Why Is Florida The Worst State? (11 Reasons Why)

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There are many states in the United States of America, but one of the least popular is Florida. Many consider Florida to be one of the worst states to call home.

Why is Florida the worst state? What makes it one of the worst places to live? Is it such an awful place in the United States of America to live?

Why Is Florida The Worst State?

1. High Crime Rate

Although Florida’s crime rate has decreased over time, it is still one of the highest in the state. Some areas are more dangerous than others, especially in the city areas.

Florida has an average crime rate of 21.73 per 1,000 citizens. This number includes violent and property crimes. Property crime occurs more often. This average is the middle of the country.

Of course, this rate varies by area. Florida is the worst state to live in if you occupy cities or more scattered rural areas. Some spots have more violent crime, others property crime.

2. Dangerous Wildlife

Florida has a lot of dangerous wildlife, both in the water and on land. It’s tricky to go anywhere in this state without running into some form of plant or animal that is dangerous.

The scariest animals include Bull Sharks, Wild Boars, American Alligators, Cottonmouth Snakes, the Brown Recluse, and the Florida Panther. Each is deadly.

It’s not likely that you’ll die from one of these animals – but encounters are scary. Not everyone loves sharing their living space with animals that can harm a human.

If you encounter dangerous wildlife, ensure you are careful around it. It’s an excellent idea to steer clear of animals in Florida if you’re unsure.

3. Humid Temperatures

Humidity is the enemy of the average person. In Florida, there is contact humidity that leads to heavy air. It only goes away in the cooler months, such as December and January.

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If you are someone who sweats easily or enjoys having hair done, Florida might not be your friend. The air can also cause buildings to deteriorate faster than expected outside.

Another unfortunate side effect of humidity is mosquitoes and other bugs. The wet air calls these critters out of the woodworks, providing an atmosphere where they can thrive.

4. Hurricane Season

Every year, there is the threat of hurricanes in Florida. Hurricane season runs from about June 1st to November 30th every year. It’s a consistent state in Florida.

Every state has natural disasters, but hurricanes are a force of water and wind not everyone can handle. Often, they require an evacuation from the state.

If you aren’t a fan of evacuation or water, Florida might be a difficult place to live. Hurricanes are one of the only things you can count on in Florida.

5. Never-Ending Overpopulation

There is one major perk of Florida – it’s warm and has access to lots of beaches. There are also excellent restaurants and many theme parks. Many people flock to the state to live.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of people that call Florida home, and it has led to overpopulation. If you’re not a fan of people, Florida is not an ideal spot to call home.

Many people hate Florida for the steady stream of people flooding the area. It’s certainly not a place you can visit to run from the world.

6. Drug Portal Troubles

Drug Portal Troubles

Florida has access to the oceans. A large chunk of the border is connected to the water, making it a port state. There are many places where drugs can find their way inside.

Thanks to the beaches, it can be difficult for authority figures to monitor drugs coming in and out of the state. A lot of drug trading and transfers occur in the Florida.

Unfortunately, this drug trouble has led to a lot of violent crime, especially along the coast of Florida in cities that experience a lot of nightlife. It can be dangerous.

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7. Expensive

Florida is a sunny state with plenty of things to do. The amenities available means you can expect to pay a lot more to become a resident of the beautiful ocean state.

The cost of living for Florida is a little above average, meaning that every location you occupy will likely be more than the national average. It’s a pricey endeavor to live in the state.

From food to homes, you will note high prices on almost everything. Of course, some areas are more affordable to occupy than others. It’s critical to do your research before moving there.

8. Terrible Drivers

Florida is most famous for its terrible drivers. If you are on a packed highway, you will notice drivers have no idea what they are doing. It can be dangerous.

One study even stated that Florida drivers were the worst in the nation. Accidents and aggression are rampant on the road, particularly on I-95 and the I-4 corridor.

If you take side roads, you have a better chance at safety. Unfortunately, almost everyone needs to take major highways to get where they need to go for work.

9. Low-Quality Education

Many locations in Florida have excellent education opportunities, more do not. Florida is not at the top of the list when it comes to learning for children of citizens.

School funding equity is improving in the state, but it is not at the same level as in other states. Public schools don’t pay teachers as much in the area and the schools suffer.

Of course, there are still some schools that provide an excellent education. It might be harder to find them. If you’re moving there, ensure you research the area ahead of time.

10. High Homelessness

Florida is not a cheap place, and that has resulted in a high homelessness population. You will notice this, especially in cities, such as Tampa and Miami. There is an evident struggle.

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In 2020, Florida has an estimated homelessness population of 27,487. This number is very large, and it continues to this day. This doesn’t include temporary homelessness in the year.

Unfortunately, many families and children find themselves homeless at times of the year in the state of Florida. Hopefully, it will improve, but for now, homelessness is a large issue.

11. Poverty Troubles

There are many poverty issues in the state of Florida, particularly in the last few years. The price of living has gone up, while the typical minimum wage has not risen to match.

If you are not financially stable, Florida is a difficult place to live. The appealing and safe locations are out of the question for many individuals in the state.

Poverty troubles are common in locations that have beach access, and Florida is no exception. You have the risk to experience many financial woes in this state.

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There are many reasons why Florida is such a bad place to live. There is an overpopulation issue, low-quality education, and poverty troubles, among other factors in the state.

Florida is not an ideal place for many to call home. Although many troubles are receiving help, it has a long way to go. For now, it’s one of the worst places to call home.


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    Morgan Stephens has been to 43 countries and counting, and he's never content to stay in one place for too long. Right now, he's living in South Korea, but he's always on the lookout for his next adventure.

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