Why Do Men Wear Boxers? (9 Reasons Why)

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Although the choice of underwear is a matter of personal preference, it’s fairly common among men to prefer boxer shorts over all other kinds of underwear. So why do men wear boxers?

In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular advantages that make boxers the most popular underwear choice and highly recommended for men’s comfort and health.

Why Do Men Wear Boxers?

 1. Comfortable to Wear

When it comes to men’s underwear comfort, boxer shorts are unmatched. They’re quite gentle on the skin and cover the entire pelvic area.

This full coverage eliminates the irritation caused by pants fabrics, especially jeans with metal zippers.

If you’re all about comfort in your underwear, you should consider loose weave boxers with a baggier fit, as they’re quite breathable and soft, making them a good bet for an extra hot day.

Unlike briefs and trunks, you can easily wear a boxer all day long and not feel any kind of irritation or discomfort.

On the other hand, some men will feel more comfortable when they wear underwear that provides gentle compression on the skin. In that case, you can go for boxer briefs.

2. Breathable and More Hygienic

Boxer shorts are designed to be more breezy than other types of men’s underwear. In fact, there are plenty of ways that make boxer ventilation superior to other types of underwear.

For example, a loose fit boxer allows air to go in and out freely, which helps in keeping the whole area cooler and more comfortable.

Even if you’re wearing a tight or partially tight boxer, the loose nature of the woven fabric will make it highly breathable.

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Improved breathability comes with a wide range of benefits. Besides being highly comfortable, especially while sleeping, a breathable boxer prevents the formation of sweat and keeps the area more hygienic by suppressing odor-forming bacteria that thrive in limited oxygen.

3. Healthier for Sperm Production

The breathability of the boxer also has a major impact on men’s health. In fact, many doctors recommend wearing boxers over other types of shorts because they boost men’s fertility.

In addition to breathability, the loose fit of the boxers gives the testicles more room and freedom, which also helps in improving fertility in men!

In fact, a Harvard study on 656 men found that wearing boxers is great for sperm production as well as the overall quality and health of the semen

According to the analysis of semen samples of test subjects, those who wore boxers had 17% more sperm and up to 25% higher quality semen samples when compared to those who didn’t wear boxers.

The improved semen quality includes more motile sperm, allowing them to move faster through the female reproductive canal and fertilize eggs successfully without needing external help.

4. Available in Many Prints and Colors

Another reason why boxers are excellent choices for men is that, unlike many other types of underwear, boxers come in a much larger collection of colors and prints.

For example, it’s very easy to find boxers in almost any design you prefer. In fact, there are plenty of companies that will make you boxers on demand by choosing whatever colors and prints are included in the design.

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With that being said, a good recommendation here is to stick to colorful boxers and avoid going to white or palette colors.

In addition to defeating the purpose of having more color variety, they also show signs of wear much quicker, so you’ll need to replace them with new sets more often.

5. Variety of Fits and Designs

Variety of Fits and Designs

Another aspect that many men would consider while choosing their underwear is the freedom of motion.

While many other types of underwear may feel a little restrictive while moving around, boxers come in almost any fit you can imagine.

If you like boxers that are extremely loose and have large thigh coverage, you’ll find plenty of options to match your preference.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of boxer briefs and boxer trunks that act as a middle ground between boxers and briefs (snug fit with little thigh coverage).

6. Comes In Many Materials

While boxers are most commonly made of cotton. You can also find plenty of options out there that use other materials.

For example, there are boxers that are made fully or partially of spandex. The more spandex you have in the blend, the tighter the boxer will be.

Similarly, there are also cotton/polyester blends that provide better moisture control, making them ideal for gyms, hikes, and other activities.

7. Stylish and Timeless Design

Boxers are extremely reliable and timeless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high school student or a 60 year old man when it comes to boxers, as they fit anyone perfectly and won’t look odd.

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Not only that, but boxers are also pretty stylish and many men would enjoy hanging out in their houses with boxers on a hot day.

8. Highly Versatile

It also goes without saying that boxers are the most versatile type of men’s underwear out there, as they can handle the sensitivity of your private areas pretty well.

In addition to being an excellent choice for everyday use, you can easily wear a boxer while going on a hike or even on a suit, which shows its flexibility and adaptability to different situations.

9. Boosts Body Confidence

Lastly, since we’ve already discussed that boxers are more stylish and manly than other types of underwear, such as thongs, it’s easy to see that they also boost body confidence among men.

In fact, a lot of women revealed that they prefer men who wear boxers (especially boxer briefs) over any other kind of underwear, so it also has the sex appeal check out!

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s comfort, breathability, stylishness, or health, there are many reasons that make boxers extremely popular among men.

With that being said, you should know that boxers come in various cuts, designs, and more, so you have to keep all that in mind while buying them.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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