Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive? (10 Reasons Why)

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Wall ovens are an alternative to the more common stand-alone stoves, offering convenience and style, but at a price.

Read on if you’re curious about why wall ovens are so expensive. You’ll find all the answers below!

Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive?

1. Wall Ovens Have Extra Features

Manufacturers offer all kinds of extra features like self-cleaning, infrared heating, and insulation to keep external surfaces cool and safe when the oven is in use.

Also, wall ovens come in single and double oven styles. Double ovens offer more convenience for people who cook for large numbers or do a lot of entertaining.

Further, some ovens are designed with features such as optional convection cooking. Of course, these features add to the ease of use and increase the price.

2. Wall Ovens Have Famous Brand Names

Famous wall oven brand names cost more. For example, manufacturers of wall ovens like Electrolux, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and GE are trusted for their quality and service.

That said, this allows well-known companies to charge more for their products, and prices for wall ovens start at $1,000 and go up to $4,000.

3. Wall Ovens Are Well-Designed

Wall ovens are designed for ease of use, safety, efficiency, and appearance. As you can imagine, it takes a professional design team to develop models that meet all these criteria.

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Additionally, top designers are paid high salaries, which adds to the price of the finished product.

4. Production Costs Are High

Wall ovens must be produced with a high degree of precision, using quality materials while also meeting safety standards.

Further, they are made by skilled workers, who are paid high salaries. Essentially, all of this means that the production cost is high for wall ovens, which is reflected in the prices.

On top of this, manufacturers don’t expect to sell many wall ovens, so they make limited quantities.

As a result, they have to price each unit higher to recover their costs and make a profit.

5. Shipping And Distribution Costs

5. Shipping And Distribution Costs

Wall ovens are large, heavy, bulky items that cost a lot to ship and store. Shipping, warehousing, and distribution costs are added to the total price paid by the consumer.

Also, some luxury brands are made outside the US. For example, Miele wall ovens are made in Germany and shipped to the US, which is one reason they are more expensive.

6. Installation Costs Are High

The labor costs for installation are high, which raises the total price of getting a wall oven.

Further, installation must be done in two or three stages, depending on whether it is an electric or gas oven.

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First, the wiring and outlets have to be done by a licensed electrician. Then, the gas service lines must be extended to the oven’s location.

After that, the oven must be installed by licensed professionals, and it may take two or three skilled techs to complete the job.

7. High Wattage Ovens Cost More

A wall oven’s wattage or cooking power also affects its pricing, which typically varies between 7,500 to 12,000 watts.

Ovens with higher wattage can reach higher temperatures and are unnecessary for everyday family cooking. However, they will also be more expensive.

8. They Have Energy Efficient Models

Energy efficiency is a big concern for customers nowadays, and manufacturers are aware of this. Consequently, energy-efficient models can be priced higher.

Further, designing and manufacturing energy-efficient ovens increases their cost, which is passed on to customers.

9. Marketing Helps Increase Prices

Wall ovens are marketed for their convenience, style, and efficiency.

Also, they offer more flexibility in designing your kitchen since the cooktop and oven don’t have to be in the same location.

Another selling point for wall ovens is their sleek, modern design since they are fitted into a wall without taking up any floor space.

Essentially, wall ovens are seen as a luxury item by customers, who are willing to pay the higher prices.

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10. Wall Ovens Have Long Warranties

Wall ovens come with warranties, indicating that the manufacturers stand behind their products and guarantee their quality.

In many cases, manufacturers offer free service and repairs during the warranty period, raising the appliance’s price.

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Wall ovens cost quite a bit more than conventional ovens for several reasons, including the design, production, shipping, and installation costs.

Also, they are made with high-quality materials and come with warranties. Further, wall ovens are marketed as luxury items, and customers will pay high prices for leading brands.


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