Why Am I So Ugly In Pictures? (9 Reasons Why) 

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First, you are your own worst critic. You probably aren’t ugly in your pictures because so many external factors affect how your photos develop.

If you believe you are ugly in pictures, there are remedies, but first, you need to narrow down what is causing you to look ugly. This article provides 9 reasons you are so ugly in pictures.

Why Am I So Ugly In Pictures?

1. Camera Angle

Camera angle can make a tremendous difference in how you look in photos. This is why many women hold the camera up high above their faces for selfies.

Looking up at a camera shot hides that double-chin that rears its ugliness into our selfies, but don’t look too far up. Then it’s just unnatural looking.

Camera angles from the side and up can hide undesirable features, like tooth stains or facial blemishes.

Angling the camera right will make all the difference in how you turn out in your pictures.

The camera angle and a tilt of the lens will change how your face looks in pictures. Your camera angle could be causing you to look ugly in your photographs.

2. Bad Lighting

The following reason you look ugly in pictures is bad lighting. If you are not mindful of your lighting, your face and skin may be distorted from shadows or washed out.

You want to consider your skin tone and the natural light available. Additionally, beware of fluorescent lighting that can make a white face look like a ghost in a photo.

Lousy lighting has ruined more good pictures than anyone care to admit. So here’s a tip for dim lighting – don’t use the flash. Instead, allow the natural dimness to show through in your photo.

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When all else fails, Photoshop! Photoshop can adjust the lighting in your pictures so that you don’t look too washed out and have a vibrant skin tone.

Filters also help with smoothing out your skin and hiding wrinkles and blemishes. Always consider your lighting when taking pictures to prevent looking ugly.

3. Body Position

The way your position body in photos can change your appearance. Look up what body position is best for your body type.

We don’t see ourselves the same in pictures as in the mirror, so don’t rely on your mirror to learn how to position your body.

Get a friend to snap pictures of you while you practice positioning your body to flatter your features.

No matter your body or size, you can find a position that works for you. For example, tilting your head a certain way or positioning your leg can slim your face and body.

Forward facing with full body exposure can make you look more filled out. Whatever look you are trying to create, your body position will change your look.

4. Your Pose

Along with your body position, consider your pose when taking a picture. For example, are you smiling, frowning, or slouching? Again, it could be your pose that is ugly and not you.

Hold your head up, straighten your body, and position yourself in a comfortable but deliberate pose. Please take a few practice pictures to get it right.

Your pose and body position together can change how you look in your photos. You can improve your looks just by changing your pose.

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5. Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion

We said it in the beginning – you are your own worst critic. You probably don’t look ugly in pictures, but you are experiencing an optical illusion. Your brain is playing tricks on you.

Some people see themselves as less attractive than they actually are. Your pictures are not ugly to other people, just you.

If you are caught up in self-doubt about your selfies, try to tell yourself it’s an optical illusion. You aren’t ugly.

6. Inexperienced Photographer

You might look ugly in your photos because you have an inexperienced photographer. Experienced photographers know how to position and pose their subjects in the most flattering ways.

If a photographer has positioned you unflatteringly, your picture might not develop as you imagined.

The experience and eye of a good photographer will make a difference when taking good photos and prevent you from looking ugly.

7. Fake Smile

Natural smiling always looks better in a picture than a fake smile. But, on the other hand, you might look ugly in your photographs because your smile is not authentic.

The camera can pick up an inauthentic smile. Fake smiling might be the reason you look so ugly in your pictures.

Practice your genuine smile in the mirror. Relax your face when you smile. Some people like to laugh to get that perfect smile.

It’s up to you how much of your teeth you want to show or if you choose a closed-mouth smile. Either way, your smile in a picture can make you look great or ugly.

8. Location

You might look ugly in your pictures because you’re in a bad location. Your surroundings can make a difference in your appearance in a picture.

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Drab and dirty areas with little color might make you look drab and ugly in your pictures. Instead, find a place that makes you feel good and matches your personality.

Pay attention to the lighting in your chosen location. Lighting and background work together to make you pop, so work with them together in your picture.

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9. Clothing Choice

You probably look ugly in your photos because your clothes are ugly. Neatly pressed clothes look better in pictures than dirty wrinkled clothes.

Additionally, how your clothes fit can impact how you look in pictures. Clothes that are sagging or drooping make you look frumpy.

Wearing clothes that accentuate your body and flatter your physique will make you look better in your photos.


Like many people, you are probably more critical of your looks in photos than anyone else. You notice your flaws, and you see all the blemishes in your photos.

Other factors contribute to your look in photos, and it’s not that you are ugly. However, evaluating each of these reasons in your photos can help you not look so ugly in your pictures.


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