Why Is Pokémon Platinum So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Pokémon is one of the most successful brands in the world, and with a long list of top-rating games, Pokémon Platinum has continued to make waves since its launch in September 2008.

If you are nostalgic for Pokémon Platinum, a quick search in online retail stores might leave you wondering why Pokémon Platinum is still so expensive. Here is what I found!

Why Is Pokémon Platinum So Expensive?

Pokémon Platinum is so expensive because Pokémon is a massive global brand with a loyal following. Pokémon Platinum, in particular, is considered by many as a great game that features a battle frontier and a rare Pokémon called Giratina. Moreover, Pokémon Platinum has been discontinued, but its demand continues to rise.

If you are interested in learning more about Pokémon’s loyal followers and the features that make Pokémon Platinum such a great and expensive game, keep on reading!

1. Pokémon Is A Successful Brand

One of the main reasons behind Pokémon Platinum’s hefty price tag is the overall success of the Pokémon brand.

Whether old or new, Pokémon games continue to appeal to children and adults who grew up playing the series and collecting related merchandise.

Also, Pokémon Platinum was a successful product, with over 6.39 million copies sold worldwide within a year of its release.

As such, it is no surprise that despite Pokémon Platinum’s age and outdated graphics, Pokémon Platinum can still fetch a high price.

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2. Pokémon Has A Massive & Loyal Fanbase

Pokémon has one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases. Naturally, this reliable fan base creates an inexhaustible market for games like Pokémon Platinum.

Moreover, this fanbase consists of teens, Gen Z, and even Millennials who might be revisiting Pokémon Platinum or playing the games for the first time.

Moreover, both pursuits generate a steady enthusiasm for Pokémon Platinum, even after Pokémon Platinum has been discontinued. As such, Pokémon Platinum prices remain high.

3. Pokémon Platinum Features Giratina

To the uninitiated, it must be explained that Giratina is one of the three Creation Trio and a legendary Pokémon. Essentially, to battle with and capture Giratina is a great honor.

That said, this is where Pokémon Platinum proves crucial to avid Pokémon gamers. In Pokémon Platinum, gamers can capture Giratina in one of its two forms.

Moreover, you can change Giratina’s form while in a distorted dimension. To top that off, the rest of the Creation Trio, Palkia and Dialga, can be captured in Pokémon Platinum too.

However, such a great opportunity comes with a price, and in Pokémon Platinum’s case, that price is high.

4. Pokémon Platinum Includes A Battle Frontier

A Battle Frontier is another feature that sets Pokémon Platinum apart from most Pokémon games. Through Battle Frontiers, players can battle Trainers and Frontier Brains.

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That said, this facility was first introduced in Pokémon Emerald and is accessible in Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

Also, since Battle Frontiers make the Pokémon gameplay more challenging and enjoyable, it is a feature that old and new Pokémon players value.

Consequently, this increases the cost of Pokémon Platinum.

5. Pokémon Platinum Is A DS Game

5. Pokémon Platinum Is A DS Game

Pokémon Platinum was designed as a DS game, and DS games, in general, are getting more and more expensive due to the rising popularity of retro games and consoles.

Incidentally, this rise in popularity coincides with the increasing rarity of DS games. Even with Pokémon Platinum’s popularity, it is not exempt from scarcity.

Therefore, to obtain a Pokémon Platinum in new, complete, or loose format, you will have to pay a hefty price.

6. Pokémon Platinum Has Long Been Discontinued

Pokémon Platinum is only a million dollars shy of becoming one of the top-selling Pokémon games of all time. Even then, Pokémon Platinum has been discontinued.

Apart from the absence of factory-produced games, online services for Pokémon Platinum ceased in 2014, depriving players of online battles and related Pokémon Platinum activities.

Mostly, this is to make way for better Pokémon games and to cater to the swift evolution of gaming consoles.

So, with no new Pokémon Platinum products being released and high demand for them, it is only reasonable that Pokémon Platinum is sold at a high price.

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7. Pokémon Platinum Markups Tend To Be High

Pokémon Platinum collectors and resellers know the value of Pokémon Platinum today. As such, you can expect that Pokémon Platinum will rarely be sold at a low price.

Also, depending on where you purchase Pokémon Platinum, the markup can be reasonable or shockingly extravagant.

Moreover, any shipping fee can further increase the final cost of your purchase.

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Pokémon Platinum is a Nintendo DS game still fetching high prices today. Generally, this is driven by renewed interest in retro games, and Pokémon Platinum counts as one.

Furthermore, Pokémon Platinum features a legendary Pokémon called Giratina and allows you to battle and capture the rest of the Creation Trio.

Additionally, Pokémon Platinum has been discontinued for several years, limiting supplies.

With the increase in demand for Pokémon Platinum, it is no wonder why Pokémon Platinum is expensive.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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