Why Do People Color Their Hair? (9 Reasons Why)

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Every human is born with unique hair. While we have shades of color that most hair can be categorized into, it is likely not the same as the next person’s hair in some way.

A lot of people choose to color their hair in some way. Whether they go crazy with vibrant colors, add just a few highlights, or make it bold there are reasons. Here’s why!

Why Do People Color Their Hair?

1. Bye Bye Grays

Perhaps one of the most common reasons that people dye their hair is to cover up the gray hairs. This seems to be more prominent as people age and wish to cover their age up.

In some eras, going gray or even dying gray has been a popular trend. However, despite the trend, there will always be people who want to cover up the gray and retain their youth.

Gray is not always a sign of age, either. There are plenty of young people that have gray in their hair as well. Coloring their hair might be because they simply don’t want the gray to show.

Covering up gray has long been an excuse to get hair colored. Some people never let their gray show while others choose to embrace it but not until they get a bit older.

2. Time For A Change

Have you ever just been bored with your hair? When you look in the mirror your hair is just simply not doing it for you anymore. It no longer excited you and is downright boring.

This can happen just because it’s been a while since we’ve had our hair colored or even because our life needs a little something exciting. Coloring your hair for boredom is common.

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It is just as common to just feel like you need to make a change and decide your hair is the best place to do so. Whether it’s boredom or just the desire to do something different.

It’s much easier to dye our hair than it might be to move to another state or run out and do something crazy. It’s just a great way to make a change and feel refreshed.

3. Self-Expression

When you think about the myriad of ways that a person can express themselves, our hair is one of the best choices. You can easily make a statement with your hair.

It’s amazing how many stereotypes there are from hairstyles too. You’ve heard terms like “Karen hair” or even “old lady hair”. These are styles that have been associated somewhere.

Different people choose different ways to express themselves. Some will decide to get a tattoo, others might choose piercings. And then there are those that will choose hair.

4. Color Correction

Our hair can easily be damaged and it’s not always by color. Certainly, color can also have a damaging effect, particularly if you don’t follow specific care guidelines.

However, other things like the sun, chlorine in pool water, and even chemical or environmental exposure can cause your hair to be damaged and affect the color.

There are also times when color correction might be needed due to a color mistake. This is most common when people use box colors that don’t turn out right for them.

5. Fashion Statement

Fashion Statement

Fashion is a part of all of our lives and we typically use it to make a statement. Your hair is part of that fashion statement and just might be why you choose to color your hair.

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Think about Cruella Deville for example. While the stories don’t mention her coloring her hair, you do notice that her hair makes a very specific statement with her fashion.

Then, some people choose to use vibrant colors as part of their fashion. This has become more and more common. Perhaps your fashion statement is mermaid colors.

Using your hair to make a statement or coloring to follow a specific trend, is all about fashion. You’re making your hair an accessory that perfectly tailors to your style.

6. Hair Health Benefits

It’s a common misconception that coloring your hair is just bad for your hair health. Yes, certain forms of coloring can cause damage, particularly box colors from the grocery store.

Technology has come a long way and many hair coloring products used by professionals are much less harmful to your hair. You do still need to use reason for healthy coloring practices.

Some of the health benefits include sealing your hair cuticles. Adding certain types of color can seal the cuticles, which makes your hair shinier and healthier overall.

7. Refresh Your Hair

There was a time when people looked down on hair coloring but it’s now almost commonplace. Again, there is a fine line between damaging your hair and experiencing hair color benefits.

It’s important to know that your hair can be damaged, particularly if bleaching or heavy coloring is occurring. But many times, that hair color application will refresh someone’s hair.

If someone feels like their hair is suddenly bland, coloring can help to refresh it. The addition of color can help to add volume and lift to the hair, thanks to the magic of the hair cuticles.

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8. Color Not Working

If you’re a brave soul that likes to try new things and new colors, it could be easy to experience an issue with a color not working. We all have different skin tones and types of hair.

Because of that, you might use color only to feel like it doesn’t work with your skin tone. You might also decide the color simply doesn’t work with your style or even your haircut.

In these cases, you would color your hair because the current color simply isn’t having the effect you would like it to. Your hair should flatter you and appeal to you visually.

9. Boost Your Spirits

A person might choose to color their hair because it’s a simple pick-me-up. When you’re down or not feeling wonderful, a change like this can help.

It’s not about impressing others but rather about making yourself feel good. Coloring your hair might just be a great mood booster when you need it.

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Coloring your hair can be about style, fashion, expression, or even hair health. There are many reasons for doing so.

When someone chooses to color their hair, they have tons of options. They can choose vibrant and bold colors or keep it simple and beautiful all the same.


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