Why Is My Venmo Not Working? (9 Reasons Why)

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Venmo is an incredible system that has made transactions better to manage than before. On the app, you can transfer money for items like rent or a meal spent together.

It can be frustrating to open Venmo, try a transaction, and watch it fail. Why is your Venmo not working? Is there something wrong on your end, or is it the app’s fault? What’s going on?

Why Is My Venmo Not Working?

1. No Internet Connection

Your Venmo might not be working due to a poor internet connection. To make the transaction properly, your device should be connected to a quality internet source in the area.

To check the internet connection, first head to the Wi-Fi area of your phone. Note to see if the phone has connected. If not, try another Wi-Fi until the internet comes back on for you.

If all else fails, try turning your phone off and then on again. Most of the time, this work will help the phone get back in order and connect to the Wi-Fi in a snap.

2. Your Card Changed

Have you changed your card recently? You might still have the old card plugged into your account, working as the payment for your transactions.

If you remember a recent card change, head into Venmo to see which card you pay with on the app. It would provide critical information that will help you determine the card.

Once you have your new card in the account, you can follow through with your Venmo transaction. The machine needs to know if you are up to date on your cards.

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3. Frozen Account

Sometimes, Venmo will freeze an account. This occurrence could happen for a variety of reasons. Venmo tries to be as secure as possible, and that means acting to defend often.

Venmo will typically freeze an account if red flags are raised. You might do something against their user agreements or reverse actions that don’t require documentation.

If your account is frozen, you can contact Venmo to fix the trouble. They have a team ready to work with you via email and confirm you are the person making account changes.

4. Your Action Isn’t Allowed

Maybe you’re performing an action that isn’t allowed on the Venmo site. The company has a list of potential actions so you can determine if that’s the reason for your failure.

Venmo might block an account for odd transactions, money shifts with odd titles, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary. Their user agreement is extensive and ignored by many.

Unfortunately, very few people are familiar with all the Venmo actions that aren’t allowed. If you’re confused about why your Venmo isn’t working, contact customer service.

5. Your Device Isn’t Updated

Your Device Isn’t Updated

Sometimes, your device might be at fault. Some actions on Venmo require your phone to be updated to a certain level, or the transactions can’t go through.

If you haven’t updated your phone, go to your settings, and see if there are any updates available. If there are, ensure you get your phone up to date as soon as possible.

If you are on the latest model, check the Venmo app. It might need an update before you can continue. Everything should work after this process. Check for any updates possible.

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6. Venmo Technical Issues

It could be something that has nothing to do with you. Occasionally, there may be technical issues with the Venmo software. These prevent users from making transactions on the site.

A technical issue could be due to a system crash. There might be a glitch or someone who has hacked the system. A team could also be amid massive updates.

Whatever the reason, you will usually get an indication if Venmo is experiencing technical issues on their behalf. They may send out an email if any failure is extensive.

7. A Payment Triggered A Flag

Your payment could have triggered a red flag in the Venmo system. If this event occurs, they may decline your payment or even freeze your account.

Venmo will usually let you know if your account has been flagged due to suspicious behavior. They will want to verify that you are the person making these payments online.

If possible, reach out to Venmo customer service to see if you can get your account back on track. They should be able to help you.

8. Your Bank Denied The Payment

An outside source, such as your bank, could be the reason behind the failed Venmo transaction. Maybe you have something left unpaid, and the bank denied an additional payment.

There may not be enough funds available on your card. In a debit card, this lack represents money you own. A credit card represents the credit line offered.

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There also might be incorrect info in Venmo with items such as your savings or checking account. There are many reasons why your bank might deny a payment.

9. Your Card Is Expired

An expired card is often the culprit of trouble on Venmo. Many people don’t realize their cards are expired and continue to use them as if there is still money on them.

Every card has an expiration date, whether you’re using a credit or a debit card. Check this date to ensure the item is still in working order before looking for another solution.

You should receive a new card before your current one expires. If you never received a new card or lost the one sent in the mail, ensure you contact the company for another one.

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It’s frustrating to log into Venmo and encounter a system that doesn’t work. There are many reasons Venmo could have a fault – a triggered flag, a denial by the bank, or an expired card.

Whatever the reason, there’s sure to be a solution for your Venmo situation. In no time, you can get back to making transactions on one of the most popular apps in the country.


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