Why Are Nokia Phones So Strong? (11 Reasons Why)

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Nokia phones are some of the oldest on the market and are famous for their durability. Thanks to popular information on the internet, many deem them to be almost indestructible.

What makes Nokia phones so strong? Are they made in a way that allows them durability, or is it the material that goes into the structure? What makes Nokia phones powerful devices?

Why Are Nokia Phones So Strong?

1. Durable Materials

Nokia phones come to life out of durable materials. When melted and shaped into the phone, these materials can withstand plenty of pressure and force applied to the phone.

You will find metals and durable plastics hidden inside the structure of the Nokia phone. Plastic might not seem ideal, but for a phone, it’s one of the best tools out there.

If you are interested in a product that will last, go with the Nokia phone. The materials inside the phone can withstand a lot of pressure if pressed against the ground.

2. Extensive Company Testing

The company puts each type of phone through extensive testing. They work to ensure that every model they release has undergone work to last in the hand of a customer.

There are many testing procedures that Nokia uses for the product. They utilize pressure tests, drop tests, and temperature-based tests to determine the strength of the phone.

Before a Nokia phone heads out into the world, the company ensures the strength of the phone will satisfy. You can count on the reliability of Nokia in years to come.

3. Extensive Internet Testing

Besides company testing, there are videos on the internet from people who want to determine the durability. These are a little more extreme than other tests completed by professionals.

People on the internet do crazy things, including what they do with Nokia phones. They have dropped them from buildings, hit them with blowtorches, and run them over with a car.

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Although some circumstances have destroyed the Nokia, it’s easy to see that it’s a pretty strong phone. It can stand against more than the iPhone can.

4. Interior Support Structures

The inside of the Nokia plays a big part in the durability. Many interior components keep the phone together, even when the phone falls from a distance.

Interior support structures are critical. They help keep pieces together if the phone drops, and they serve as an additional defense for the technological components hidden inside.

Newer phones have support structures too, but there’s less room for them inside the piece. You won’t find another phone with ideal support structures like the Nokia phone.

5. Solidly Mounted Components

There are fewer components mounted better than in a Nokia. They take care to mount the pieces in every item on the market.

In many phones, dropping them allows the critical components to become loose in a phone. These components are not attached and tend to fall out of the frame.

Nokia is different. The people who produce these phones ensure every component is attached in case of a fall or similar accident.

6. Modern Phones Are Weak

Modern Phones Are Weak

Let’s face it – modern phones are weak. They might have more technology, but the ways they come to life can’t withstand the pressure that less tech-filled Nokia phones can.

If you drop an Apple phone on the ground without any protection, it will crack. It doesn’t take much for a traditional smartphone to suffer severe damage that needs repair.

On the other hand, Nokia phones don’t need a case to stand against a fall. Even if they have a limit, compared to modern smartphones, they are the strongest thing ever.

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7. Quality Construction Methods

Nokia takes advantage of quality construction methods for their Nokia phones. They take time to put them together in a way that will stand the test of time.

Unlike many companies, there is purpose and intent with the Nokia phone. Quality construction sets them apart from other phones and ensures they last.

As time goes on, it has become obvious that products come to life quickly. Nokia phones aren’t – which helps them stay strong, even when dropped.

8. Double Layers

In every Nokia phone, a double-layer of plastic surrounds the technology. This additional layering helps the phone stay together for a longer period.

There is strength in double layers. If another company wanted to provide durability to their device, they would consider a double layer like the Nokia phone.

In a modern technological device, the extra layer of protection is the phone case. This additional layer costs more money – unlike the Nokia phone, which is already equipped with it.

9. Excellent Grip Potential

One of the biggest reasons that phones fall is because it’s more difficult for people to hold them. Nokia phones are thicker and have a better grip-ability, so they fall less often.

Everyone has had an experience where they’ve dropped their phone on their face. Modern smartphones are tricky to keep a grip on, no matter where you are.

People make fun of Nokia’s thickness, but it comes in handy. They are stronger because they fall less often.

10. Thickness

The thinner the object, the less likely it will be to break. Nokia phones might be infamous for their bulkiness, but they work to stand the test of time with that structure.

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Of course, an object that is just one material and thick will break when dropped. There is a hollow shell that works well to keep Nokia phones together.

There’s something unappealing to the modern individual about a thicker phone. Still, it’s worth the additional layers if you want to ensure that your new phone will last.

11. Some Are Waterproof

Not all Nokia phones came to life to be waterproof, but some are. These options can last when dropped on land and water. They work to survive in almost any circumstances.

If a phone can last in the water, you can be sure that it will handle drops much better. The structure tends to be more intricate and thicker than the traditional structures.

Some Nokia phones are very strong because they work to be waterproof. They can withstand a lot, which includes a decent drop to the floor from above.

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It’s no secret that Nokia Phones are so powerful. They are made durably, tested thoroughly, and even made waterproof. Many things make Nokia phones so strong.

If you want a phone packed with technology, the Nokia phone may not be the ideal choice for your life. If you want one that will last for a long time, Nokia is ideal.


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