Why Is Grammarly So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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People often associate Grammarly with its purpose as a spelling and grammar checker. Aside from its purpose, people also tend to think of Grammarly Premium as incredibly expensive.

It can’t be denied that Grammarly Premium is expensive, which naturally leads us to wonder just why it’s so costly. Here’s what I found!

Why Is Grammarly So Expensive?

Grammarly is expensive because it supports usage on multiple platforms, from the Web Editor to mobile applications. Grammarly uses a sophisticated algorithm to correct spelling and grammatical errors when writing. Moreover, features available on Grammarly Premium are meant to further improve the user’s writing, such as tone detection and checking for plagiarism.

To learn more about Grammarly, from the algorithm to the added features on Grammarly Premium, keep reading!

1. Grammarly Is Available Across Multiple Platforms

Upon accessing the Grammarly website, you can see there are several applications and plug-ins available for download, aside from the Grammarly Editor on the site.

That said, because Grammarly is available on multiple platforms, dedicated teams have to maintain and upgrade each product.

Therefore, the price of Grammarly can be attributed to continuously improving Grammarly’s product offerings.

2. The Algorithm Is Constantly Learning From Writing Errors

Grammarly makes use of an algorithm to perform spelling and grammar checks.

Basically, the algorithm is powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to achieve an output as close to human language use as possible.

Moreover, this entails plenty of time and data being fed to the algorithm to “train” it to distinguish between proper writing and grammatical and spelling errors.

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So, since significant resources are needed to train and fine-tune the algorithm, this may contribute to Grammarly’s high price.

3. Premium Features Help Improve Your Writing Skills

While Grammarly is an excellent free app, features available with Grammarly Premium can help you continue to hone your writing.

Thanks to the algorithm, Grammarly can suggest changes that would make a piece of writing flow better and more naturally, thus improving one’s fluency in the written aspects of language.

Additionally, Grammarly can identify inconsistencies in tone and writing style and suggest more appropriate words or phrases based on context.

Therefore, these features are applications of the algorithm and contribute to the high price of Grammarly.

4. Plagiarism Checker Cross-Checks Against A Massive Database

Another feature available on Grammarly is a plagiarism checker.

That said, this feature works by comparing a piece of writing or a document against a large number of web pages, as well as ProQuest’s database of scholarly articles and documents.

Also, the plagiarism checker is available for free, but an expanded version is available on Grammarly Premium.

In the free version of the plagiarism checker, you receive a report about the presence of plagiarized content.

However, the Premium version of the plagiarism checker grades the document on originality, highlights plagiarized sections, and provides references for proper citation.

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Also, the Premium version of the plagiarism checker instantly generates reports and eliminates the need to manually identify the necessary references to cite as sources when writing.

Overall, these provide convenience and thus add to Grammarly’s already high prices.

5. Tone Detection Technology Helps Convey Messages Better

5. Tone Detection Technology Helps Convey Messages Better

Another unique feature offered by Grammarly is its tone detector.

Essentially, this feature analyzes the tone of a piece of writing to determine how it would come across to a reader.

For example, a common complaint of people communicating over text or email is that it’s hard to read subtle nuances like sarcasm.

That said, this feature works much like a colleague skimming an e-mail to make sure it comes across as professional but not curt.

Also, a tone indicator is an invaluable tool in adapting your writing style because it applies the information provided by the algorithm in a meaningful way.

Therefore, this is one factor contributing to Grammarly’s high price.

6. Grammarly For Business Offers Tools To Aid Business Growth

Apart from the Individual Plan, there’s also an option to purchase Grammarly for your team or organization.

That said, this plan can cost between $12.50 and $15, depending on the number of employees using Grammarly.

Further, Grammarly’s additional features for businesses are a style guide and a dashboard for monitoring employee writing progress and writing fluency.

Moreover, you can customize the style guide to achieve clear communication and consistency in brand messaging.

Once the style guide is set up, every employee will have access to the rules and guidelines to write according to the organization’s brand profile.

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Additionally, the dashboard consists of analytics that allows you to monitor various aspects of the writing process.

Among these is tracking your team’s time savings and efficiency; this quantifies the resources that could be used more productively and thus contributes to Grammarly’s high price.

7. Individual Plan Tiers Can Be More Expensive

There are three payment plans available for Grammarly users. Depending on which plan you select, a Grammarly subscription may be more expensive.

For example, selecting the annual plan would cost $144, which is the most affordable option for $12 a month.

Moreover, the quarterly plan costs $60, which comes to $20 a month. Finally, the most expensive plan is the monthly option, where you get billed $30 monthly.

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There are a few reasons why Grammarly is expensive, and these are mainly due to support for multiple platforms and the algorithm.

Additionally, the extra features provide more value to Grammarly Premium. Therefore, it makes sense that Grammarly is expensive.


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