Why Are Thinkpads Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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If you’ve been looking at purchasing a new laptop, you might have looked at a Thinkpad, but are you wondering, why are Thinkpads expensive compared to other brands and models?

Well, I’ve been researching all of the reasons why Thinkpads are expensive and will tell you all of the factors below so read on to learn what’s behind the expensive price tag!

Why Are Thinkpads Expensive?

Thinkpads are expensive because people still believe Thinkpad is made by IBM, even though IBM has nothing to do with Thinkpad anymore and it’s made by Lenovo. Additionally, Lenovo has continued to market the Thinkpad as the perfect business solution, so since it’s marketed to corporations the price is higher than if it was being marketed for the everyday consumer.

Do you want to know other reasons why Thinkpads are so expensive? If so, don’t stop reading because I’ve got even more information to share with you!

1. Mistake Of Thinking Thinkpad Is Still IBM

One major reason why Thinkpads are expensive is that people still think Thinkpads are being produced by IBM, which is not true since Thinkpads are made by Lenovo these days.

Therefore, people purchase a Thinkpad or are willing to pay for a Thinkpad for the brand recognition of IBM, even though IBM has nothing to do with the Thinkpad anymore.

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2. Lenovo Marketing Thinkpads As A Business Product

Thinkpads are expensive because Lenovo has marketed the Thinkpad to be perfect for businesses, including anywhere from small businesses to large businesses.

Furthermore, since the Thinkpad has been marketed as an enterprise or corporate product, it makes the cost of it higher than if it was marketed toward school-aged children.

3. Reliability & Durability Of Thinkpads

Since Thinkpads are aimed at being the best business solution, they have a reputation for being reliable and durable, so the consumer is paying for this reliability.

Also, it’s believed that even though the Thinkpad is expensive, it’s going to outlast several other brands, so you’re paying for the longevity of this laptop.

4. Thinkpads Are Known For Speed

4. Thinkpads Are Known For Speed

You’re going to be paying more money to purchase a Thinkpad because these laptops are known for their speed, which is what makes them great for a business laptop.

Furthermore, since the Thinkpad is so quick, it’s going to increase your productivity, and the speed of the hardware and software is a major selling point that drives up the cost.

5. Sturdy Design

A huge selling point of the Thinkpad is that it features a sturdy design that has been with the Thinkpad since the ThinkpadT60 was released in 1992.

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Furthermore, the sturdy design allows this laptop to be dropped more than once and it does not cause damage to the machine, which is something most laptops cannot compete with.

For example, Lenovo builds laptops with a roll cage type of design, which is what allows them to survive multiple drops, so you’re paying for this incredible capability to withstand damage.

6. Warranty Options

Lenovo Thinkpads are known for having great warranty options, so you’re paying a higher price for Thinkpads to get this better warranty, which includes extended coverage.

However, because you get a great warranty with a Thinkpad, you’re paying for the fact that people will be utilizing these warranties, which costs the company money.

Also, the better warranty options are what make Thinkpads great for enterprises and corporations, so it’s all marketed to be the perfect package for employers.

7. Portability of Thinkpads Make It More Valuable

The portability of some of the Thinkpad models is what makes them expensive since they are high-performance computers built into small laptops which can fit easily in any bookbag.

Furthermore, it’s fairly lightweight and the keyboard is multi-functional, so you can get a lot done with this small laptop that you can take anywhere and work from with ease.

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Additionally, there are several components built within the computer that is high quality and compact, so the smaller components with maximum power offer this portability.

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Thinkpads are expensive because they are marketed toward businesses of any size, so they are not targeted at regular consumers, and that makes them more expensive.

In addition, the Thinkpad is a versatile lightweight laptop that is built with high-performance in mind and utilizes high-quality parts but maintains features that allow you to carry it anywhere.

Also, when you buy a Thinkpad you’re buying a sturdy product that can handle more than one drop without being damaged thanks to the roll cage design implemented into the product.


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