Why Is Classical Music So Good? (11 Reasons Why)

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The sounds and melodies of classical music have endured the passing of the ages and can still be enjoyed today. Be it small tunes or massive symphonies.

Does classical music really hold up when there are so many things to listen to? Here is what makes classic music as good as it is.

Why Is Classical Music So Good?

1. Classical Has Withstood The Test Of Time

Classical music has been around as long as humans could remember. Making music has always been one of our greatest accomplishments.

Since it has been around for so long the art has been perfected and some of the most iconic pieces have endured throughout the ages and can still be remembered and listened to today.

While not every classical music song survived the passing of time, the ones that they will remain as a testament of human ingenuity long after we are done.

2. Classical Was Made By Masters

The names of some of the greatest classical musicians can be recognized to this day even if you are unaware of their specific works.

These musicians have created masterpieces that influence our culture and can be heard everywhere dozens and hundreds of years later.

These are some of the most influential classical musicians.

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He composed over 600 pieces and was rivals with Antonio Salieri. His most famous work Requiem was left incomplete until after he passed.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven. Despite being deaf, he composed some of the most iconic pieces in history, most famously, Symphony no.9 including the Ode to Joy
  • Johann Sebastian Bach. The Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is an organ song recognized universally and can be attributed to this timeless composer.

Many other classical musicians have also made their mark on history and created works that will be pleasing to everyone.

3. We’re Exposed To Classical Music

Classical music can be heard everywhere. It can be a dramatic score in a film or television show or it can be playing in the background doing some of our lives’ important events like weddings.

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Wherever we go we can hear these songs and thus we are accustomed to them and find them pleasing. This is a big reason why classical music is so beloved.

The more we are exposed to a certain thing like a genre of music the more we can analyze and break down what it is we love about it so much.

4. The Best Stuff Rose To The Top

Not every classical work has survived through the ages however there are some songs that humanity could not forget.

Some of the songs are like Ode to Joy but recorded hundreds of years before we were born but still managed to survive and be a prevalent piece of our culture today.

The best of the best is what was shared and spread so that it could endure forever, and classical music is the biggest example of iconic works transcending time.

5. Classical Was Made Under Different Circumstances

Back when classical music was taking the stage there was no blueprint for how to make a good song. Therefore, the composers had to figure it out themselves.

What this meant was that they were able to try things that no one had ever heard before and once they found the right things, the people responded with thunderous applause.

One example of this is the rivalry between Mozart and Salieri who both tried to create their own versions of musical masterpieces without knowing how the other got their skill.

6. Classical Composers Experimented More

Classical Composers Experimented More

The experimentation from classic musicians allowed them to create the various genres that they became the most iconic figures for.

Many of the staples of music today can be traced back to you how many different ideas these musicians tried. One example is the invention of the Symphony by Joseph Haydn.

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If it weren’t for these experiments and trials, we would not have music as we know it today. This is a big reason why we love classical music so much, because it was the baseline.

7. Classical Is Enjoyable Anytime And Anywhere

The rhythms from our favorite songs can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether you’re kicking back in a theater, spacing out with your new headset, or just letting your speakers run freely,

Regardless of how it is experienced, classical music has some astonishing impacts and may instantly evoke emotion.

It goes to show a lot that classical music can be enjoyed no matter where you are or what you may be doing. Try listening to some classical tunes now and see if your mood is affected.

8. We Heard How Good Composers Were

Part of the reason these pieces are so beloved is simply because we have listened to them and recognized what made them great. From their compositions to their rhythms to everything else.

There are more songs that we could ever hear but occasionally a few transcend all boundaries and make themselves known to everyone.

Many of these classical songs fall into that category and once they are first experienced, they are never forgotten.

9. Classical Took Skill

Classical music did not get made in a few weeks like some modern songs do. In fact, some of these works weren’t even completed in their composers’ lifetimes.

These songs had to be made entirely by scratch, with little to no frame of reference or even ability to make copies of what was written. Despite this, Magnum Opus were crafted.

The greatest example is undoubtedly how Beethoven managed to create some of the most influential in inspiring songs in history while being deaf.

10. Classical Has Universal Appeal

Classical music is accessible to listeners everywhere and has been for centuries. Many famous songs don’t have lyrics and ones that do are typically not necessary to appreciate the sound.

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These songs were brought all across the world in past times, and this was before it was easy to share and communicate with other countries.

This demonstrates that classical music doesn’t have an issue making itself accessible to listeners all across the world.

11. There’s Nothing Like Classical Music Today

One big reason classical music is so enjoyable today is that it is still unique compared to the styles of music that come out today.

We still get the orchestras and elaborate symphonies but nothing we do today can match or replicate what was composed all those years ago.

The masterpieces that were created back then left their mark on history and even listeners today go back and experience them all the time.

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Classical music has left its mark on history and no matter what happens that is unlikely to change. It’s just that influential to everything we hear today.

While music may evolve and grow there is something about those classical songs that keep bringing us back in making us yearn for more.

When you hear music that can speak to your soul and transport you to what time in the world long since passed you are listening to something incredibly special.

This is the power of classical music. It’s the reason we still love it and why it is so good.


  • Freya Crawford

    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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