Why Are Scorpios So Quiet? (11 Reasons Why)

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Kayleigh Hudson has always been fascinated by astrology and the zodiac, as well as mythical creatures. In her spare time, she loves to read fantasy books.

When it comes to silence, Scorpios are masters of their trade. However, what many people don’t know is that it can happen for many reasons.

So, why are Scorpios so quiet and mysterious? In today’s article, we’ll walk you through a brief guide with 11 reasons to explain their silence. Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Scorpios So Quiet?

1. Written In The Stars

First things first, you need to know that Scorpio belongs to the group of water signs that also include Pisces and Cancer.

All three creatures are known for being mute, which reflects in the personality of these zodiac signs.

In fact, while Aquarius is an air sign, it’s also remarkably quiet due to its association with water.

Water zodiac signs are also ruled by Pluto, which is a dwarf plant that is known for existing in one of the calmest and coldest parts of our solar system.

As a result, water signs in general, and Scorpios in particular, are usually more psychologically pronounced on the inside than they are on the outside.

In other words, they usually have personalities with various deep traits, such as self-consciousness, loyalty, passion, etc.

2. Analytical Thinkers

Another reason why Scorpios might be noticeably quiet is that thinking. As previously established, Scorpios are controlled by Pluto.

According to Greek Mythology, Pluto is the positive version of the underworld (opposite to Hades) and is a remarkable simple of growth and rebirth.

For that reason, Scorpios are known for being greatly motivated by personal development. However, growth requires a lot of analytical thinking and reflection.

When a lot is going on around Scorpios, they would prefer to stay silent in order to observe and reflect. Since they do this more often than not, they’re seen as quiet people.

3. Scorpios Need Their Space

Along with Virgo, Scorpios top the list when it comes to privacy. Scorpios, in general, appreciate their privacy and would always prefer to preserve and maintain their personal space.

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As previously established, Scorpios like to reflect and muse over the ideas and thoughts on their minds. But, since they’re also self-conscious and caring, they may avoid letting you know that.

As a result, Scorpios will resort to silence in order to stay around their loved ones.

With that said, they’ll always be grateful if you show understanding and give them all the space they need.

This is one of the reasons why relationships with Scorpios are deemed “exhausting”, as some partners translate the silence as detachment, especially those of superficial air signs.

4. Establishing Trust Takes Time

We’ve already mentioned that Scorpios really appreciate privacy and personal space, although they don’t show it.

But did you know that allowing them their personal space without hassle or lengthy discussions is a great way to win their trust?

That’s right! Scorpions don’t only have a reputation for being impenetrable and somewhat dark, but they also take quite some time to trust anyone.

In the meantime, expect a Scorpio to stay quiet as they observe other people’s actions in order to see if they actually deserve to be trusted.

5. Response To Anger

One thing that people often forget about Scorpios is that they’re not always quiet.

In fact, there will be times when they’ll engage in deep conversations with others, provided that they’re close to them.

While all the previous reasons explain why it is in the nature of Scorpios to be silent, they don’t explain why they might suddenly start being too quiet after opening up to someone.

If that happened to you, you probably need to take a look back and remember if you’ve done anything that might’ve angered them.

While hotheaded zodiacs like Aires would erupt with emotions when they’re angry, Scorpios would hold themselves together and choose the silent treatment.

6. Easily Drained

Easily Drained

Among the most popular traits that Scorpios actually have when it comes to relationships are loyalty, empathy, and care.

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This combination of traits means that Scorpios will do everything they can in order to keep their significant others happy.

However, the problem is, if they have an incompatible partner, their life would be full of quarrels and disputes.

While Scorpios will initially engage in lengthy conversations, they’re easily drained and eventually resort to silence and being more reserved to avoid the pain.

7. Masters Of Ghosting

There is no denying that Scorpios are known for their empathy, respect, and care for their loved ones. But unfortunately, Scorpios are also heavily affected by words.

When someone betrays their trust or says something that really hurts them, they’re as good as strangers.

Scorpios are actually very good at unwarned ghosting, and would quickly withdraw all their attention and communication when they’re hurt or uninterested in keeping a relationship.

8. Silence Is Golden

As the ancient proverb says: “speech is silver, silence is golden”. If there’s any zodiac sign that really understands this saying, it would be Scorpio.

Unlike Gemini, which is one of the chattiest and most extroverted Zodiacs, Scorpios will always choose silence of speech if they simply have nothing to say or don’t really feel like talking.

This is also explained by the controlling planet, as Pluto was characterized by being enigmatic. Additionally, the dwarf planet is secluded and lies in a relatively calm spot in the solar system.

On the other hand, Gemini is mainly controlled by Mercury, which also happens to be the god of messages and communication in Greek Mythology.

9. Extremely Introverted

As you now know, Scorpios are not particularly fond of engaging with large crowds, which is why they usually get more introverted when they’re exposed to more people at once.

In fact, some Scorpios are massive introverts, even in everyday life. Scorpios always have an aura of mysteriousness and secrecy, as they like to keep their personal lives to themselves.

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For that meeting, Scorpios rarely open up to others during large and loud parties despite being fun around their loved ones.

As a result, you should expect your Scorpio friend or partner to become noticeably quiet and on the edge in situations that require an extrovert.

10. Secrecy Over Sincerity

Every zodiac sign has its own way of expressing its feelings. But sometimes, expressing your thoughts might get you into conflicts that can be easily avoided.

For instance, Aries and Sagittarius are both known for being bold while expressing their opinions and feelings.

On the other hand, Cancerians always prefer passive aggression to express their anger.

As for Scorpios, they see silence as the best way to avoid creating a scene or hurting someone they like with their opinion.

11. Keeping Their Guard Up

Lastly, as you can probably tell, Scorpios might seem all high and mighty on the outside, although they’re quite emotional and driven by words.

Most Scorpios learn to keep their guard up all the time in order to avoid exposing their fragility around others, which is usually accompanied by silence and mysteriousness.

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This wraps it up for today’s article that guides you through 11 different reasons that explain Scorpios’ tendencies to stay quiet all the time.

As you can see, Scorpio is one of the most introverted Zodiac signs, so it’s no surprise that they’re major introverts who would value silence over unnecessary conversations.


  • Kayleigh Hudson

    Kayleigh Hudson has always been fascinated by astrology and the zodiac, as well as mythical creatures. In her spare time, she loves to read fantasy books.

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