Why Am I So Funny? (11 Reasons Why)

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Are you making everybody around you laugh all the time? Do you always tell the proper joke at the right moment?

People love someone who can make them laugh, but you’re probably asking yourself, why am I so funny? We have all the answers you need in today’s article. Let’s dive in.

Why Am I So Funny?

1. You Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Not everyone has a good sense of humor. If you’re one of these people, you’ll notice that you naturally make everyone around you laugh.

People love to be around someone who can make them laugh. In fact, having a good sense of humor can get you out of many awkward situations.

2. You’ve Watched A Lot Of Comedies

Who doesn’t love funny shows and movies? After watching comedies for a while, people spontaneously develop their sense of humor and become funny.

In fact, you may have been funny all along, but you just didn’t know how to tell the story on your mind.  Movies and TV Shows can help with that!

Additionally, you can crack people up with just a quote from a funny movie or a show.

3. You’re A Good Storyteller

Everyone can tell a joke. However, some people have a unique way of narrating the story that can be funny, even if the joke itself isn’t as amusing.

That’s because a joke is just a story. Whether it’s real or imaginary, the way you tell a story can greatly influence people’s reactions.

A good storyteller can make a lame story much more interesting and funny.

Some people are so good at telling a joke, that they can imitate a certain character or make a funny voice. That alone can turn a bad joke into a hilarious one.

4. You’re Socially Intelligent

Being socially intelligent means you know what makes each person laugh. This doesn’t mean you’re not naturally funny.

As a matter of fact, you’re probably funny on many levels that you can come up with things that can make anyone laugh.

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Moreover, normal jokes are probably boring for you because you love to come up with your own jokes.

5. Sarcasm Is Your Coping Mechanism

What better way to relive a stressful situation other than a hilarious joke? Having humor as a coping mechanism isn’t a bad thing.

It’s just your way of facing the world. Some people get stressed out, others stay quiet and overthink the situation, but you face it with a shield of jokes.

It’s actually a healthier way to put your worries into jokes. It lightens the mood and reduces the levels of stress.

Stress and anxiety are awful for your physical and mental health. On the other hand, a good joke can completely change the mood.

One thing worth mentioning is that you should always read the room. Sometimes, joking around about a serious issue could be inappropriate.

6. You Fall Into Funny Situations

You Fall Into Funny Situations

Some people just fall into awkward and funny situations quite a lot. Other people are always on alert for potential funny situations and comic material around them.

No matter where they go, funny things happen. You could be one of those people!

In fact, some people take it up a notch and do funny things on purpose to humor people around them.

These people aren’t afraid of how they’ll look. They just love to see people laughing.

7. You Have A High IQ

Funny people usually have higher IQs than normal people.

It makes sense, as it requires both cognitive and emotional abilities to process and produce all sorts of humor, especially dark humor.

What’s more, to be funny, you need to have high verbal and nonverbal intelligence, which relates to higher IQ levels.

However, not all funny people are smart, and not all smart people are funny. So, if someone is so funny, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a high IQ.

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8. You Got It From Your Parents

If you grew up in a house where one or both of your parents are funny, you’re very likely to grow up and be a funny person.

That can be because you develop a sense of humor at a very young age.

Some babies can even joke around while they barely managed to get the hang of walking. You’ve seen those babies’ videos, right?

That’s because they grew up in a household full of humor, and that helped them develop their sense of humor.

What’s more surprising is that some researchers have proven that humor is partly influenced by genes. So, being funny can be hereditary.

Even more surprising, in 2005, scientists have announced that they had located a gene that might be responsible for a person’s sense of humor.

In other words, you might’ve literally got your sense of humor from your parents.

9. You’re Confident

Many people are funny, but they feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to tell the joke on their mind. So, others don’t get to know how funny they are.

Additionally, people get scared that others might find the joke lame or make fun of it. However, if you’re confident enough, you can make a lame joke become funny.

For the most part, people are afraid of jokes falling flat. Confident, funny people know that if one joke falls flat, another one will save the day and get the people cracked up.

Confident, funny people don’t care about where they are or whose watching them, everywhere they go is a stage, and they’re the stand-up comedian.

10. You Have Hilarious Stories To Tell

Funny people have a never-ending set of hilarious stories. That’s because they’re always looking for something funny happening around them.

Funny people will always have a hysterical story at every place they go. People love those stories because they come from real life.

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Relatable stories tend to be funnier, and funny people have a lot of them. In fact, some people are funny and smart enough to spot a beginning of a funny story in a certain situation.

In other words, they know that if they do a certain action in a certain event, they’ll end up with a funny story to add to their hilarious collection.

11. You’re Unpredictable

It’s always so funny when you come up with an unpredicted joke or reply. This type of humor is known as surreal humor.

Unexpected answers and jokes strike differently than normal jokes.

When people are expecting a simple answer to a yes or no question, and you come up with a totally unexpected answer, it cracks people up.

It takes a lot of intelligence and quick thinking to come up with unexpected replies.

Funny people come up with surprisingly funny and unplanned replies so fast, as they do it naturally without thinking about it.

The problem with this type of humor is that some unpredicted replies or actions can be very out of context that they fall flat. Still, it’s a hilarious type of humor.

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Do people suggest that you should do stand-up comedy? Do you spontaneously make everyone around you laugh? You’re probably asking yourself, why am I so funny?

That can be due to many reasons. For instance, you could be socially intelligent, have a high IQ, have high confidence in yourself, or you have a lot of funny stories to tell.


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