Why Is California So Liberal? (11 Reasons Why)

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California is one of the most dominant states in the United States. They have a massive population and a massive influence on the world around them.

Many trends begin in coastal states like California and then travel inwards. In more recent years, they have been branded as heavily liberal. Check out these reasons why.

Why Is California So Liberal?

1. Economic Improvement

California has been through a lot of ups and downs in light of its economic standing. They’ve felt some significant lows through the years, as have many other states.

However, as a state that leans towards a liberal ruling, they have experienced significant improvement in their economy.

Certainly, they aren’t perfect but what you might find is that their economy has significantly improved compared to past years when they faced significant struggles.

Many residents of California blame the state’s financial challenges on prior conservative leadership.

Perhaps the liberality has led to economic improvement. Since it seems to be working, they continue forward.

2. Continually Evolving

It’s easy for a state to get caught up in its messes. Some states look to the surrounding states for guidance and then follow suit.

With California, they took it upon themselves to be the leaders. This led to their evolvement and they push to continue to see strides in this capacity.

Where they could easily come to a halt and refuse to move forward, they instead saw the ability to evolve continually.

Many people head to California as an opportunistic advancement. They have specialties in many fields, including healthcare, technology, standards of living, and more.

3. A Change In Culture

We see high levels of liberal backing, particularly in the political field. Some individuals have traveled to California to make a political stand backed by liberal courage.

California provokes a certain level of culture from people that is freeing. Rather than remaining stagnant, the culture shifts towards freedom, rights, and ever-moving changes.

Other parties are not shunned from California. However, they do find themselves encapsulated in a world that is far different from other states. The strong liberal stance sets them apart.

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With that liberal approach, you see a variance in culture overall as a state and from the citizens within the state.

4. Driving Force

The society that we live in is always seeking change. A liberal mechanism is heavily enabled by a driving force to maneuver to these changes.

It seems strange that politics can be such a considerable driving force to change. But consider again that what happens in California often branches to other states as roots take hold.

As the city has transitioned to a primarily liberal holding ground, they have driven extensive change. These changes have affected leadership and the state as a whole.

The effect is a dramatic change in the culture alone but also in driving that culture forward. It’s a sizable force and it’s nothing to be reckoned with.

5. Advancement Of Livelihood

California encourages the development of livelihood. You see it in things like celebrity lifestyles but also in overall prosperity.

The state is not without its faults but they host the opportunity to create a livelihood and to do your own thing.

Rather than squelch that desire to chase your dreams, the state almost thrives on doing so. In doing so, they allow the freedom for entrepreneurship in many unique ways.

You don’t have limitations here as you might elsewhere, thanks to the liberal control. Perhaps this is in part to the vision to allow people to advance as they see fit.

6. Freedom Appreciation

Freedom Appreciation

One reason that California is so liberal is that as the world continues to change, many people appreciate extensive freedom.

In a liberal approach, there are far more freedoms to be who you want and do what you want to do. The liberal embrace allows you to formulate your own opinion and then live it out.

While things like age, religion, priority, and even race can hold people back, the approach of liberal ideals is meant to do the opposite.

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California is often the first state to allow new things and open its arms to new ideals. This liberal approach makes them appealing as people appreciate every type of freedom available.

7. Reducing Government Control

If there is one thing that liberals stand out in, it’s the reduction of government control. This includes over people and businesses.

In California, the heavy population would be challenging to obtain control over. But when the hierarchy is more devoted to freedom than control, it is appreciated.

Many states have heavy regulations that are excused by the government. The push for rules and regulations can make business and life challenging.

However, California pushes more for prioritization of rights to all people and fewer enforcements of control such as this. The control is reduced for individuals specifically.

8. Balanced Activation

What you will see unique in California is that becoming a primarily liberal state has led them to find a better economical balance.

Rather than being faced with economic downturn because everyone just does whatever they want, they are thriving in the establishment.

For them, it’s quite the opposite of what trends have previously shown in this type of situation. With more freedom, people are bound to take advantage of that freedom.

This leads to massive divides. In California, the liberal freedom has seemingly brought the state into a far more suitable balance, rather than a negative economic effect as it could.

9. It’s Working For Them

While an approach to liberal freedom can wreak havoc in some areas, it’s been the opposite for California.

They developed from a place of intense economic challenges to instead a thriving economy. If you review the trends for some areas, it’s intensely clear that liberalism can bring challenges.

In the California area, the approach to a liberal state in terms of politics and economics has led them to success.

While this simply doesn’t work in some areas, it has worked for California. The distress and challenges have been overcome in new and different ways, bringing light to hard places.

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10. Ears For The People?

Perhaps the reason that California is so liberal is that they have listened to the demands of its people.

Not every state has the same ideals. They don’t need to have the same ideals. But in the case of California, perhaps listening to the liberal demands of the people made a difference.

California has a liberal reputation. But if you review the standards of what people want in the state, it seems to coincide with their demands.

A state with people who feel listened to shows a certain level of care for their people.

11. Attraction Factor

The final reason that California is so liberal is that it seems to attract. California is a massive state but more people seem to flock there.

The liberal developments host a certain level of attraction to the people and perhaps to the outside world as well.

They have a place for opportunity and the allowance to let you do your own things as you seek it.

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California has not always been a liberal state. There have been years they were heavily Republican and years they were heavily Democratic.

However, the clear thing seems to be that their current state of liberalism is working for their needs and that is perhaps the primary reason for the change.


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    Morgan Stephens has been to 43 countries and counting, and he's never content to stay in one place for too long. Right now, he's living in South Korea, but he's always on the lookout for his next adventure.

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