.

That said, Tinder Gold can be priced so high because Tinder Gold will allow people to see the profile before it disappears for a long time.

Usually, Tinder is aware that its user base wants to find a good match, so the company can charge a lot for Tinder Gold for people to swipe back on the profile.

9. Tinder Passport

Typically, Tinder only allows you to see potential matches within 100 miles since Tinder’s primary goal is to find people near you.

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However, people who travel often may want to meet new people before they arrive at their destination, which is what Tinder Passport is for.

Further, Tinder Passport is an exclusive feature that you can get via Tinder Gold to change your location to swipe in different cities and countries, which is why Tinder Gold is costly.

10. Super Likes

Usually, a basic Tinder user can have one Super Like a day, which increases your chances of being seen by someone you really like.

However, Tinder Gold is expensive because it allows Gold users to have up to five Super Likes a day.

11. Top Picks

Generally, you would have to swipe through tons of people’s profiles to see someone you might like, which can be tiresome for some people.

However, when you pay more for Tinder Gold, Tinder curates a list of ten people you would probably like based on your profile information.

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Tinder Gold is expensive because Tinder has to hire a multitude of employees to keep the app functioning.

Moreover, Tinder is still a company that needs to make a profit, which adds to the cost of Tinder Gold.

Plus, Tinder entices its user base by offering various features with Tinder Gold, which makes people willing to pay for it.


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