Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? (11 Reasons Why)

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Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

Guinea pigs are loveable little animals., and you can easily hold a guinea pig in your hands. They are soft and furry creatures with a good amount of spunk and personality.

Guinea pigs are fantastic and fun to have as pets. They are also quiet and chill. I have found eleven reasons guinea pigs are so cute and would like to share them with you.

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute?

1. Guinea Pigs Are Gentle

Guinea pigs are very gentle animals. Guinea pigs have certain qualities that make them especially cute to pet parents:

  • Docile 
  • Friendly
  • Easy Going
  • Easy to handle 

Guinea pigs are so sweet, and guinea pigs rarely bite. Guinea pigs have their own personalities, but most are incredibly well-behaved.

Guinea pigs are often easy to keep as pets because Guinea pigs do not get out of hand.

You should always try to handle the Guinea pig you want before taking them home just to ensure their personality jives with yours.

2. Guinea Pigs Are Fun

Guinea pigs are fun to watch, as guinea pigs are so funny; whether the guinea pig is trying to be funny or not, the guinea pig will have you cracking up.

If you have several Guinea pigs, the piggies will often form what is described as a “piggy train,” where the guinea pigs all walk in a single file line.

Guinea pigs get so happy when guinea pigs are together. Many guinea pigs like to reorganize their housing arrangements. You may see them moving their little houses from the inside.

Guinea pigs look like adorable little interior decorators! Their little noses are fun to watch, too. You can see how cute guinea pigs are when the guinea pig crinkles its little nose.

3. Different Colors And Hairstyles

There are all different hair colors and styles for each guinea pig. Guinea pigs come in a wide array of colors like Beige, Chocolate, and cream, but that is not all you have your choice of:

  • White
  • Blue 
  • Golden
  • Red
  • Suede 
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Guinea pigs can also come in lilac, satin, white, and saffron. All the different unique colors are what make them so cute. Guinea pigs come in many hairstyles. Guinea pigs are always sassy and fashionable.

Guinea pigs come in agouti, which is a color in the area of the belly, and the remainder of their body hair is ticked.

Dutch is a solid color with white patterns on their face, across the neck, and chest. Fox is a solid black with white markings on the face, and brindle is solid black or red.

There are so many hairstyles and variations of the Guinea pig, which is cool. You have numerous possibilities when it comes to guinea pigs.

4. Guinea Pigs Are Individuals

Guinea pigs have a lot of character. Guinea pigs vary in personality. Some guinea pigs are mischievous, and others are pretty tame.

However, for the most part, guinea pigs do not get out of line. Some guinea pigs form strong bonds with their pet parent. Some guinea pigs are extremely shy and bashful.

It all varies on what you are in search of in a guinea pig. Not all guinea pigs are the same, but all guinea pigs are curious and fun!

5. Guinea Pigs Recognize You

Nothing is better for a pet parent than having your animal recognize you and remember your interaction with them. It makes them so endearing because you can see guinea pigs have feelings.

If guinea pigs recognize you, it means that the guinea pig values the time you have spent with them. The guinea pig acknowledges that you are their human and see that you are there to care for them.

Guinea pigs are amazing creatures that are so cute because the guinea pig can recognize when a human has been kind to them and loves them.

6. Guinea Pigs Can Learn Tricks

Guinea Pigs Can Learn Tricks

Guinea pigs are like dogs when it comes to learning tricks. Guinea pigs are intelligent little devils with the ability to comprehend what is expected of them.

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Guinea pigs can stand up on their back legs, circle around when you give them the go-ahead, give you a high five, and even play sports.

Dogs should not get ALL the glory. Guinea pigs can do agility too! You can build a little agility course for them, and the guinea pig may impress you!

When you train your guinea pig, you are bonding with them. Your guinea pig looks up to you and knows how much you help them learn new and exciting things.

7. Guinea Pigs Can Popcorn

Popcorning is a guinea pig thing. It is something that most Guinea pig parents know about, but other people are not privy to this top secret information.

It is referred to as popcorning, and the guinea pig will jump up in the air and pop all around like corn popping. Guinea pigs will be twitchy and jumpy and go up in the air and twirl.

It is something that usually occurs when the guinea pig is happy and excited! The guinea pig is expressing their elation!

Popcorning most often occurs with younger guinea pigs, but older guinea pigs will do it sometimes. It looks like the guinea pig is performing a circus trick for you.

8. Cute Little Faces

Guinea pigs have the cutest little faces with cute little eyes, wiggly noses, and adorable mouths. Their facial expressions are always too precious for words.

Some people say that guinea pigs remind them of cute little babies because it looks like the Guinea pig is wearing a diaper from the back.

Guinea pigs are just cute all around. Their face tells the whole story. The guinea pig will have your heart with just a crinkle of the nose.

9. Cute Little Noises

Adding to the cuteness factor of the guinea pig are the cute little noises the guinea pig makes. Guinea pigs tend to whistle loudly when the guinea pig is excited.

Maybe you just fed them, or your guinea pig is happy to see you. Their cute little whistle is special and unique to the guinea pig. Guinea pigs also make little squeaky noises, and it is the cutest.

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Guinea pigs will purr loudly like a cat when the Guinea pig is content. Listening to the relaxing sound of the faithful purr is such a stress reliever.

You will feel just as content as the guinea pig when you hear them purring. Guinea pigs also chirp like a bird. When you nuzzle them, they squeal.

10. Your Guinea Pig Loves You

Your guinea pig may feel such a strong bond with you that the guinea pig may start grooming you. Guinea pigs have something in common with cats.

Cats like to groom people the cat loves. It is just something cute that animals do. Get used to it!

11. Just Your Time

Overall, the only thing that your guinea pig wants is for you to spend time with them. Guinea pigs are avid little cuddlers. Guinea pigs see you as their parent.

Your guinea pig feels that spending time with you is the best. All the Guinea pig hopes for is that you feel the same.

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The cuteness factor of the guinea pig is immeasurable. Guinea pigs are wonderful little animals. Guinea pigs are tender, gentle creatures with sweet and kind hearts. Guinea pigs are loving and loyal.

On top of it all, guinea pigs are entertaining pets. Guinea pigs popcorn and does neat tricks. Guinea pigs can also purr and squeal. There is nothing better than an adorable guinea pig to love.


  • Ava Medina

    Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

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