Why Are Hasselblad Cameras So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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If you are into cameras, you have probably heard of Hasselblad cameras. Hasselblad cameras are one of the best cameras you can get, making Hasselblad everyone’s dream camera.

If you wanted to get a Hasselblad camera but saw the price, you may be wondering why the cameras are so expensive. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

Why Are Hasselblad Cameras So Expensive?

Hasselblad cameras are expensive because they are considered the best medium format cameras. Hasselblad cameras are hand-assembled and checked for quality, which takes a lot of experience and time. Moreover, the actual cost of manufacturing a Hasselblad camera is high since the digital back of the camera already costs over $20,000.

Do you want to learn more about what affects the price of Hasselblad cameras? I compiled a list of factors below, so read on!

1. It Is Famous

Hasselblad cameras are one of the most famous cameras in the world since Hasselblad features a rich history.

For instance, Hasselblad is likely most well-known for being the first camera on the moon in 1969 using the Hasselblad Data Camera.

Currently, there are still more than ten Hasselblad cameras that are on the moon today.

Some of the cameras left behind on the moon were to make space to make a successful return to Earth.

2. Manual Labor

Manual labor is one of the significant reasons why Hasselblad cameras cost so much since Hasselblad cameras are hand-made.

Generally, Hasselblad avoids automated assembly lines by opting for people to manually assemble each camera.

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Typically, assembling a Hasselblad camera can take at least six to eight hours; each person assembling the camera has been doing this job for years.

For instance, each assembler must be extremely careful and patient as they mount each part of the camera.

Therefore, you will be paying for the experience and skill each assembler offers to ensure the Hasselblad camera is perfect.

3. Quality Control

Hasselblad cameras are generally expensive, with some common models costing over $3,000.

Therefore, each Hasselblad camera has to be checked for quality to ensure that each buyer is getting what they pay for.

As such, a lot of quality control and various tests will be performed on the camera before selling it, which will take a lot of time and money.

4. Moving To Digital Cameras

Back in the day, Hasselblad cameras were not as expensive as they are today until Hasselblad started making digital cameras.

Initially, Hasselblad’s camera in 1948 cost $5,900 in today’s money, but the Hasselblad H1D camera in 2004 was worth $24,000.

Therefore, Hasselblad’s cameras were always costly, but Hasselblad cameras became extremely expensive once the company focused on digital cameras.

5. Meant For Controlled Use

Meant For Controlled Use

While many photographers dream of owning a Hasselblad camera, Hasselblad cameras are pricy because they are not ideal for home or amateur use.

Instead, Hasselblad cameras are meant to be used in a controlled environment since the cameras are bulky and large.

For instance, photoshoots for fashion photography or professional studios would make great use of a Hasselblad camera.

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6. The Sensor

Generally, high-end Hasselblad cameras are made of three parts: the body, the digital back, and the lens, but the digital back alone costs more than $26,000.

Typically, the digital back of the camera is expensive because the digital back houses the sensor, which makes the Hasselblad camera expensive.

These sensors are what give Hasselblad cameras their edge since the sensors give each photo extreme detail.

7. Medium Format Cameras

Another major reason Hasselblad cameras cost so much is that Hasselblad is a premium medium format camera manufacturer.

Further, making a medium format camera costs a lot more than a full-frame sensor, which is normal for most commercial and more affordable cameras.

8. Years Of Experience

Hasselblad cameras are some of the oldest cameras in the world since the Hasselblad company began over 180 years ago.

However, it was only in 1948 that Hasselblad began making cameras for civilian use after World War II.

Therefore, Hasselblad has years of experience building premium cameras, which is a huge part of what you pay for when you get a Hasselblad camera.

9. Bigger Pixels

As mentioned earlier, Hasselblad cameras feature excellent sensors, which is what makes Hasselblad cameras so expensive.

These sensors are essential for Hasselblad cameras because the sensors create larger pixels in the photos.

When the pixels are larger, the pixels can gather more light, creating more detailed tonal information that gives Hasselblad photos extreme detail even when you zoom into the photo.

10. High-Quality Materials

One of the biggest reasons Hasselblad cameras are expensive are the materials that Hasselblad uses.

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For instance, Hasselblad cameras have a rubber-covered aluminum and titanium body, which is more expensive to manufacture.

Therefore, Hasselblad has to factor in the costs of the materials that it uses when Hasselblad prices the cameras.

11. Low Supply And High Demand

Since Hasselblad cameras are made by hand, Hasselblad does not create many cameras yearly.

Generally, it is estimated that Hasselblad only manufactures around 10,000 cameras annually.

However, Hasselblad is one of the world’s most popular camera brands, meaning many photographers want a Hasselblad camera.

Still, Hasselblad will not sacrifice the quality of the cameras to meet the worldwide demand, so it is unlikely that Hasselblad will manufacture more cameras.

Therefore, Hasselblad will have to increase the price of its cameras to offset the demand.

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Hasselblad is a famous brand for cameras, especially since Hasselblad was used on the moon, making it a famous camera that many people are willing to spend on.

Moreover, the materials used to create Hasselblad cameras are extremely expensive, and the assembly of the cameras can take a long time.


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