Why Is YouTube Premium So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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YouTube is one of the top websites and apps globally, being used by millions of people worldwide to share videos. Since YouTube has been around for a while, it has found ways to monetize the platform.

One such way is by offering lucrative packages to users like YouTube Premium, but many people wonder why YouTube Premium is so expensive. I did the research, and here is what I found!

Why Is YouTube Premium So Expensive?

YouTube Premium is expensive because it has various perks, such as access to YouTube Original shows and YouTube Music. Notably, YouTube Premium lets you watch videos ad-free. Plus, YouTube Premium gives part of your monthly payments to various creators on the YouTube platform to replace the money they would’ve earned from ads.

Do you want to find out more interesting information about YouTube Premium and what affects its price? I made a list of reasons below, so keep reading!

1. You Get Zero Ads

Of course, the primary reason why YouTube Premium is expensive is that there are no ads on YouTube when you avail of this package.

That said, this is the main selling point that drives YouTube Premium to be desirable for most people.

Usually, YouTube and YouTube creators make money with the ads they display before and during the videos.

Sometimes, you have to watch the ad for several seconds, or you cannot skip the ads. With YouTube Premium, you will not have to see these ads again.

2. It Supports The Video Creators

YouTube creators often make money off of their videos with advertisements.

For instance, many YouTube creators allow ads to roll on their videos so their audiences can see these advertisements.

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So, if you decide to get YouTube Premium to block ads from videos, YouTube will divide the money throughout various channels on YouTube.

Typically, the money will be given to channels that get a lot of attention to encourage the creators to make more videos.

3. The Family Package Costs More

Generally, individual accounts for subscriptions like YouTube Premium can be costly. Therefore, YouTube Premium offers a small discount for each account you add to the family package.

While it may seem cheaper at first, the cost of giving everyone in your family a YouTube Premium account can be expensive.

Essentially, getting a family package for YouTube Premium is only worth it if everyone in your family watches YouTube regularly.

4. You Get To Watch YouTube Original Shows

A perk that you get when you subscribe to YouTube Premium is that you can watch original content made by YouTube.

With that, many of these original shows have YouTube creators as actors, directors, etc., which is excellent for fans to watch their favorite YouTuber’s work.

5. You Get YouTube Music

5. You Get YouTube Music

Another benefit that you can get from YouTube Premium is access to YouTube Music.

That said, YouTube Music is where you can watch and listen to any music video you want ad-free, and the music can keep playing when you close the app on your mobile device.

However, having access to YouTube Music is why YouTube Premium is expensive. Still, you can buy YouTube Music by itself, but the package costs around $9.99 a month.

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6. You Can Watch Downloaded Videos Offline

One aspect of YouTube Premium that adds to the cost is that you can download videos on YouTube to watch later, meaning you do not need the Internet to watch a YouTube video.

However, you will need to be connected to the Internet to download the video. Moreover, you need to ensure there is enough storage on your phone or laptop to download the video.

7. Higher Quality Videos

YouTube Premium offers its subscribers higher-quality videos.

Usually, most free YouTube accounts can watch high-quality videos, but YouTube Premium allows subscribers to watch extremely HD videos.

8. Better Podcast Experience

As mentioned earlier, YouTube Premium allows you to watch better quality videos with no ads.

With that, this is excellent if you enjoy watching long-form content, such as podcasts that are dominating the YouTube platform.

9. Convenience

One good reason why YouTube Premium is expensive is because of the convenience. Firstly, you can watch any video you want without dealing with ads.

Moreover, most streaming services will be available in one convenient place.

For example, Spotify is used specifically for music and podcasts, while Netflix is for TV and movies, but you can watch any video and music video on YouTube.

10. Younger Users Will Subscribe

Typically, the younger generations are more willing to support their favorite creators. Moreover, the youth is more likely to pay for subscriptions if they can avoid nuisances like ads.

However, the older generations are less likely to spend money online because they question if a subscription is worth it.

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Luckily for YouTube, most of its current userbase is filled with the younger generations. Therefore, YouTube is aware that younger users will be willing to pay for subscriptions.

That said, this means that YouTube can price its packages a bit high since its userbase will continue to support YouTube.

11. YouTube Competes With Other Services

Another notable reason why YouTube Premium is expensive is that many other streaming platforms are available.

Therefore, YouTube has to try to match its competition, which is why YouTube Premium is expensive.

Usually, subscriptions need to be cheaper to be more enticing to customers. However, YouTube Premium has various benefits in one package, so it is expensive despite having competitors.

Overall, the price makes sense when comparing what you get from YouTube Premium to other streaming services.

For example, YouTube Premium allows you to stream music, watch videos ad-free, and more.

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YouTube Premium is expensive because it offers the subscribers various benefits in one package, making it more convenient and affordable than buying separate packages.

For instance, YouTube Premium automatically gives you ad-free videos. Plus, YouTube Premium lets you download videos and access YouTube Original content and YouTube Music.


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