Why Is Adobe So Expensive? (10 Reasons Why)

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Adobe is a company that creates many programs for different purposes, such as graphic design, web development, video editing, photography, and more. Almost everyone knows about Adobe, making it the most popular brand for software programs.

If you wanted to get a program from Adobe, you might be curious why Adobe is so expensive. I did some digging, and here is what I learned!

Why Is Adobe So Expensive?

Adobe software is expensive because it tries to offset its losses since Adobe software programs are frequently pirated. Plus, Adobe is regarded as the best brand for software programs. More people are willing to pay for Adobe software because it is industry-standard software, so Adobe software is expensive.

Are you interested in learning more facts as to what impacts the cost of Adobe programs? I made a list of factors, so keep reading!

1. Offset Losses

Firstly, Adobe may be the most popular software program, but Adobe also happens to be one of the top pirated software in the world.

That said, many people deem Adobe expensive, which leads most people to pirate Adobe programs instead.

Therefore, Adobe tries to offset its losses by pricing its software programs accordingly.

However, Adobe is aware of how often its products are pirated and allows pirating to occur to a certain extent.

Generally, Adobe is pirated because almost everyone knows Adobe is a great product, so they want to use it even if the software is not legitimate.

As such, this eradicates the competition for Adobe, keeping Adobe as the chosen software program for most people.

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So, anyone who decides they want to pay for software will likely go to Adobe instead of a different company.

2. Adobe Dominates The Industry

Adobe is a giant in the software industry, and that fact is not likely to change any time soon, which is one of the main reasons it costs so much.

Therefore, since Adobe is known to have the best software programs available, people are willing to pay more for it.

As a result, Adobe can price its software at a higher price since the market is willing to spend more money for Adobe.

3. Various Adobe Plans

Typically, the actual cost of your Adobe software will depend on what plan you get.

Normally, Adobe offers plans to people who want to get multiple software programs, but this is only beneficial if you use all the programs.

Generally, subscribing to all the Adobe programs will be more expensive than a single program. However, the cost of each program will be at a discounted price.

4. Industry Standard Programs

As mentioned earlier, Adobe remains one of the most popular brands for software because Adobe has become the industry standard for most creatives and professionals alike.

For instance, almost every filmmaker, graphic designer, web developer, etc., will tell you that they use an Adobe program.

Therefore, since Adobe constantly innovates its software, everyone chooses to opt for Adobe as their preferred software.

5. Updates Are Included

Another huge reason Adobe is expensive is that you do not have to pay for an upgraded version of Adobe.

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When you subscribe to Adobe, you have access to every updated Adobe app for as long as you are subscribed.

Moreover, Adobe will often automatically update your apps for you. For instance, the Creative Cloud desktop updates your apps when new versions get released.

6. Usage Impacts The Cost

6. Usage Impacts The Cost

Typically, what you will use Adobe for can significantly impact the price you will pay for Adobe because how many people use the Adobe software can affect the cost.

For instance, subscribing to a large package Adobe plan as an individual may only cost you around $600 per year.

On the other hand, businesses will likely pay nearly $1,000 per year for almost the same plan.

7. Subscription Models

Usually, the subscription model, which refers to subscription payments, is why Adobe can cost so much.

Generally, subscription models become more expensive over time, which Adobe must do to make up for input costs, inflation, etc.

8. Profitable Programs

Typically, one of the main reasons a person pays for Adobe software programs is that they need it for work.

Therefore, this means that Adobe software programs are money-making tools, which is why Adobe can be pricey.

For instance, a photographer will likely need to edit their photos before posting the images, so the photographer would use Photoshop.

On the same note, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are crucial software programs that many graphic designers get.

9. Branding

Generally, the branding of any product can influence the price, and this will apply to products like Adobe software.

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That said, Adobe has earned itself a place as having some of the best software available, which will make people more willing to pay for Adobe.

For instance, Luminar and Affinity Photo are photo editing software programs that are popularly used.

However, Adobe Photoshop is known to be a reliable and excellent brand, which makes people more likely to choose Adobe instead.

10. Versatility

If you decide to get a package plan from Adobe, you get various programs through one company.

Usually, you would have to subscribe to various software brands to get different kinds of software, while Adobe provides everything you need in one place.

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Adobe is expensive because it is considered the best brand for various software programs.

For example, most people state that Adobe software programs are industry-standard software for various fields.

Moreover, you are paying for any software update, so you will not have to pay more for updated Adobe software.

Plus, Adobe often prices its software relatively high to recoup any losses Adobe experiences from people who pirate Adobe software.


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