Why Is UNIF So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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What is the first brand that comes to mind when you think about urban streetwear and unique clothes apparel? It is, without a doubt — UNIF Clothing! (an acronym for Ur Not In Fashion).

Every piece of clothing, including sweatshirts, pants, and shorts, is trendy and sells out in seconds despite an over-tagged price. Here’s why UNIF gets away with overcharging us for our favorite streetwear!

Why Is UNIF So Expensive?

UNIF clothing is expensive because it exclusively uses high-quality materials in its apparel. They’re made of fabrics that feel amazing against your skin and last for years without fading. Each garment has been meticulously created to fit women of different shapes and sizes, so you can discover something that flatters your body type.

Continue reading to learn more about why UNIF is so expensive!

1. High-Quality Materials

UNIF has become famous for its commitment to high-quality and durable products.

That said, UNIF uses denim fabric resistant to tear and imported from Japan, wool, and silk for the jackets, and other high-quality materials to create its garments.

Also, another advantage of using high-quality fabrics is that you won’t need to buy new garments as frequently, and fewer clothes equal less money spent on clothing.

Therefore, consumers are willing to pay more if it means getting something of excellent quality.

2. Versatile Clothing

UNIF designs its clothing to fit women of any type, making it versatile and adaptable to season.

In addition, the brand offers women a range of sizes and accessories that are a must-have, making it more appealing for those looking for something that will last them multiple seasons.

Overall, UNIF’s mission is to ensure that its customers have all they need to look like they’ve stepped out of a magazine!

While UNIF’s prices may be high, consumers are willing to pay the cost because they know they’ll get their money’s worth!

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3. LA’s Best Fashion Trend

LA-based online fashion brand, UNIF, has taken the world by storm with its wide range of products and high quality, affordable styles.

When you buy from the company, you obtain authentic designs influenced by the rich culture and diverse population of Los Angeles.

Additionally, LA is known as the “Fashion Index,” and the city is home to some of the most well-known fashion brands, like Gucci and Versace.

So, you’re not simply buying something for yourself; you’re also investing in a lifestyle linked with the city’s impact!

Therefore, it’s simple to see why UNIF clothing is so expensive and hooked up with fashion capital.

4. Founded By Professional Fashion Designer

Founded by a well-known designer, Eric Espinoza, UNIF is a company that has a passion for creating fashionable clothing that can be worn in any situation.

Further, Espinoza believes that his passion for unusual clothing and unconventional notions provides fashionistas worldwide with an alternative to typical women’s wear.

Also, because the designers behind these products have such a passion for their craft, they can charge more than other brands without sacrificing quality or style.

Moreover, consumers are willing to pay extra for this kind of invested profession.

5. Labor Fees & Costs

5. Labor Fees & Costs

Each piece of UNIF clothing is made by hand, which requires time and human capital.

That said, these sewers are highly skilled workers who have been making clothes for generations, so their expertise makes them an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Also, every employee works on projects at once—from designing new pieces to creating patterns and cutting out fabric for each garment.

Therefore, labor fees account for about half of total production costs at UNIF.

6. Overseas & Shipping

UNIF’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, although it has warehouses worldwide.

Further, the manufacturing team delivers clothing from warehouses to stores, then sells it to retailers.

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That’s a long trip, and transporting clothes from one location to another costs time and money.

Additionally, UNIF charges retailers a fee to sell its items, compensating for the transportation costs incurred when shipping directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.

It’s a worldwide market, and getting something from Los Angeles to customers may be prohibitively expensive, whether in shipping fees or higher taxes on imported goods.

7. Storage & Warehouse

Storage space and inventory are part of the supply chain of UNIF.

As a result, the company must pay for repository and warehouse space to keep its products secure and ready for purchase.

Rental spaces are sky high, and UNIF ensures such huge premises with numerous rooms are dedicated to various types of apparel.

Also, UNIF is regarded as a top-tier facility with the highest level of security, storing sensitive commodities such as garments and apparel.

So, because of rental storage expenditures of the company, additional fees are passed on to loyal purchasers making the clothing line exclusively high.

8. Marketing & Branding

Marketing and branding are critical to the company because it wants to ensure that its product reaches as many people as possible.

Therefore, UNIF pays influencers to wear the company’s garments and promote the brand on social media channels, allowing UNIF to reach more buyers.

So, when you consider all of this and the fact that UNIF has such a large workforce, including authors, designers, and marketers, it’s simple to see why the prices are so high

9. Limited Edition Collections

UNIF’s business idea is to develop high-quality products only available for a limited-edition time.

Essentially, UNIF wants consumers to keep returning to buy new styles. In this way, UNIF wants to ensure that the product is never stale or out of style.

Further, when these designs are restocked, the prices will have risen owing to inflation or new additions to the range.

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Overall, the scarcity of these items makes them more valuable and therefore more expensive.

10. Returns For Damaged & Incorrect Items

Not only is the quality of UNIF products excellent, but so is the way the company handles returns.

For example, UNIF will give a free exchange or full refund for defective items and have all original tags intact.

But, here’s the catch: this policy isn’t cheap. Unfortunately, UNIF’s rates are so high that the company needs to cover those extra costs to continue delivering outstanding guarantees.

11. Inflation In Global Fashion Industry

According to State of Fashion, fashion inflation is caused by material shortages, transportation bottlenecks, and increased shipping prices, which strain supply and demand.

Because of the supply-chain issues, two-thirds of fashion executives forecast price increases in 2022, with an average price increase of 3% across all garments and apparel.

So, with all of these worrying variables, it’s no surprise that the effects of apparel inflation impact UNIF.

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Despite its relatively high price, the UNIF apparel brand has maintained consumer loyalty because it appeals to consumers who want practical and fashionable clothing.

Ultimately, UNIF places a premium on fabric quality and fashionable design to regulate a high price in the global fashion industry.

Also, consumers are prepared to spend a little more for products that meet their needs, and UNIF appears to be committed to keeping those customers for the long run.


  • Yasmin Fisher

    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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