Why Do I Love Music So Much? (11 Reasons Why) 

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Music is something that resonates with everyone. Whether you’re a fan of instrumental or jam to country music, there is something out there for you. Music is easy to love.

Why do you love music so much? Why does it resonate so well in your ears, making you feel how you can’t with any other item? Is there something special about music?

Why Do I Love Music So Much?

1. Musical Surprise

Music has an element of surprise that people love. As the notes go up or down, there is suspense as the mind anticipates the sounds.

Musicians purposely form their music to build to a beat drop or a chorus. You might not realize it, but your subconscious anticipates this drop as you work through the song.

Once that moment hits, there’s a sense of relief and satisfaction that floods your body. It’s one of the main reasons people claim to love music. The surprise is everything.

2. Novelty

There is something wonderful about hearing a series of notes, unlike anything you’ve heard before. The brain adores listening to new things that hit pleasantly.

Pop music tends to sound the same. You hear similar notes, similar words, and similar instruments. When something new appears, your brain picks it up right away.

Every year, artists find a new way to innovate music and create a new genre for interested fans. You may love music because it finds ways to surprise you repeatedly.

3. Familiarity 

Some songs can bring you back to a familiar time. A tune might make you remember a special moment, or a song enjoyed with a close person in your life.

Maybe you listened to a lot of country music as a child. It filled your days, playing at breakfast or while you cleaned on Saturdays. It was the music that made your family happy.

As an adult, you might get that same joyous feeling whenever you listen to this type of music. No matter where you are, the familiarity hits when country music comes on.

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Humans are all able to feel this type of familiarity. It’s one of the reasons people love music so much. It has a powerful memory capability.

4. Musical Pleasure

Pleasure and music go hand-in-hand. Artists have a way to put together lyrics, musical notes, and a beat to make a song that triggers joy in the brain.

There are chords and notes that, when played together, create a pleasurable experience in the brain. Lyrics only add to the feeling that appears in the average person.

The more you listen, the more addicted your brain becomes. This factor could be the reason you love music so much.

5. Rhythm 

Humans are creatures that adore rhythm. If a song doesn’t have a beat, you will notice it right away. A good rhythm is what helps a tune come together and sound amazing.

Some songs, especially by new artists, forget the critical nature of a good beat. They choose glamor over a tune that follows an ideal structure.

The best songs have a solid rhythm, either clear to the listener or hidden underneath the instruments. It’s vital to the success of a tune and a reason you may love music so much.

6. Melodies


A catchy melody can go a long way. If you find one you like, you can sing it all day. Good choruses get you through a hard day at work, times of grief, and other difficult moments.

There can be a lame verse in a song, but if balanced by a solid chorus, it could save the tune. Many artists rely on their catchy song bits to lead them to success.

Some songs forget to have a catchy melody in their song. These likely will not make you love music.

7. Dopamine

Music works to release dopamine in your brain, the chemical that helps you create memories and remember pleasurable moments. It’s also part of the reward center of your brain.

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When you listen to music, your brain works hard to interpret the presented information. It takes a lot of work to translate the notes from your ear into a cohesive song in your brain.

A result of the information is a release of dopamine into your brain. You receive a reward for listening, and your brain experiences pleasure with the sound. It’s fascinating.

The reward system makes you want to listen to more music. It works well for the brain to handle.

8. Specific Notes

Some notes hit more than others. A quality song will create a build-up to one particular instrument that hits a part of your brain like nothing else. The whole tune is that note.

That note might be high or the lowest in the piece. It might be played with a different instrument or pounded in rapid succession behind the main melody.

Whatever the case, every song has specific notes or lines that get people hooked. The intricacy of this inclusion is why many people adore music in their lives.

9. Instruments

Instruments make a difference in a song. Some people fall in love with the bliss of string instruments, while others like the sharpness of a brass instrument in a melody.

The choice of instruments is critical to a song. It’s the reason new artists can fail, as they fail to see the impact of the instrument they choose for their song.

Harsh instruments can cause an intensity in listeners, and soft instruments convey something gentler. You may love music because of the intricacies of the instruments selected.

10. Lyrics

The lyrics can hit home for many people. Even if you don’t like the music, the words serve as a story for those who listen. It’s an art form.

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Rappers, love songwriters, and more creatives carefully construct their lyrics. They have many meanings. Some of them are superficial, but others are critical commentary.

Whatever the words say, they speak to an audience. Lyrics can hit home in the best possible way. Humans love music because it speaks out to them in a way nothing else can.

11. Pure Magic

It’s no secret – there is magic in music. Sometimes, it feels like there is no explanation for the joy you feel listening to a song other than something that is not of this world.

When you listen to music, you can feel like you’re flying. You can feel relaxed and as if you could fall asleep right away. You can even feel pumped up, ready to take on a sudden fight.

Pure magic is the only way to describe the way music makes you feel. It’s a unique reaction and one that sets humans apart from animals. Music is part of how we exist in the world.

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There is something special about music, and there are many reasons why you love music. It can bring about a feeling of novelty, releases dopamine, and results in pure magic.

No matter what causes the wonder of music, you know you love it. Now, you can access the wonder of these notes wherever you go. It’s easy to fall in love with music in your ears.


  • Freya Crawford

    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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