Why Is Ohio So Boring? (11 Reasons Why)

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Ohio is a state people often forget about. It’s located in the center area of the country, home to 11.68 million people. Many refuse to visit or live in the state because it’s boring.

Why is Ohio so boring? Is this an incorrect assumption, or are there factors that make the state one of the least exciting in the United States? Why do people hate it so much?

Why Is Ohio So Boring?

1. Flat Land

Ohio is flat. You won’t find as many land features in this state as you would in a location like Colorado. People have nothing to look at as they lounge in their homes.

The southeastern region of the state is the most topographically diverse. Here, you will find a section of the Appalachian Mountains. This area is less populated than the rest of the state.

Other features in Ohio include its lakes, forests, and cornfields. All of these items are flat. Except for the Appalachian Mountains, you won’t find much topographic diversity here.

2. Lack Of Culture

There’s not a lot of culture in Ohio. Many states lack culture, but Ohio is perhaps one of the most well-known for its lack of items that make it stand out.

About 80% of the state is white. There is a culture within the white community, but it isn’t to the same degree as others. Much of the culture involves drinking and rooting for sports.

Lack of culture makes it difficult to have fun exploring the unfamiliar. You are less likely to find interesting restaurants, exciting gatherings, or museums for furthering your education.

3. Lack Of National Parks

Ohio has many state parks and national forests but doesn’t have many national parks. You can only find one national park in the state – Cuyahoga Valley by the Cuyahoga river.

There are tons of outdoor spaces in Ohio but very few national parks. Those who love to camp and explore these regions will find their options lacking as they head into Ohio.

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There are national monuments to explore and aviation locations to set foot in for an adventure. However, Ohio is severely lacking in the national park area.

4. More People, Fewer Attractions

There are many people in Ohio – it is the seventh largest state in the country in terms of population, with 11.68 million people. Other populated states include California and Florida.

Unlike California and Florida, Ohio failed to add attractions to entertain its vast population. There is one theme park and tons of corn and soybean fields for residents to explore.

Ohio is boring because the things to do not balance with the number of people in the state. More people and fewer attractions mean a boring existence for many residents in the area.

5. It’s Different From Other States

Many people love Ohio. Others think it’s the most boring place in the world. Ohio is different from other states – it’s flat and vast, and the people there enjoy their time differently.

In Florida, residents spend their time surfing, going to clubs, and visiting many theme parks. In Ohio, residents visit Cleveland, go to memorials, and see rides at Cedar Point.

If you know how to slow down and make the most of fewer attractions, you will enjoy Ohio. If you’re used to the many excitements of coastal states, you’ll be disappointed in the state.

6. Lots Of Corn And Soy

Lots Of Corn And Soy

One of the most prominent ways Ohio makes money is through soy and corn crops. They grow a majority of the country’s corn for cows and people. Much of the land is crops.

Ask any Ohio citizen, and they will be able to point you to a field. They are by colleges, surrounding homes, and making up the borders to cities in the area.

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Some people might find soy and corn to be exciting. However, others note it to be one of the worst things to look at. Why examine crops when you can glance at a city skyline instead?

7. Lack Of Tourist Attractions

There are very few tourist attractions in Ohio. The ones they have do not measure up to those offered by other states, such Florida or California. Ohio is far behind.

In Ohio, the biggest tourist attraction is Cedar Point. This theme park has some of the biggest roller coasters in the world, enjoyed by people everywhere. It’s a spectacular location.

Cleveland also has a few attractions. The most notable is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, a state with a museum as the biggest attraction can’t be very exciting.

8. No Beaches

Ohio is landlocked, at least in proximity to the oceans. If you want to visit the coast of the Atlantic or Pacific, you have to travel quite a ways out of the state to tan on the sand.

There are lake beaches in the state. Unfortunately, these aren’t the same as beaches by an ocean. There are minimal waves, coarser sand, and less to do around a lake area.

You can’t surf in Ohio. People who love to tan year-round and frolic in the water will have a trickier time enjoying themselves in Ohio. It’s not as exciting for water-lovers.

9. Gray Skies

Ohio has colder times of the year and warmer ones. Unfortunately, the majority of the year is cloaked under a gray sky. People who love changing weather will find Ohio boring.

You won’t find drastic shifts between the four seasons in the state. There are no crazy color changes or wild blizzards. Summers are humid and winters are cold.

If you want crazy weather, move to a place like Illinois or California. You can move to hot or cold locations based on your preference. Ohio is in the middle of either.

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10. Focus On Sports

Because there is so little to do in Ohio, there is a large focus on sports. Ohio State is a major presence in the area. They have plenty of division one sports to watch in the state.

One of the most popular sports in Ohio is football. People are passionate about it. For those with little interest in this sport, this pastime might be boring.

Some people love the rivalries and spirited nature of the sports focus. Others find it boring.

11. Constant Drinking

There isn’t a lot to do in Ohio and there are a lot of sports events. This combination inevitably leads to drinking. A large chunk of Ohio citizens drink constantly.

Some people enjoy drinking. You might adore the spirited atmosphere and hanging out with a group of people and booze. However, others might find it boring.

Some find the quaint nature of Ohio to be charming. Others want nothing more than to get away from the place and never look back. Drinking makes it worse.

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Ohio plays a critical role in the United States of America. Unfortunately, many consider it to be boring. There are few people, no beaches, and gray skies almost all the time.

This state may not be the most exciting compared to the other states in the country. However, many call it home. Ohio has a lot to offer – it’s just different.


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    Morgan Stephens has been to 43 countries and counting, and he's never content to stay in one place for too long. Right now, he's living in South Korea, but he's always on the lookout for his next adventure.

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