Why Is Casetify So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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When you buy a new phone, it is likely that you will want a phone case to protect your phone. Some people have their favorite brand of phone cases, and one such example is Casetify.

If you have been eyeing Casetify for a while, you may be wondering why Casetify is so expensive. I looked up the facts, and here is what I learned!

Why Is Casetify So Expensive?

Casetify phone cases are expensive because Casetify has a large target audience that are willing to pay for the phone cases, allowing Casetify to charge more. Moreover, Casetify pays various influencers and celebrities to promote Casetify, which adds to the price. Plus, some Casetify phone cases are customizable or designed by famous artists.

Are you curious to find out more facts about what affects the cost of Casetify phone cases? I made a list of factors below, so read on!

1. Sturdy Phone Cases

Firstly, the main selling point of Casetify is that Casetify creates great cases that protect your phone, and that fact remains true by most of its customers.

For instance, Casetify always states that its phone cases are sturdy and will protect your phone from breaking when the phone falls, which has proven to be true.

However, it is worth noting that Casetify phone cases still have limits as protection since the phone case is not foolproof.

For example, the Ultra Impact case is one of the strongest phone cases Casetify has because it can protect your phone from a fall up to 9.8 feet.

Therefore, not all Casetify’s phone cases will be as sturdy, meaning you would have to be particularly wary if you buy the cheaper Casetify phone cases.

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Despite that fact, most Casteify phone cases are fairly heavy and offer decent protection, which allows Casetify to charge more for its phone cases.

2. Marketing

Perhaps one of the most notable reasons why Casetify is so expensive is the marketing techniques that make Casetify look more expensive, thus increasing the actual price.

In particular, one of the most effective marketing tactics that Casetify uses is its influencer marketing campaigns and sponsorships.

Casetify has grabbed various YouTube influencers, such as Tana Mongeau and Jenna Hong.

Moreover, Casetify has been able to make deals with extremely popular celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and Olivia Rodrigo.

These influencers and celebrities have large audiences that are willing to buy whatever their favorite influencer or celebrity has.

Therefore, Casetify has the leeway to mark up its products since they have a wider pool of potential buyers.

Moreover, Casetify will need to compensate for the costs that it takes to make deals with these influencers and celebrities since they usually have high fees for sponsorship deals.

Other than single famous individuals, Casetify has also collaborated with various brands like Nordstrom, Star Wars, Amazon, etc., which will add to the overall cost of Casetify cases.

3. Audience’s Willingness

Generally, how willing a target market is to pay for a product can determine how much the product will cost.

This is especially true for Casetify, which has a large target audience that is willing to pay for expensive phone cases.

Typically, the reason why the market is willing to buy costly phone cases will vary, but the main reason is that the perceived value of Casetify phone cases is high.

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As mentioned earlier, Casetify has partnered with various celebrities and online influencers to reach a broader market that will want to pay for Casetify phone cases at nearly any price.

Additionally, the brand partnerships Casetify has with famous pop culture shows like Star Wars makes people more inclined to purchasing Casetify phone cases.

4. Popularity

4. Popularity

Since Casetify is the fastest growing accessory brand for global tech, there is no denying that Casetify is extremely popular.

Therefore, Casetify phone cases are in high demand by the public, which allows Casetify to raise their prices accordingly.

This is because Casetify can only produce so many phone cases that Casteify may not reach the demand, so Casteify can charge more for its phone cases.

5. Artist Collaborations

While Casetify does various collaborations with celebrities and influencers, Casetify also makes deals with artists for its phone cases.

Typically, Casetify looks for creatives, particularly illustrators, to design new phone cases to be sold as collab products.

For example, Casetify has phone cases designed by Sundae Kids, Catwheezie, and TARO OONO.

Since these phone cases can be labeled as art and merchandise, Casetify can charge more for these phone cases, especially since Casetify has to pay the illustrator for their designs.

6. Customizable

Another benefit that you can get from Casetify is customizable phone cases, which tends to add to the price of Casetify phone cases.

Customized phone cases are usually more expensive than Casetify’s normal phone cases because each phone case will have to be prepared specifically for you.

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Normally, you can select what photo or design you want to be on your phone case that the employees will have to do, which Casetify factors into the price of customized phone cases.

7. Materials

Typically, the materials used to create Casetify phone cases will depend on the type of phone case you choose, but they are usually expensive materials.

For instance, Casetify states that they use TPU to make clear phone cases, which is more expensive than most other types of plastic materials.

Despite this, other people who have Casetify phone cases complain that the phone cases’s designs get scratched easily.

While the easily damaged designs do not affect the actual protectiveness of a Casetify phone case, some people think that Casetify phone cases are not good-quality for this reason.

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Casetify is the world’s fastest-growing brand for tech accessories, especially since Casetify sponsors various artists, celebrities, and online influencers to promote Casetify.

Typically, Casetify is expensive because of the sponsorships it offers along with the other marketing techniques Casetify uses.

Moreover, Casetify uses expensive materials to make phone cases, but some people state that the design of most Casetify phone cases get damaged easily.


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