Why Do I Look Better In The Mirror? (9 Reasons Why)

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When you look in the mirror, you might see an incredible reflection back. When a picture happens, you look nothing like you did in the mirror. Many think they look better in the mirror.

Why do you look better in the mirror than in a camera? What about being filmed with a camera lens makes you look so much different from the person you saw at home in the mirror?

Why Do I Look Better In The Mirror?

1. It’s You To You

You can’t see yourself. To you, the person in the mirror is the reality. It’s the only way you can look at yourself without using a camera to see your face in real life.

When looking in the mirror, you create an idea of yourself. If you look in one mirror long enough, you see your reflection in light and specific colors.

When you see yourself in a picture, it’s the version that other people see. Your brain might have a tricky time adjusting to this new version of you, which is normal.

2. Pictures Are Reversed

In the picture, your face is reversed. Very few of us have perfectly symmetrical faces, and the camera makes that clear. A picture is the reverse of your mirror reflection at home.

Let’s say you have a jaw that tilts slightly. If you’re used to selling it tilted slightly to the right, it might be odd to see a picture where it moves slightly to the left. The reversal is shocking.

You might not look bad – just different. It will take time to get used to this reversed version of yourself in a picture.

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3. Camera Lenses Can Warp

A camera lens can warp your features if it’s a poor-quality camera. What you see in a picture might not be what you look like in reality. The lens might be of poor quality.

It’s critical to be specific about the lens you choose. Ensure you research each lens to determine the typical results each one puts out in the world.

If you put enough effort into the selection, you can find a camera lens that will make you look the best in an image. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to work with a phone lens.

4. Flash Adds Years

It’s said that a camera flash adds years to your face. If you’re in a dark area and use a bright flash, your face will look worse than it does in a mirror. It’s different from you.

If you want to avoid unflattering illumination, try taking a picture without a flash. It will reduce the years added to your face in the finished product.

Still, some moments might call for a flash to be used. Ensure you remember that the flash adds years, and you will be okay. It’s not you – it’s the camera and the lighting.

5. Smiles Shift Features

Smiles Shift Features

Your smile can be your best feature, or it might be your worst. Whatever the case, it drastically shifts the face and makes you appear different in a picture than in a mirror.

If you have a rounder face, a smile can puff out your cheeks and make your structure rounder. Thinner faces may have less trouble with this shift.

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To change, experiment with your smile to see which works best for you. You can laugh, grin, or beam to look joyous in a photo.

6. You Can’t Pose

Maybe you don’t know how to work well with your body. The right poses will make you look incredible. The wrong position will make you look very odd in an image.

There are plenty of influencers online that can teach you how to pose. They offer unique positions that result in flattering photos of yourself.

If you don’t want to watch an influencer, practice poses on your time. Eventually, you will find one that you like.

7. Odd Angles

You see yourself at a specific angle in the mirror. Cameras add variety to the positions. Not all are flattering. Odd angles can make you look strange in a lens.

It’s critical to experiment with angles until you find one that best fits your body type. You’ll know the angle when you see it on the camera.

If you can’t find the right pose, it’s okay! Try moving around and taking photos at the same time to achieve a natural look.

8. Lighting Differences

There is different lighting in a bathroom than there is out on a city street. You might look better in a mirror because you are in a controlled environment, where everything is calmer.

If you take pictures during the day, you have a chance of being washed out. If you snap a photo at night, the flash could light up some odd features on your face.

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To look good in an image, you need a soft light that shines directly on your face. Without professional equipment, ideal lighting can be tricky to achieve in a photo.

9. Low-Quality Camera

A low-quality camera can do a lot of damage to your appearance. It might have a bad lens and a flash, depriving your face of everything it needs to look good in an image.

If you want to look better in an image, try to invest in a better-quality camera. A quality lens and a flash will work wonders on your face.

You can check the value of your camera online if you aren’t sure how much it costs. Reviews will also help you determine the quality of the lens, and the result of the picture.

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Many people think they look better in a mirror than on a camera. This ideal could be due to a smile, odd angles, and lighting differences. Many items can change your appearance.

Although it’s frustrating, you don’t look as bad on a camera as you think. Many features and items can change how you look, from the mirror to the camera.


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