Why Do I Hate Showering? (7 Reasons Why)

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Some people can’t wait to hop in the shower. For them, the idea of the warm water trickling down their skin and the fresh as a daisy feeling when it’s over is highly appealing.

For others, it’s a pure nightmare. They may have to spend countless hours trying to prepare their mind (and body) for a lather and rinse. But why? What causes hatred for showering?

Why Do I Hate Showering?

1. The Temperature Is Never Right

Trying to find the right temperature for a shower is like trying to solve a Rubix cube. It’s either piping hot or too cold, resulting in a terrible time.

This issue only worsens when you’re using a shower that’s not your own. For example, going to a friend’s house or trying to pull yourself together for a rinse in the hotel bathroom.

The constant issue of water temperature can lead many to hate showers simply because they can’t find a temp that’s soothing – or even bearable.

2. You’re Told You Have To

Society tells us we must shower, and most people don’t like being told what to do.

If you’re someone who likes to live however they want, regardless of what society will think of you, you may develop a hatred for showers.

This can be amplified if you have flashbacks of constantly arguing with your parents to shower. Again, it’s more of a control issue. You had to do it, which reinforced your hatred for it.

3. It’s Always Cold When You Get Out

If you’re lucky enough to get the perfect temperature while you’re showering, those ideal temperatures will come crashing down the moment you open the shower door.

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Unfortunately, the bathroom will not retain heat like your cozy shower. Unless you have some type of sauna installed in your bathroom, you will leave the shower and be met with chillier temps.

Going from a comfortable temp to a cold one is never inviting. This simple act can cause plenty of people to hate showering.

4. It’s Drying for the Skin and Hair

It’s Drying for the Skin and Hair

It’s no secret that showers are pretty dehydrating for the skin and hair.

If you already suffer from brittle strands and dry skin (which may or may not be associated with a skin condition), you may hate showering because of how you feel afterward.

Not only will you step out of the shower feeling immensely more dried-out, but you will have to spend a good chunk of time trying to rehydrate.

For some, this means much more than lathering with lotion. Some people may need extra steps, like overnight hair treatments or ointments, just to replenish their body’s natural moisture.

5. Your Thoughts Overcome You

The shower is one of the best places to relax, unwind, and really think.

However, thinking isn’t always a good thing – especially if your mind tends to race and you’re bombarded with negative thoughts.

For some people, the thought of a shower means being left alone with their thoughts. This can be immediately overwhelming, which causes them to hate showers.

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You may also struggle with negative thoughts about the shower itself. E.g., you might fear that you will slip and fall and hurt yourself or that someone is standing behind the curtain.

6. It’s a Nuisance

Most people can agree that showering and getting clean is a good thing. Nonetheless, it’s still somewhat of a nuisance.

For one, there are probably a million other things you’d rather be doing than taking a shower. Maybe you have homework, are hanging out with your friends, or simply doing something you love.

Secondly, you have to wash your entire body and your hair. While this might not be too demanding for some, others can’t stand it. For instance, those with long hair may find it a huge hassle.

Third, you step out of the shower completely wet. You will have to dry off your whole body before getting dressed, not to mention drying your hair – with or without products.

In the end, the entire showering process can be annoying and take up too much of your time, especially if you have to shave, use specialty products, or blow your hair afterward.

7. It’s Expensive

Expensive? Yup. Think about it.

Some people can get by using soap and shampoo from the dollar stores, which is great. Others aren’t so lucky and may need specialty products that are quite expensive.

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Instead of wanting to take a shower and waste their pricey products, they would rather avoid the shower and keep money in their pocket.

The other expense is the water itself. Most showerheads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute, resulting in 25 gallons of water for a brisk 10-minute shower.

While this may not seem like much, the price adds up quickly – especially if you live in a home where people like to take excessively long showers or have a large yard.

If you notice your water bill skyrocketing, you may develop a hatred for showers simply because they’re burning a hole in your wallet.

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Not everyone is a fan of showering. In fact, a large population of people despise showering altogether, and they have their own reasons for their dismay.

Some people simply hate showers because of the complexity of finding the right temperature and stepping out into the cold, while others may struggle with dry hair or skin or don’t want to run their bills up.


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  1. Good article, also, so much of my hair falls out when I shower. I don’t understand, but it seems like handfuls, and wet hair falling out, well, it’s so gross. I have to try to make sure it doesn’t all go down drain because drain will clog. I tried trimming a lot off, but it didn’t help.

  2. I’m really, really glad I’m not alone. The only other answers I’ve come across is “phobia, depression, or psychosis” – so, thankyou! I feel seen/validated/more ready to clean my body/face/hairs (such a chore).


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